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Stacey - Jane
Stacey-Jane Panther had surgery at GOSH to correct
the effects of Perthes disease, which interrupts the blood
supply to the head of the femur (thigh- bone) and makes
hip movement painful. The operations were followed by
physiotherapy. Spending time in hospital did not mean
11-year-old Stacey missing school entirely: GOSH has
its own school, which is used by thousands of children
every year With a staff of 21, it welcomes all inpatients
of school age and teaches youngsters on the ward
if they are not well enough to come to the schoolroom.
The school was praised last year by inspectors from
the education watchdog OFSTED.

Unlike commercial for-profit websites, Most patients were wary of online
Why we can we are under no pressure to compromise
our content. We are also a stable, public
information and tended to trust universities
and medical associations over commercial
institution which will not go out of business. websites (we are associated with University

do this well The Boston Consulting Group found that
most commercial online health ventures
were failing. They also found that these
College London). All our content is
produced in direct consultation with
patients, families, physicians and nurses.
ventures fundamentally misunderstood They know what they want and we strive to
how patients and physicians use the web. deliver it. We also have strong relationships
Trust also came up as an issue. with the wider UK government e-initiatives,
including the NHS Direct online health
service. Through these portal sites, our
content is able to reach a vast audience.
Amy Saunders has been completely deaf since birth
but at the age of three and a half she listens and talks
almost as if there were nothing wrong. A cochlear
implant, inserted last year by surgeons at GOSH,
enables her to 'hear' by converting sounds into electrical
signals that stimulate her auditory nerve. That means
her language skills are developing as normal. "I forget
she's deaf," says her mother, Jill. "She's always telling
me things and singing. It's the nearest thing to a miracle
that I'll ever see." More than 170 children have been
given cochlear implants at GOSH since the programme
began in 1992.

Our strong brand, world renowned for The seven themes are:
Who are we? 150 years, is now online. The Great
Ormond Street Hospital for Children works
• Biochemical and nutritional sciences

hand-in-hand with the Institute of Child • Cardiorespiratory sciences
Health (affiliated with University College • Genes, development and disease
London) and South Bank University. • Infection and immunity
The Institute and the Hospital sit beside • Neurosciences and mental health
each other in the heart of London. • Population health sciences
It is a collaborative and dynamic
relationship, where world leaders work Who uses our site?
together to provide the widest range
• Doctors, nurses, researchers/scientists,
of paediatric specialties in the country,
and patients and their families of course
and the largest paediatric research and
training centre in Britain. For families • We treat some 100,000 children
and patients, this ensures that the every year
treatments at the hospital are grounded • Number of site users per month: 72,841
in the latest developments and meet the (Sept. 2001)
highest standards.
• Most users find our site through: Google
search engine portal site
All areas of the hospital take part in
research, including a particular focus on • It is estimated that more than three
research by nurses and professions allied million children in the UK have access
to medicine. The Institute and Hospital's to the internet. They could all be potential
research and development strategy users of our site if the content is right.
is based on research themes targeted (Source: Jupiter MMXI)
at meeting the health needs of children.
Jack Smithson, 11, was born with a cyst on his brain
which caused uncontrollable seizures and weakened the
left side of his body. He underwent a hemispherectomy
at GOSH to disconnect the left side of his brain from the
right- a surgical procedure that helps to control seizures
in about 80 per cent of patients. GOSH developed
the UK's first service for children with severe epileptic
seizures, which has grown into one of the largest
paediatric epilepsy surgery programmes in the world.

A child It has been estimated there are now more
than 100,000 web sites dedicated to health.
It's a crowded market out there on the
We seek to become a one-stop portal for
complex child health issues. To date, our
expertise in innovative care and research
internet - and pretty confusing if you need has not been fully reflected in the content

health portal to know where to turn. The Journal of
the American Medical Association surveyed
these sites and found most offering
of our site: a situation we are determined
to change. What we hear from patients
and families time and time again is the

that can "incomplete, misleading, or difficult to
understand information, while others blur
the distinction between advertising and
need for trust when seeking out resources
on the web. If your child is sick, you want
to know the information you find is accurate

be trusted medical advice".

