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1 • April 2007 University Catholic Center

Longhorn Catholic
Paulist Father Bob Scott
Making the UCC “A Good Stop”
by Alicia Sankar, UCC faith community member

Ministry Team
Director Fr. Dave Farnum, CSP ext. 14, frdave@utcatholic.org Associate Directors Fr. Ed Koharchik, CSP ext. 12, edcsp@utcatholic.org Michelle Goodwin ext. 18, michelle@utcatholic.org Pastoral Staff Fr. Bob Scott, CSP bscott@staustin.org Deacon John De La Garza, Jr. ext. 16, john@utcatholic.org Director of Development Amber Fogarty ext. 13, amber@utcatholic.org Business Administrator Tom Johnson ext. 11, tom@utcatholic.org Receptionist Beth Boren ext. 10, frontdesk@utcatholic.org Pastoral Assistant Brandon Kraft ext. 17, kraft@utcatholic.org Phone: 512.476.7351

If you’ve ever attended Mass at the University Catholic Center during the early weeks of the fall semester, chances are you’ve heard Fr. Bob Scott’s legendary homily, complete with T-shirt props, known as “The Good Stop.” Fr. Bob’s homily has taken on a life of its own as the faithful from The University of Texas to West Virginia University and many points in between recall not only the messages being delivered, but also the person delivering the message. There is no doubt that no matter where Fr. Bob has delivered this homily, it has gained distinction even beyond its eloquent and humorous delivery. Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned in passing to a friend that I still attend the UCC even though my student days are long gone. My friend instantly burst in, “Really? Is that priest still there, the one that does The Good Stop? I loved that homily!” In fact, in Austin, there’s a phenomenon called the Six Degrees of Separation from The Good Stop. But, did you ever wonder how it all began? Who gave Fr. Bob the first T-shirt, and does he deliver the same homily every year? It turns out that the seed for “The Good Stop” was planted by Fr. Bob’s own father long before Fr. Bob turned to the priesthood. Whenever the Scott family would go somewhere where they enjoyed themselves or wanted to go back, Fr. Bob recalls that his father would exclaim, “Bobby, this is a really Good Stop!” While at the other UT, home of the Tennessee Volunteers, Fr. Bob wanted to craft a homily that would really resonate with students. He wanted to give them practical advice and reinforce the good habit of starting their week by visiting their spiritual home away from home—church. So, in 1980, The Good Stop homily debuted on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Fr. Bob wanted to convey to the students that coming to Sunday Mass, in the midst of all the stresses, strains and distractions of university life, was a good place to get comfort, find peace, and be reinvigorated for the week to come. It worked; the students loved it. Fr. Bob then began to expand on concepts in The Good Stop year after year. At a farewell party at the University of Tennessee, Fr. Bob received his first T-shirt from the Volunteers in orange, one side imprinted with the University of Tennessee and the other with “A Good Stop.” The t-shirt craze began and since that time, Fr. Bob has collected 20 T-shirts from colleges and universities across the country including West Virginia, Ohio State, UCLA, Marshall University, Baylor, Southwestern University, Texas A&M, and The University of Texas. Fr. Bob is proud of his coveted loot of t-shirts from universities around the country, and it’s one of the highlights of his Good Stop sermon—the t-shirt reveal. It stirs up the ‘ole college

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Longhorn Catholic
A MESSAGE from the Director...
I am writing this message at 34,000 feet on an American Airlines flight back to Austin from Detroit where I preached my twelfth parish mission. Sponsored by the Paulist Fr. Dave Farnum, CSP National Catholic Evangelization Association, the mission fosters a spirituality of evangelization by highlighting the three-fold characteristics of our baptism into the life of Jesus Christ: priest, prophet, and king. Baptism is the source of our life as Christians. Baptism gives our lives purpose. Baptism is a focus of Lent as the UCC faith community prepares to celebrate the initiation of two students at the Easter Vigil. Another seven candidates will be received into full communion at that same “holiest of nights.” Our faith community is strengthened by the witness of these new Catholics. The 42nd Longhorn Awakening retreat celebrated membership in the Body of Christ over the first weekend of March, while 35 UCC students traveled for the 10th year to Arteaga, Mexico on an alternative Spring Break trip. In this newsletter we hear many stories of baptism actualized: Father Bob Scott’s 57 years of ordained ministry as a Paulist priest, Catholic women celebrating 20 years of sisterhood as members of the Mu Epsilon Theta Sorority, student members of our youth retreat group (STRONG) organizing the 5th Annual Date Auction to benefit campus ministry at the UCC, and 30 student volunteers calling alumni and friends of the UCC in our successful, first-ever Phonathon—activities and relationships all rooted in our baptism. May your baptism be renewed during this season of Lent.

