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Legal Cases of Importance to Quantity Surveyors

Summary of Cases

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Bodill v Harmail Singh (2007) Midlands Expressway v Carillion (2006) Cunningham v Collett (2006)

Subject Matter
Retention Provisional Sums Procurement; letters of intent; negligence Delays, Delay Analysis Site Records Variations; Contract rates; Errors in contract rates Variations; Contract rates; Errors in contract rates Variations; Contract rates; Contract rates priced at Nil Protection of Subcontract Works Fitness for purpose; Reasonable skill and care Meaning of Extra Over in a BQ Procurement European Directive Lump sum contract; Fixed price contract Set off; non completion certificate Disruption; Measured Mile Economic Duress; Agreement reached by applying financial pressure Daywork where the records were unsigned Procurement; Tender Procedure; Single Stage Tendering Procedure Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract Managerial time and cost relating to a breach of contract claim Extension of Time; Concurrent delays Cheques Issued But Later Stopped Records and Their Importance Ground Conditions; Subsoil Survey Provided by Employer Extension of time; Notice a Condition Precedent; Minutes of Meeting Not Adequate

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Mirant v Ove Arup (2005) Dudley Corporation v Parsons and Morrin Ltd (1959 Henry Boot Construction v Alstom Combine Cycle (2000) Aldi Stores v Galliford (2000) Harvey (WS) Decorators v HL Smith (1997) PSC Freyssinet Ltd v Byrne Brothers (1997) A and J Rogers v Northern Ireland Housing Executive 1998) G Lianakis AE v DimosAlexandroupolis (2008) SWI v P&I Data Services Ltd (2007) Reinwood v L Brown and Sons (2008) Whittall Builder Company Ltd v Chester-le-Street (1985) Carrillion Construction Ltd v Felix (UK) Ltd (2000)

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JDM Accord v The Secretary of State for the Environment (2004) J&A Developments v Edina Manufacturing Ltd and others (2006) Mowlem v Newton Street Ltd (2003) Euro Pools v Clydesdale Steel Fabrication Ltd (2003) City Inn Ltd v Shepherd Construction Ltd (2007) Isovel Contracts Ltd v ABB (2000) Attorney General for the Falkland Islands v Gordon Forbes Construction (Falklands) Limited (2003) Co-operative Insurance Society v Henry Boot (2002) Siera Ltd v Sigma Wireless Communications Ltd (2007)

Notice; 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31 32. 33. 34 35 Lobster Group Ltd v Heidelberg Graphic Equipment Ltd (2008) Blackpool and Fylde Aero Club Ltd v Blackpool Borough Council (1990) Cubitt Building and Interiors v Richardson Roofing (Industrial) Ltd (2008) RTS Flexible Systems Ltd v MolkereiAlois Muller GMBH (2008) Brican Fabrications Ltd v Merchant City Developments (2003) Seck Controls Ltd v Drake and Scull Engineering Ltd (2000) Regus (UK) Ltd v Epcot Solutions Ltd (2008) Multiplex Construction (UK)Ltd v Honeywell Control Systems Ltd (2006) Wharf Properties Ltd v Eric Cumine Associates (1991) Tyco Fire and Integration Solutions (UK) Ltd v Rolls Royce Cars Ltd (2008) Musselburgh and Fisherrow Co-operative Society Ltd v Mowlem (Scotland) Ltd (2006) Mediation, Cost recovery Procurement, Tenders Contract Formation Battle of the Forms Letters of Intent Payment by Employer Direct to Subcontractor Fair Valuation Limitation clauses Exclusion clauses Contractual Entitlement to Disclosure of Main Contract Settlement Global Claims Joint Names Insurance Damage due to negligence Delays which run in parallel Global Claims Dominant Cause of Loss Apportionment Variations Delays Time at Large Determination Global Claims Concurrent Delays Payment Failure to pay Court of Appeal Fair Valuation Variations ICE 6th Edition Construction Act Payment Set Off Claim by contractor against subcontractor Proof of sum claimed Payment direct to subcontractors Contracts of Guarantee Payment Failure to pay Repudiation Contract Formation Quantum Meruit Payment


Shaw Engineering Ltd v DGP International Ltd (2005)

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John Doyle Ltd v Laing Management (Scotland ) 2004 Collins ( Contractors ) Ltd v Baltic Quay Management Ltd (2004) Weldon Plant Ltd v The Commission for the New Towns (2000)



Rupert Morgan Building Services Ltd v David Jervis and Harriet Jervis (2003) Bovis Lend Lease Ltd v FD Fire Protection Ltd (2003)


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Actionstrength v International Glass Engineering and St Gobain (2002) ShyamJewellery Ltd v M Cheeseman (2001)


Haden Young v Laing ORourke Midlands Ltd (2008)

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Fitzpatrick Contractors Ltd v Tyco and Integrated Solutions Ltd (2008) George Fischer (GB)Ltd v Multi Design Consultants Ltd; Roofdec; Severfield Reece and Davis Landon and Everest (1998) DinkaLatchin Associates v General Mediterranean Holkins SA (2003) Diamond Build Ltd v Clapham Park Homes (2000) VGC Construction Ltd v Jackson Civil Engineering Ltd (2008) Galliford Try Infrastructures v Mott McDonald Ltd and Rowen Structures Ltd (2008) Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Ltd and Others v Department of Education for Northern Ireland (2007_ McDonnell Archive Storage Ltd v Belfast City Council (2008) McLauchlin and Harvey v Department of Personnel Northern Ireland (2008) Alan Auld Associates v Rick Pollard Associates and Another (2008) Liberty Mercian Ltd v Dean and Dyball (2008)

Contract Formation and Interpretation Limitation of Liability Employers Representatives Duties Design and Construct Working at Risk Letters of Intent Nebulous and ILL -Defined Claims Novation; Economic Loss EU Procurement Rules EU Procurement Rules EU Procurement Rules Consultancy service Late payment of fees Repudiatory conduct Liquidated Damages Penalties Sectional Completion Formation of Contract Battle of the Forms Acceptance by Conduct Distinguish between paid and unpaid invoice Waiver of entitlement Adjudication Enforcement of decision Company Voluntary Arrangement Adjudication Liability for Adjudicators fees Procurement Duty or Fairness Amending Tender Procurement The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 Formation of a Contract Acceptance by Conduct Battle of the Forms Enforcement of Adjudicators Decision Stay for Mediaiton Set Off for Liquidated Damages



A E Yates Trenchless Solutions v Black and Veach Ltd (2008)


Furmans Electrical Contractors v Elecref Ltd (2009P


Mead General Building Ltd v Dartmoor Properties Ltd (2009)

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Linnett v Halliwell LLP (2009) J B Leadbetter v Devon C. C (2009)


Amaryllis Ltd v HM Treasury (2009)


A E Yates Trenchless Solutions Ltd v Black and Veatch Ltd


Balfour Beatty Construction Northern Ltd v Modus Corovest (Blackpool) Ltd