In September of this year we re-launched
and up-to-date, grounded in cutting-edge
research and care developments: two
things we do very well.
our child health portal,,
as part of a dynamic project to tap the
wealth of knowledge held in the hospital
and our research partner, the Institute of
Child Health.
Gemma Richards had a bone marrow transplant at
GOSH after she was diagnosed with leukocyte adhesion
deficiency, an extremely rare disorder that hindered the
response of her white blood cells to skin infection
or injury. It meant that her skin was unable to heal itself.
Gemma, 11, received bone marrow from an unrelated
UK donor and is now well on the way to recovery.
Although not a fan of hospitals, she likes GOSH.
"I know a lot of people here now," she says. Last year
there were 57 bone marrow transplants at GOSH.

Content partnerships, for example Technical support
Opportunities • Research breakthroughs/ • Research developments without
developments, strengthening research the jargon

for networks, aiding developing countries.

• Children's research news service
• Technical support: innovative
applications to enhance our work

collaboration • Children's website editorial board

** <1
Ethical guidelines: All partners must meet our ethical pharmaceutical companies, with the following proviso: David South, Web Strategy
guidelines. We adhere to the 1992/1993 Charities Act. if a specific medicinal product allows the Charity to
meet specific strategic and operational objectives Tel: 020 7829 8671 Ext. 1052
Please contact us for additional details, but they are if it is a non-pharmaceutical product, for example Design/Layout: Medical illustration
in short: cosmetics or toiletries with a proven track record
no endorsement of infant feeding formulae © GOS/ICH 2001
We will not accept funds from the following: no endorsement of dietary supplements
• tobacco/alcohol companies Anything that could damage the reputation of the
hosoita I/institute
GOSH/ICH Child Health Portal
2001 to 2003
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arch Clinical Services GOSH Intern alth Professionals Research Clir
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a fatal genetic condition, uncontrollable seizures and Getting Help
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LONDON Latchman is to lead £3 million
Referring an Inter national or IDEAS London IDEAS Park Read mote
Stacey-Jane Panther had
Private Patient surgery at GOSH to correct
Email: the effects of Perthe* Clinical improvement
3rivate.fifQ@gosh nhs ,uk Ellie (above) from Chingford,
disease, which interrupts A six-month review has East London suffers from a
the blood supply to the head started to produce a new rare neonatal disorder, PHHl, Cancer gene breakthrough
of the femur (thigh-bone) action plan tor GOSH. R«S ICH scientists have identified five
which has puzzfed doctors
and make* hip movement mon, . and scientists for years. genes that are expressed n
painful. Read more about Read more about Ellie in this embryo and cancer eels. Read
Holly and others m this year's Research Review.
year's Anau&f rtport

More research links
Empowering children
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Una younf) [i»nplt I'irauqh hiijltFi
fnstitHtc of Child Health

