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UCC’s 20072008 Student Leaders:

Ministry Team
Director Fr. Dave Farnum, CSP ext. 14, frdave@utcatholic.org Associate Directors Fr. Ed Koharchik, CSP ext. 12, edcsp@utcatholic.org Michelle Goodwin ext. 18, michelle@utcatholic.org Pastoral Staff Fr. Bob Scott, CSP frbob@utcatholic.org Deacon John De La Garza, Jr. ext. 16, john@utcatholic.org Director of Development Amber Fogarty ext. 13, amber@utcatholic.org Business Administrator Ruben Garza ext. 11, ruben@utcatholic.org Receptionist Beth Boren ext. 10, frontdesk@utcatholic.org Campus Ministry Interns Brandon Kraft ext. 17, kraft@utcatholic.org Chris Babb ext. 15, chris@utcatholic.org Phone: 512.476.7351

The entire ministry at the University Catholic Center (UCC) is done by campus ministers, right? Wrong! The UCC is chock full of student organizations ranging from the Lambda Omega Alpha fraternity to the Social Justice Team to Knitters for Christ—a group who knits blankets for newborn babies at local hospitals. These organizations, led by students under campus minister guidance, are where many of our students experience campus ministry. On August 20th-21st, twenty student leaders from various UCC organizations met for the annual Student Leader Retreat. At the retreat, the student leaders strengthened their bonds of friendship while learning leadership concepts essential to being a strong Catholic leader—skills applicable now at UT and in the years to come. The majority of these student leaders were elected from their student organizations to lead for the entire academic year. From the plans discussed at the retreat, expect to see some amazing reports in upcoming newsletters—these leaders plan to exceed all expectations.
For more information about our leadership development program, contact Campus Ministry Intern Brandon Kraft at kraft@utcatholic.org.

2008 VW Beetle OR $15,000 Scholarship
Ticket Prices: 1=$10, 3=$25, 15=$100, 40=$250, 85=$500, 185=$1,500 Drawing to be held on Thursday, December 6, 2007 at the UCC’s Christmas Party. Winner need not be present to win.

UCC’s First Annual Raffle

Mass Schedule
Sunday Mass 9 &11:30AM, 5 & 8PM Daily Mass Mon, Wed, Fri: 12:05PM Tues, Thurs: 12:30PM

Proceeds benefit the University Catholic Center. No limit on the number of tickets sold. The winner of the Raffle will choose either a 2008 Volkwagen New Beetle or a $15,000 scholarship. If the winner chooses the vehicle, he or she is responsible for tax, title, and license. The $15,000 scholarship can be applied to any post high school educational endeavor. Employees of the University Catholic Center, or their dependents, or their immediate family members dwelling in the same household are not eligible to win. For complete rules, visit www.utcatholic.org/raffle.

Visit www.utcatholic.org/raffle to buy your tickets online or return the enclosed envelope with your ticket order!

Longhorn Catholic
Welcome to our New Staff!

A MESSAGE from the Director...
The Mindset List is published by Beloit College each year in an effort to identify a worldview of 18 year-olds. Here are a few highlights describing the Class of 2011: WalFr. Dave Farnum, CSP Mart has always been a larger retailer than Sears and has always employed more workers than GM; the World Wide Web has been an online tool since they were born; they will encounter roughly equal numbers of female and male professors in the classroom; food packaging has always included nutritional labeling; and they never “rolled down” a car window. This is a snapshot of the new student who walks through the UCC doors at the beginning of the semester. As Catholic campus ministers on one of the largest secular university campuses in the country, we greet these students with open arms, and introduce them to the vision for campus ministry held by our bishops and described in Empowered by the Spirit: Campus Ministry Faces the Future. This inspiring and challenging document describes the six aspects of campus ministry: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Forming the Faith Community Appropriating the Faith Forming the Christian Conscience Educating for Justice Facilitating Personal Development Developing Leaders for the Future

Join me in welcoming Ruben Garza as the Catholic Center’s new business administrator. Ruben comes to us with a wealth of experience and personal commitment. For the past four years, he has served as parish business administrator of St. Mary Cathedral in Austin. Therefore, he knows the ins and outs of diocesan financial and personnel policies and has many valuable relationships throughout the Catholic community of our Diocese. In addition, Ruben is a Longhorn (’96) who earned a degree in Biology. He was an active member of the UCC faith community during his undergraduate years. Our best wishes go out to Deacon Tom Johnson, former business administrator, who leaves us to serve as Director of Facilities Planning for the Diocese of Austin. Godspeed, Deacon Tom! We are also happy to welcome Chris Babb as a Campus Ministry Intern. A 2005 graduate of UT, Chris is joining us after finishing a two-year term as a Jesuit Volunteer International in Belize City. During his student years, Chris was very active as a UCC student leader: Lambda Omega Alpha president, Longhorn Awakening #37 co-coordinator, Arteaga Mission Trip coordinator, and Before the Throne musician. As a campus ministry intern, Chris will focus his talents on liturgy and music and the UCC mission trips. October 2007

The University Catholic Center seeks to embody these principles in our worship, in our programs, in our retreats, in our mission trips, in our sacramental preparation, and in our diverse assortment of student groups and activities. In this issue of the Longhorn Catholic, you will learn about our expanded mission trip program, meet two new first years and two new staff members, receive an update on our development efforts, see the details of our vocation plan, and much more. I pray you get a flavor for the breadth and depth of what the UCC has to offer, and how the Holy Spirit is moving in the Catholic faith community at UT.