UCC Receptions
The University Catholic Center is hosting receptions throughout the State of Texas in April and May to welcome incoming students and their families to the Catholic community at The University of Texas at Austin by introducing them to current students, Longhorn Catholic alumni, and parents. Please help us to get the word out, and if we’re hosting an event in your city, join us!

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April 2007

Longhorn Catholic
A Good Stop (cont. from pg. 1)
their out-of-town games, praying with them in locker rooms and on the field, offering support and spiritual guidance. Not only does Fr. Bob love sports, but he also feels that being involved with sports has brought him closer to the students, making it easier for him to relate to them. Young people inspire Fr. Bob which is why he’s enjoyed working in campus ministry throughout his priesthood. Realizing that the college years can be a particularly vulnerable time, Fr. Bob tries to give down-to-earth, practical advice to students through his sermons. One of the things that always amazes him is the sheer number of students who attend Mass weekly at the UCC (approximately 1,400 every Sunday), as well as the number that go to daily Mass. One would assume that most students might shirk the idea of Mass since they are away from the watchful eyes of parents. But, over the years, Fr. Bob has found that students have tremendous faith and their faith is an important part of their lives. And, for that, he’s grateful—it’s a larger audience. And, if you’ve ever wondered if Fr. Bob delivers the same Good Stop homily year after year, he doesn’t! While the foundation of the Good Stop remains constant, Fr. Bob crafts a new sermon every year – one that applies to and is relevant for the students that year. Of all the universities where Fr. Bob has lived and served, The University of Texas is quite unique. The students are religious—not at all shaken in their faith—and tremendously loyal. UT has a rabid fan base not just for football, but for all other sports which works well for Fr. Bob. The love of sports and love of God, all in one place—it makes the University Catholic Center a Good Stop. To read more about Fr. Bob Scott, visit our web site (www.utcatholic.org) and check out the News page.

rivalries, especially since Fr. Bob gives the Good Stop sermon just as football season is getting underway. And, it’s a part of the homily that gets a few laughs from the congregation—and a few chuckles from Fr. Bob himself. But, the shirts are more a representation of a priesthood spent working with students as a campus minister and a lifetime of inspiration from those with whom he has worked. Fr. Bob, a self-proclaimed “jock” priest, combined his love of sports with his desire to spread the Word and has been a chaplain for many of the teams at the colleges and universities where he’s served. On many campuses, Fr. Bob even traveled with the teams for

Stewardship Corner
First Ever Phonathon a Huge Success!

Phonathon goal: $10,000 Total amount pledged: $20,776 Number of gifts: 263 Average gift: $79 Percentage of first-time givers to the UCC: 57% Number of student callers: 30 Number of student hours on the phone: 172.5 Total calls completed: 1,372 Total calls attempted: 3,829 Student with the most call shifts: Gabe Hernandez (15) Student with the most gifts: Bobby Martinez ($4,405) Student group with the most call shifts: STRONG

...offering gifts of time, talent & treasure

Led by our Director of Development, Amber Fogarty, and organized by students Brandon Kraft and Adam Henry, the UCC’s first Phonathon raised over 200% of its goal. Stretching over 11 nights, UCC student volunteers phoned alumni, friends, and benefactors asking them to support Catholic campus ministry at UT. And support us they did! The statistics say it all (see right). The Phonathon is yet another example of how our students are good stewards for the UCC. Without their volunteer service, this Phonathon simply would not have been possible. And, of course, without the generosity of all who received calls and pledged, the UCC would not be able to continue providing first-class Catholic campus ministry at The University of Texas. The entire UCC staff is so proud of our students and grateful to our benefactors. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
If you’re interested in making a financial gift to the University Catholic Center, please return the enclosed envelope or contact Amber Fogarty at 512-476-7351 x13 or amber@utcatholic.org.

University Catholic Center 

April 2007

On February 14, 2007, the University Catholic Center hosted Sister Helen Prejean, author of New York Times bestseller Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents. Sister Helen delivered a moving address to approximately 300 UCC students and community members about how flaws inextricably entwined in the death penalty system inevitably lead to innocent people being executed. Sister Helen’s message sought to persuade hearts and minds to reject the death penalty in a culture which readily turns to violence as a means of solving social problems, and where legalized vengeance—an “eye for an eye”—seems to be the prevailing wisdom of the day.