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Research by gene therapy A is test ana safest o
child hasbesn cured fot our children" S* • Problems? Take a ' What do kids really think of
Research Themes Jack i', as born with a cy*1
a fatal genetic eondrtic more look at ihe problem page burgers and chips?
Academic Units on ha brain which caused
Educational X-SCO. by acne • The news and stones thai • Being bullied? Find out
Oppcfturtftw therapy at GOSH Rea \veafcenftd the teft tide c 1 n matter to you. what you can do to stop it.
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> Kyle's Ka makes a mint for children's
Sorvg of hope (or 'Mir.icln CliiUl" * Parts to {.ordon Bike Ride, 26-31 July
Emma Lucas is a bright and friendly eight-year- 2003
old girl whose main concern is getting the next
issue ot her favourite magazine. But to her
parents she is a mini-miracle... retjd more
GOSH ';;1 Peter
-.1 "1;, Shop ^ Pan
Millv helps owl HIP
The naming of a neiv Miffy ward at Great Oi
Street Hospital brings loads of Mirfy-related
activities to the hospital... rrad more Teens
T#i OM 791fi W7B - -^
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Patients and f a m i l i e s [Search the site 13223 FEE
Contact Information Welcome to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital/Institute of Child Health. If you
Ask Dr Jane Collins.. Frequently Asked have a question, please look through the frequently Asked Questions to see if the
Patient.famitylnfo Questions answer is there If not, please use Ihe form on this page to contact us
Coming to GOSH A / of child complaints
How to Get Here Who are we'
n your ChW is Admitted About the site We are unable to answer queries or offer advice about specific patients and/or their
international and Private
Patients mi: ^ssTIMES Publications
conditions through this website. At the same time, we recognize that visitors to our
Health information Centre A / of i hilil ciimpSiiinls website may require information about particular paediatric health issues Please check
Hospital Waiting 7«nes out our family factsheets for information on tests, procedures, operations, and various
Acne paediatric conditions You can also read our archive of Dr Jane Colims'Times column,
Kids and Teens DDDQDDE1 dispensing jargon-free advice on a wide range of paediatric topics.
OT Up to 85 per cent of 1 2 to 25 year otds suffer from spots Boys and girls are
OOSHKidS equally affected They usually appear at puberty and reach their peak at 17-21 If QDDDBDD | Choose a subject
Hospital Tour
Hospital Scnooi
untreated, persistent spots or acne, can cause scarring but prompt treatment DDDDD Vour
Radio Gosh minimises this Acne is caused by over-production of oil from the sebaceous name
glands in the skin mainly on the face, chest and back in response to normal Your
levels of sex hormones Oil blocks the ducts to the surface of the skin allowing
Getting Help
Bereavement Services waste cells to accumulate under the skin's surface forming a plug Bactena
Chaplaincy also play a part Teenage girls often report a flare-up before menstruation
Child Death Helpline Some find stress and certain foods, especially fast food and chocolate, make
Family Advocates
acne worse although there is no scientific evidence for this Some cosmetics
Social Work
provoke spots especially those containing oils, fatty acids and waxes Acne is
family F*ctsheet» not infectious or contagious
Tests and Procedures Symptoms: Oily skin with red lumps, yellow spots, blackheads and whiteheads
Hinesses and Diseases Teenagers with black skin often find that spots make their skin darker and this
Drugs pigmentation can last for months

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
\ Institute of Child Health NHS Iru*t Institute of Child Health NHS Trutt

Information for families Genetics and inheritance Information for families The Activities Centre
[searchthesite CS3

Please use the indexes Please use the indexes Download PDF of 'The Activities Centre' tactsheet
below to find the factsheet below to find the tactsheet
you need. # you need
What are genes? What is the Activities Centre?
HOW can genetic disorders be inherited? Where is the Activities Centre?
Is it always possible to make a genetic diagnosis'1 Who can use the Actrvities Centre7
How can genetic abnormalities be detected? Who runs trie Activities Centre?
Contac! information What is there to do in the Activities Centre^1
What happens when I bring my child to the Aetivies Centre7
Or search the full Or search the full When is the Acttwities Centre open?
alphabetical index alphabetical index Special needs therapy session
Many immunodeficiency disorders are the result of defects in an individual's
genetic makeup These are mistakes which occur in genes and are passed from nummnun vouih Group
Junior youth group
generation to generation Sometimes a genetic mistake (mutation) can occur for QDDDOISID The Den
QOQDQDD the first time in an infant or child when no-one else In the famiry has had the DDQDBDD
problem, but in other situations there may Be family members who have suffered This page tells you about the Activities Centre at Great Ormond Street Hospital.
QDDOH from the same or similar problems. There are several ways in which mutations
can be inherited - these are explained below In an increasing number of What is the Activities Centre?
immunodeficiency disorders the precise mistake in the relevant gene can now lie
identified in the laboratory, and this means that accurate counselling can be it's a place where inpattents at Great Ormond Street Hospital can get away from trie
offered lo the family, and screening tests can be offered in pregnancy if requested medical environmenl of their ward for a wtiiie and have some fun ifs bright and
colourful, full of things to do and gives children attne hospital an opportunity to meet
What are genes? other people their own age
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Orrnond Street Hospital for Children
\ Institute of Child Health NHS Trurt _, Institute of Child Health HHtInnt