University Catholic Center 

2008 is a BIG year for the University Catholic Center and the Catholic community at The University of Texas at Austin. We will celebrate our 100th Year of ministry to the Catholic students, faculty, and staff at UT! Also in 2008, the UCC will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the Paulist Fathers, along with Paulist parishes and campus ministries throughout the United States. Mark your calendar today for two important events: 100th Anniversary Kickoff Celebration: Friday, January 25, 2008 We will welcome Sister Nancy Murray, O.P. (pictured at right) who will delight and inspire us with her one-act play featuring the life of St. Catherine of Siena. The Dominican nun, also the sister of comedian Bill Murray, has performed this play hundreds of times all over the world. 100th Anniversary Gala: Saturday, November 1, 2008 The University Catholic Center’s 100th Anniversary Gala will be held at UT’s brand-new Executive Education and Conference Center (currently under construction). More details will follow as this historic event approaches!

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Stewardship Corner

...offering gifts of time, talent & treasure
Development Director Amber Fogarty travel throughout the state to meet with old friends and new in their offices and homes to share the UCC vision and invite them to participate in the ministry. The UCC launched two new initiatives to raise funds during the 2006-2007 fiscal year.We launched our first annual Phonathon (which was a great success) and completed two Matching Gift Collections, where generous benefactors matched the monies donated on specific Sundays. During this fall semester, we will have a raffle to raise money for the UCC. The raffle prize will be the choice of a 2008 Volkswagen New Beetle or a $15,000 academic scholarship for any post high school academic endeavor. Visit www.utcatholic. org/raffle to buy your tickets online or return the enclosed envelope with your raffle ticket order! Also, during 2008, many opportunities will be available to make special gifts to the UCC in honor of the Center’s 100th Anniversary. It will be a year of sharing memories and giving thanks for all that the University Catholic Center has been and all that it will be in the future. A huge thank you to all of our benefactors—alumni, parents, friends, resident community, and students! Your generosity is sincerely appreciated. As we embark on another year, we pray that your stewardship will continue, allowing the ministry of the UCC to grow and flourish.

On June 30, 2007, the UCC completed its first fiscal year with a comprehensive development program. Under the guidance of Petrus Development, a fundraising consulting firm, the University Catholic Center has been building a sustainable development program that will provide funding for the UCC’s mission and ministry for years to come. The goals of this program include: • providing funding for the UCC’s many programs and activities that enrich UT’s Catholic students, faculty, and staff during their years on the 40 Acres, • growing an endowment for the future of campus ministry, and • eliminating debt. With your help, the UCC raised $316,374 through development efforts and $176,543 in Sunday collections from the generosity of resident community and students. Combined with our other income sources, including rents and interest from endowment, the UCC’s total income equaled $692,856. With total fiscal year expenses of $683,377, the University Catholic Center was right on target and had a financially sound year! At the heart of our strategy for development is a strong focus on engaging alumni, parents, and friends by building relationships and connecting brothers and sisters in Christ with the UCC’s ministry. Fr. Dave and

If you’re interested in learning about ways to support the University Catholic Center, please contact Amber Fogarty, Director of Development, at 512-476-7351 x13 or amber@utcatholic.org.

University Catholic Center 

October 2007

Longhorn Catholic
Matt Kleinek
Matt and Lauren, as freshmen, what do you hope the University Catholic Center will provide you during your years at UT? I hope the UCC will provide me with the means to carry my faith to a higher level. As I obtain new knowledge with the things learned from my college classes, I would like to obtain a closer relationship with the Lord. I hope the UCC can help me with achieving this. I feel The University of Texas will provide me with a sense of diversity and will help open my mind to a multitude of ideas. UT holds so many great opportunities and so many interesting people, there is no way a person cannot grow from their experience here.

Lauren Pate

What do you plan to get involved with at the UCC? I plan on going to Sunday Mass at I am very interested in serving and the UCC and joining a Bible getting to know the community. study group or Catholic Giving back is my number one Longhorns for Life. goal. How do you expect your faith life to change during your college years? Hopefully with the aid of the UCC, I will be able to take my faith to new heights and experience a whole new outlook on my faith. Going from a Catholic school to a public university is a huge change but one I feel will only strengthen my faith.