CNS Photo from “The Catholic Spirit”

“Sister Helen’s message of compassion reinforced everything I believe about the dignity of each human life.”
—Marynia Demokowicz, UCC Catholic Longhorns for Life member

UCC Exes
Michael and Julie (Pleva) Hancock (‘00) welcomed a baby boy, Brandon Michael, on September 9, 2006. One of Brandon’s favorite activities is staring at his Bevo mobile. He’s a Longhorn fan already! Maricela and Matthew Helm (‘97) had their second child, Harrison Alexander, on January 19, 2007. Do you want to share your news with Longhorn Catholics? If so, email your update to amber@utcatholic.org.

Calling all UT alUmni and Friends!
In 2008, the University Catholic Center will celebrate 100 years of Paulist ministry at The University of Texas at Austin. We don’t want any of our alumni to miss this awesome event! To make sure we’re able to have a fantastic 100th Anniversary Celebration, we’re launching the 10,000 by 100 Campaign. Our goal is to double the size our database, bringing us to 10,000 names before our 100th Anniversary. We need you! Help us reconnect with UT Catholic Alumni and Friends today. Spread the word about the 10,000 by 100 Campaign and about the 100th Anniversary celebration in 2008. Send an email today to amber@utcatholic.org with contact information for your friends and family or return the enclosed envelope with a list of folks we should be sure to invite to the 100th Anniversary Celebration. Also, if you’re interested in being part of a committee to plan the 100th Anniversary festivities, please call Amber Fogarty at 512-476-7351 ext. 13.

University Catholic Center 

April 2007

Longhorn Catholic
“The weekend was a great opportunity to meet alumni because even though it was the first time many of us met we all feel like sisters.”

—Rosa Marroquin Executive Board Member for Mu Epsilon Theta

Mu Epsilon Theta Celebrates 20 Years of Sisterhood at UT
For one weekend Mu Epsilon Theta alumni and current members paused from their hectic lives to remember a peace that comes with sisterhood. The sorority celebrated her 20th anniversary Jan. 19 – Jan. 21 in Austin with a weekend of spirituality, celebrations, and memories that renewed the spirit of the sisterhood. From the spiritual bond and friendship that three women fostered while at the university, a sisterhood was born. Patricia Perez, Maria Alcocer, and Evelyn Greenfield gathered on Jan.17, 1987, to give birth to a sisterhood, Mu Epsilon Theta. Even though the sisters live all over the country, they gathered in Austin where their sisterhood began. The weekend of events included a game night, brunch at Z Tejas, rosary service, dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse, and culminating Mass at the UCC. A ceremony was held on Saturday evening to commemorate each woman’s lifetime commitment to the sisterhood. “The weekend was a great opportunity to meet alumni because, even though it was the first time many of us met, we all felt like sisters,” said Rosa Marroquin, Junior Management Information Systems major and Executive Board Member for Mu Epsilon Theta. Memories were made, and stories were shared during this fantastic anniversary celebration. After twenty years, Mu Epsilon Theta is a sisterhood strong in her faith looking forward to twenty more years.

Sisters in Christ and Sisters for Life

A Night in Old New York
The UCC’s 5th Annual Date Auction is a Huge Success
No skyscrapers loomed overhead, and no yellow taxis zoomed by, but for one evening, STRONG’s annual Date Auction transformed the University Catholic Center into the hustleand-bustle of the Big Apple. Over 150 people attended this year’s Dinner and Date Auction, which has been the UCC’s biggest student fundraiser for the past five years. As couples enjoyed a stroll around the banks of the baptismal font in “Central Park,” the waiters served “deli”-cious meatball sandwiches to those seated at the “café.” Following the meal, emcees Erin Phalon and Drew Lee kicked off the main event, in which twenty-five members of various UCC organizations were “auctioned off” as dates. The winning bidders and their dates received gift certificates generously donated by local restaurants. By the end of the evening, the grand total raised was $7,313.43, which in New York terms is one “big apple!” These funds purchased a portable sound system and paid for a month of electricity at the UCC. A huge thank you goes out to all who helped make the 2007 Date Auction a success.

On Saturday, March 3, members of the UT Catholic Law Students Association broke bread with Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Pictured are Jason Hassay, vice president of the UTCLSA, Paulist Father Jim Wiesner, and Justice Scalia. University Catholic Center 

April 2007

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great with people part of the UCC past, present,  Phonathon was afuture. experience to open up a dialogueabout coupleswho wereand were married at the UCC. and, in God willing, the It was wonderful to hear stories who met I was awe of the number of people who were inspired by Awakening and the spirituality of the Catholic Center. 

—Gabe Hernandez

Class of 2007 & Phonathon Volunteer

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