rch Clinical Services GOSH Inte

Search the site
Scroll through our statements, publications and
press releases, or learn more aboul Hie rich
history ol our work. We have been in Die 3 June 2003
forefront ol child health lor over 150 years. Non-executive director Publications and
reappomtea at Great Ormont) Downloads
Contact us at (020) 7829 8671. Ketogenic Diet: FAQs
Street Hospital for Cnfcdnw WHS Ketogenic Diet: FAQs
Trust Reea mom..
Epilepsy Unit
Kelogenic Diet Epilepsy Unit
HtgMat chei reduces i . - • • , • , • . .''.i C • Epilepsy: Did You Know?
severe epileptic seizures •
children. Reoomcre. Press Release Archive Epilepsy: Did Vou Know?
I . - • • I ' , .'in '
Great Qrmcnd Street HIcspita! Statement Archive
celebrated ten year* of Press Release Ketogenic Diet
GOSH Kid* wins award intensive care unit. Resa more Backgrounder*
International ChiMnet award Press Release: Trapdoor in Head
gs*S to GOSH R«tO 20 May 2003
H«a«hy start, healthy futures
The (y)ure of children and young
people's maternity ond neonatal
health services. Head more...
Epilepsy Feature
Learn owe about IM .'i
ground breaking advances. Past and present patients united
in the treatment of epilepsy to cete&rate opening of new
ward Ree<3more...

1. May ,'ni,
Hew appeal raises f.i.S million
for first-ever research chair m ._ Epilepsy Did You Press Release:

Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
\ institute of Child Health NHS Tru*t

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Information for families When your child is admitted
Patients and families [Search the site ; HE
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Directorate of Nursing and Family Services
Please use the indexes Contents
'«tierttf •mitylrrfo
below to find the factsheet
ominfl to GOSH
-low to Get Here Use this page as a gateway to our many you need
Getting ready for admission
(Uteri your Chrtd is Aclmflerl support services, or try exploring our many fact
nternabonai and Private Talking to your child
sheets on medical procedures, ailments and
Mrii diseases We have a lively range of support
Packing for your child
•tealth Intoi martion Cw^re For yourself
Hospital Watmg Tirrws services for children and teens, including our
D/rect4647 Electrical appliances
odio station (Radio Gosh) and children's
lids MM) Teens NHS Direct online health
school imvMyimiiMjm^™
3OSHTots encyclopedia
3T Getting ready for admission
Or search the full
•fospitaf Tour
Or Jane Collins column alphabetical index
online Popular Times
tal School
column dispenses jargon- QDOQODD
free advice.
A-Z of Chtlc* Concerts
DDnDDCDD r e a s e is may e cu or ose wo ave oer c r e n a ome.
niq Hei(3
Articles DDQDDDD
9ef eavement Services DQDDB As a parent you are welcome to be with your child in the hospital at all limes (and at
no charge). We will always provide somewhere for one parent to stay although we
:rwptaincy Large at c hive developed
:hild Death Helpline by our medical and cannot guarantee that this will be at your child's bedside.
"amlly Advocaies research teams. Rvnl
Social Work mof«
Holly WTwte undciwrfrt
A list of local hotels is also available from the family services department If needed.
piiinKeMfiit wurqeryat GOSH Joint website put* thi*
«TWVf act sheets
•itlcr a bi *IH sc*n Khowcd
ests and Procedures child fit st Check out our
slip hnrt oiov moy«
new Teens and Tots Talking to your child
Get Invoh/etl | Hilon nation | Reseat ch | FAQs | Links | Heln

UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre

'Quality through partnership in newborn bSoodspot Kreenmg'
.:• Information

| About Us
Map of UK Screening Labs
Welcome to the UK Newborn Screening Programme Centre
I Get Involved
Click Iwi e to view details
We hope vou will find this website informative and a convenient way of receiving information on the
collaborative wotk that we have planned to assure quality in newborn screening sen/ices throughout
the UK We welcome yout involvement whether as a professional, parent or interested member of
the public and vou can find out how to do this in the 'Gel involved' pages.