Learning to Listen for God’s Call
College can be a great time to learn how to listen for God’s voice in a young person’s life, but how does one do that? The UCC, benefiting from a $3,000 grant from the Strake Foundation of Houston, Texas, presents a comprehensive program each year. The UCC Vocation Plan first looks at the individual person and the need for that person to discern God’s call in his or her own life when faced with a myriad of life decisions. Our “Next Steps” Retreat equips students to hear God’s call in the everyday decisions of life—questions such as “Where should I work?” or “Should I go to grad school?”—as well as the big questions about single or married life or a religious vocation. For those discerning a call to the priesthood or religious life, we have both men’s and women’s programs that expose interested students to the possibilities that await them if they hear the Spirit calling them in that direction. During monthly meetings, food, prayer, and fellowship are shared as students come together to explore God’s call. Guest speakers, including priests, sisters, deacons, married couples, and single people, accompany the students on their faith journey, ensuring there are no questions left unanswered.
For more information about our vocations program, contact Brandon Kraft at kraft@utcatholic.org.

Alumni Spotlight
Longhorn Catholics at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Karl and Kate (Devaney) Brown on September 8, 2007. Karl graduated in 2007 with a BBA and Master in Professional Accounting, while Kate graduated in 2006 with a BA in History. Karl was a member of Lambda Omega Alpha and Kate of Mu Epsilon Theta, and they met at the UCC. Longhorn Catholics at the wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and Meghan (Murtha) Goertz on June 23, 2007. Patrick graduated in 2006 with a BS in Biology, while Meghan graduated in 2007 with a BA in Classics. Patrick was a member of the Knights of Columbus and Meghan of Mu Epsilon Theta. They were both active Awakening Retreat staffers.

University Catholic Center 

October 2007

In 1999, students of the University Catholic Center (UCC) traveled to Arteaga, Mexico for our first international mission trip. Those pioneers who made the journey came back changed both in their attitudes and understanding of their own lifestyles. When asked about lessons learned after that inaugural trip, one student replied: “I learned about my own poverty. We went to serve the poor but their hospitality and generosity served us. I realized all these things I have aren’t necessary for what really matters [in life]. Before, I felt I needed everything (e.g. my computer, TV, cell phone and VCR). Being in Arteaga, all I needed was an open heart and a willing hand. The people in our rancho taught us about family and faith. I’ll always be grateful.” Alternative Spring Break Second, the annual alternative Spring Break Mission trip is scheduled for March 2008. In past years, we have traveled to Arteaga, Mexico, but this year, the missionaries will serve the poor in El Salvador. The group will work in Ciudad Romero, a small rural community named for Archbishop Oscar Romero, staying with local host families. Summer Mission Trip Third, our summer mission trip has changed both in location and time. For several years we traveled west to Bapchule, Arizona, in the hot days of June to serve the young people of the Gila River Native American reservation. After graduation in May 2008, we will travel east to the Gulf Coast region, still devastated by Hurricane Katrina. While on this mission trip, students will help build homes for families and experience the gap that exists between the rich and poor in this country. Through these mission trips, the UCC provides UT students an opportunity to understand poverty issues on a local, domestic and global level. By making one of these journeys, student missionaries will be challenged to critically think about their lives in light of Catholic social teaching.
STUDENTS: We invite you to take a journey to serve by

“There are many reasons to participate...the opportunity to serve; the possibility to see beyond one’s own situation; the reality of living the problems of other people; and the willingness to make a difference...”

There are many reasons to participate in an immersion experience, such as the Arteaga mission trip: The opportunity to serve; the possibility to see beyond one’s own situation; the reality of living the problems of other people; and the willingness to make a difference within a community. Urban Plunge The UCC invites students to participate in one of three immersion experiences. First, the UCC will sponsor an Urban Plunge called, “Who is my neighbor?” The Urban Plunge is a week-long immersion that examines poverty and challenges the presuppositions of the student missionary. It will take place in East Austin in January 2008, partnering with existing urban care organizations. The students will give direct service to families and individuals, while studying policy issues and root causes of poverty.

participating in one of these life-transforming trips.

ALUMNI, PARENTS AND FRIENDS: Support the efforts

of our student missionaries with your prayers and financial gifts.* Join our students on these journeys of service! —Michelle Goodwin, Campus Minister *To make a financial gift supporting these mission trips, please contact Amber Fogarty, Director of Development, at amber@utcatholic.org, or call her at 512476-7351 x13.

University Catholic Center 

October 2007

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 Hopefully, with the aid of UCC, I will be able to take my faith to new heights and experience a whole new outlook on my faith during my college years. 

—Matt Kleinek

Incoming Freshman, Class of 2011

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