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Presentation of XBT-L1003/L1004 software

Micro automation platform

Magelis development software

XBT-L1003/L1004 development software is used with the whole range of Magelis terminals to create operator dialogue applications designed for controlling automated systems. XBT-L1003/L1004 software runs on PC compatibles equipped with Windows 95 or NT 4. operating software. Applications created using XBT-L1003/L1004 software are independent of the protocol used; it is possible to use the same operator dialogue application with all the different PLCs offered by the main market suppliers.

XBT-L1003/L1004 software is the only configuration software package for the Magelis range. It is used to create various types of page easily : Application pages (can be interlinked) Alarm pages Help pages Recipe pages Etc They can contain all sorts of variables and graphic objects, which are either predefined in the XBT-L1003/L1004 software, or created using other applications and then imported (bitmap format, etc). Various properties can be assigned to them : min-max limits, colour, movement, weighing, etc. XBT-L1003/L1004 software can be used to configure the function keys to activate commands on the machine or call application pages. It can also be used on the graphic terminals to import the PL7 or Concept PLC symbols database. Sophisticated diagnostic functions are available on the TXBT-F graphic stations.

Main toolbar

Page Information window

Graphic toolbar Page Tree Structure window

References : page 36359/5


XBT-L1003/L1004 software functions

Micro automation platform

Magelis development software

Simulation on PC compatible
XBT-L1003/L1004 software offers the option of controlling all your operator dialogue applications from the design office without the use of graphic terminals and PLCs. The following can be tested using the simulation program and the keyboard on a PC compatible : Navigation between pages Entry of variables Display of variables Simulation of an alarm

Using the function keys

The operator terminals and graphic stations have two types of function key : static keys and soft keys. 1 Static keys These are defined for the whole application. They may have the following functions : - page access - latching memory bits - toggling memory bits (ON/OFF)

2 Dynamic keys These are associated with one page. Their role can be reassigned or changed from one page to another. They may have the following functions : - page access - latching memory bits - toggling memory bits (ON/OFF) - positioning on a data entry field A label (bitmap image) is assigned to each key which may vary from page to page.

On touch-sensitive terminals, the touch-sensitive zones access the same functions as dynamic keys on keypad terminals.

References : page 36359/5


XBT-L1003/L1004 Micro automation platform software functions (continued) Magelis development software

Screen windows
XBT-L1003/L1004 software is used to design page contents in WYSIWYG format (What You See Is What You Get) : anything created using the software is displayed in exactly the same way on the operator dialogue terminal screen. To assist the designer, the software offers a display unit or a virtual screen depending on the type of terminal.





Model pages (1)

Model pages, created by the designer, are pages whose graphic format (text, images or static objects) applies to all other pages in the same family. There are three types of model page : Application Alarm Help

Alarm pages
Alarm pages indicate any faults in the process. The advantage of alarm pages lies in their event-triggered display : During operation - When a fault occurs, it is often the consequence of other faults. The priority levels enable the terminal to display the most important fault, the one presenting the highest risk to the process. - The occurrence of any fault is time and date stamped. During maintenance operations - The terminal memorises the faults in sequence (log) making it easy to find the cause of the fault.

Help pages and help windows (1)

Help pages and windows can be associated with application or alarm pages. Help windows can be associated with any variable field.

(1) Available with XBT-F and TXBT-F graphic terminals. References : page 36359/5



Micro automation platform

Magelis development software

Multilingual software packages designed for PC compatibles (with a minimum of a 486 processor, 66 MHz, 30 Mb free space on the hard disk and 8 Mb RAM memory with Windows 95 operating system or 16 Mb RAM memory with Windows NT 4. operating system). They are supplied with documentation for alphanumeric and graphic terminals, the XBT-Z915 cable, XBT-Z962 25-way/9-way connection interface and the following Schneider Electric communication protocols : Uni-TE, Fipio, Fipway, Modbus, Jbus, Modbus Plus, KS.
Description Compatibility Operating system Support Documentation Reference Weight kg

Magelis XBT-H/P/E/HM Windows 95, CD-ROM configuration (1) XBT-F, T XBT F Windows NT Extented XBT-F, T XBT F Windows 95, CD-ROM function pack (2) Windows NT Communication on buses and networks
Type of protocol Compatibility Support








Weight kg


AS-i Modbus Plus Fipio/Fipway


Module at 22.5 intervals Type III PCMCIA Type III PCMCIA


TSX MBP 100 Consult our catalogue AUTC010450125EN


0,300 0.110 -

Type II PCMCIA memory cards

Size Compatibility Maximum no. of pages XBT-F01 XBT-F02/F03 T XBTF Weight kg

8 Mb 16 Mb


350 720

230 480


0.100 0.100
Weight kg

Cables for direct connection of Magelis terminals to PLCs (1)

Type of PLC to be Type of connected connector Physical link Protocol


Nano, Micro, Premium

8-way female mini-DIN terminal port 25-way female SUB-D 9-way male SUB-D
Tap-off unit

RS 485

Uni-Telway (V1/V2) Uni-Telway (V1/V2) Modbus

2.5 m 5m

XBT-Z968 XBT-Z9681 XBT-Z918

0.180 0.340 0.230

Premium with TSX SCY 2160 Quantum

RS 485

2.5 m

RS 232

2.5 m



Cables for bus and network connection (1)

Type of bus/networks Type of connector Length Reference Weight kg

AS-i Uni-Telway

XBT-ZA994 TSX SCA 62 15-way femaleSUB-D subscriber sock. TSX P ACC 01 8-way female mini-DIN cable connector

2.5 m 1.8 m 2.5 m 5m

XBT-Z9702 XBT-Z908 XBT-Z968 XBT-Z9681

0.200 0.240 0.180 0.340

Fipio/Fipway/Modbus Plus Magelis terminal accessories (1)

Description Number of sheets


See page 36362/3

Reference Weight kg

Sheets of grey/blue re-usable labels

XBL-YH4 XBT-H02 010 0.100 XBL-YP8 0.100 XBT-P01 010 XBL-YP12 XBT-P02 10 0.100 XBL-YE24 0.100 XBT-E XBL-YHM4 0.100 XBT-HM XBL-YF10 0.100 XBT-F01 XBL-YF12 0.100 XBT-F02/TXBT-F02 (1) For other accessories, please consult our catalogue n 086177. (2) This software extension gives access to the following functions: dynamic link between XBT-L1000 and PL7/Concept data bases; remote downloading of an XBT-F function on Uni-Telway, Fipway or Modbus Plus; Diag Viewer function on XBT-F/T XBT F and Premium PLC, see our catalogue n AUTC010450125EN. (3) 8 Mb PCMCIA card supplied with the XBT-F terminal. 1