Through this site we will introduce you to our team and the purpose of our work in 'AiiQutjjj'. You will
also be able to access Information about our work and its context within the 'information'..iiafl6.§-*
useful glossary and key to some of the abbreviations used is also available here for your use.

The Programme Centre Team

L.ilesl Hews FAQs

H5SH News and information Questions answered (or parents

A clickable
,) of A\\ UK sci eeiiliiii I jl'
Text only
A partnership between


Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children ft'/M JS^,1.1,'.;;;,'™
Useful links, including the Naj mi >? s
NMS Tluil 1^3 h»>. Royal Victoria Hospital CHT. PKU. CF

Great Ormond Street Hos
Institute of Child Health Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of
Child Health Pital for children
NHS "fruit

iPhotogallery Photogallery
. Select 3 section to view thumbnails
AnnuM Report ZOOt/0?
i Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image and further
' K1 information about the photograph
"\s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children is well
To close this photogallery click on the x icon on the top placed to continue its tradition as a national and
right international centre of excellence in child health,
maintaining its motto of serving 'The child first and
M. PDF File. This requires Adobe Acrobat reader which can be
d_Q..yvntoa.ded fr ,
B This icon indicates that the link will open in a new
~ browser window.

•w I Otr»f Publications Annual Report Other Publications
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children ,.,., ., , ., Great Ormond Street Hospital forChildren
Institute of Child Health NHS Trjst \ Institute uj (.hiltl Health HHsin..i

t*|F ^P iffl* Patients and families Health Profession's Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

fcftOtKUd WWW-S'..-

hey kids! body tour
goshstars gosh toons
Find out how
It's easy to worry about
€ EB 13Mfc
coming into hospital. Wtiat
Harry Potter is
will it be like'What will the
helping GOSH
Kids lo gel better * ^. , people be like? How will my
what's up?
Ireatment go' GOSHKids is
real stories here to help you find out It's
real stories
somewhere you can tell
your story too - Welcome to

? »?
ir<iKi • • - M i i i MUM" know? ' hni k nut the online dictionary
your diary your diary
ask doc
Samantha says • pinfj out about
diagnosis can I yOur body wrth
be oeiy boring. I our tj0(jy (OUC,
ed games ask doc
your body your body
dictionary Find out about dictionary
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Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health NHS Ttutl Institute of Child Health NHS TtUft

Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

6T - Moung fldulrs and Teena Health

welcome _ 7 , MI

Find out about your body with Teen Species, and then tell us about
your teen life.

I What's happening to my
fiooy? Find out why mofe moody? Why do
teenagers grow taller, they need more steep?
-•} fl S»t spots and sprout Here's the low-down on
hair. life as a teenager. PARENTS
-—I Growth | Spots | Hair Moods I Rows | Steep

Interactive body What sex is your brain?

i i Take an interactive tour Do you think like a boy or
§ § of the teenage body. a girl?
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children /•,.. . / ; Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children
Institute of Child Health NHS Tiutl Institute oj Child Health NHSTAI*!
i Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinkat Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns!

Welcome to GOSHTbts
y visit
.to hospital

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ffi-ii Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children I
Institute of Child Health NHSIm>, institute of Child Health NHS Trust

Patients and families Health Professionals Research Clinical Services GOSH International Press Office Campaigns

The Great Ormond Street

Children's Writing Prize 2003
Wr«e4GOSH marks the 150th birthday of Great
Ormond Street Children's Hospital by bringing
together stories and experiences from children
across the country. Find out more about the

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Empowering children

• Find out what it's really like • Reid lots of real stones
in hospttal, about health and hospital.
• Share your view on the • Find oui about your body
world. and your health.
• Problems? Take a • I'/hflt do kids resliy think of
look at the problem page. burgers and chips?
• The news and stories thai • Being bullied? Find out
what you can do to stop it.
• Looking 4 answers? Try • Check out our wizard Harry
the health and hospital Potter section.
messageboards. • Take a look our run stories
• Get the latest celeb (joss about your favourite stars.
from Sneak magazine, • Read children's real stories
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