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FirstRand Bank, a large financial services group based in South Africa, in its first CSR (Corporate Social responsibility) initiative with India, teamed up with L&T Infotech,to launch the 'KhulaSangam' programme here last night. This is an International Internship Programme that aims to expose the unemployed, South African youth graduates to Indian business,community development and society through a six-month internship. 'Khula' is an Nguni word meaning 'to grow,' whilst 'Sangam' is a Hindi word which refers to the confluence of things. Under this programme, ten young unemployed South African graduates are selected for a six -month paid internship and training programme with L&T Infotech in India. Ms Elizabeth Maepa, Group HR Head, FirstRand and Trustee, FirstRand Foundation, speaking on the occasion, said 'There are many common areas between India and South Africa, and apart from the BRICKS aggrement, For L&T to partner with us is an example of the 'Spirit of giving'. This humble i nitiative will train our young people to sustain the business, she said. The 'KhulaSangam' programme began in January and through the last round of selection, in 'The Finishing touch week', we selected 10 participants with the aim to attain the shortage of critical skills', she said, Mr V.K Magapu, Managing Director, L&T Infotech, said 'Training runs in the company's DNA structure. W e deploy trained people and merge them with the work force. W e are happy to partner with First Rand group for the Indo -African skills development program . W e recognize the need of sharing our global experience and what we do in India for the skills development of young people.' Mr Mahendren Moodley, on whose vision the Kula Sangam programme was initated and also the C.E.O and cou ntry manager, FirstRand Bank India, said 'Only India can assist South Africa in such areas of Skills development as India offers values of Stratigic Value ethics .' Speaking to UNI, he said "L&T offers this programme free to us but as we bear the cost, it comes up to 20,000 US Dollars per student, 7 males and 3 females, and the main stress is on Information technology and Skill development such as Human values and interpersonal skills. After South Africa attained democracy in 1994, we have a wider vision of Freedom. W e want our students to give back to society at the same time. W e want them to be wholistic,developing and caring citizens.' UNI RM OBB SM1247

Commenting on FirstRand‟s involvement in the program. L&T Infotech is betting big on business from the BFSI segment in markets such as South Africa and the Middle-East. Managing Director.” . We recognize the need of sharing our global experience and what we do in India for the skills development of young people. although small in scale. "In South Africa. Mr Mahendren Moodley. V. FirstRand.” Commenting on GIBS‟ involvement in the program. we believe that giving back to society is extremely important while doing business and we are committed to South Africa for the long term. FirstRand and L&T Infotech have teamed up with the University of Pretoria‟s Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) to launch the KhulaSangam program. the FirstRand India Corporate Social Responsibility team will be scheduling various site visits for participants and exposing them to the community projects that Indian youth are involved in terms of nation building in India. participants will also be exposed to like-minded peers. we have tied-up with some financial service providers we will be expanding and adding up more financial services customers. “ This project. FirstRand would also like to express its immense gratitude to its partner and valued client L&T Infotech for coming on-board this program and investing significant expertise and money to make this program a success. CEO -FirstRand India. The aim of this is to highlight to the South African youth the importance of “giving back to their community” and inculcating the culture of serving the society. Mr Abdullah Verachia. „Khula‟ is an Nguni word meaning „to grow." he said. At L&T Infotech. is highly committed to addressing some of the challenges faced in South Africa and hopes that this project will eventually grow to a scale which will make a meaningful impact on the socio-economic front in South Africa. We have recently invested in a skills development academy in Johannesburg. K. said. Under this program. Magapu.‟ whilst „Sangam‟ is a Hindi word which refers to the confluence of things. represents an important first step in making progress to strengthen the skills base amongst the youth of South Africa and creating well rounded citizens of South Africa. unlocking a sense of community and social responsibility in the candidates. Banerjee said that it (pricing) has stabilised to some extent. L&T Infotech. These interactions will be facilitated by FirstRand India‟s management team. ten young. With this in mind. community development activities and Indian models of excellence. “The KhulaSangam program is a unique initiative aimed at addressing the challenge of unemployment in South Africa by leveraging the special and growing relationship between India and South Africa. In addition to this internship. unemployed South African graduates were selected for a six-month paid internship and training program with L&T Infotech in India. “We are happy to partner with First Rand group for the Indo-African skills development program. This will ensure that the program moves beyond a simple internship and instead serves as a leadership development initiative. FirstRand partners with L&T Infotech for Indo-Africa skills development initiative The challenge of unemployment is one of the key issues facing South Africa. Head of the GIBS India-Africa Business Network.” said Mr. Further to this.Point1 The company is also actively looking at acquisitions. Asked about pricing. The program also entails exposing participants to Indian entrepreneurs on the ground and getting first-hand experience of their drive and passion. he said. said. through the FirstRand Foundation.

Mobility. GIBS‟ purpose is to significantly improve the competitive performance of individuals and organisations through business education in dynamic markets. This is the ninth year running that GIBS has been ranked among the top business schools worldwide. and Product Engineering Services (PES). About L&T Infotech L&T Infotech is wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro (L&T). Consistently rated as one of the top business schools in South Africa. L&T Infotech also delivers business solutions to its clients in: Testing. Insurance. Enterprise Integration and Manufacturing Execution Systems. Travel & Logistics. Utilities.Pharmaceuticals. Hi-tech & Consumer Electronics.com) L&T is one of the largest and most respected companies in India‟s private sector. in addition to an innovative CIO-thought partnership program that provides a value-driven edge to clients. the Group operates in almost every segment of the financial services market. engineering. L&T Infotech provides end-to-end solutions and services in the following verticals: Banking & Financial Services. GIBS is the only business school in Africa to appear in these rankings. manufacturing and financial services conglomerate. Consumer Packaged Goods. Auto & Aerospace. Rand Merchant Bank (RMB) and Wesbank. SAP. Retail & . the Association of African Business Schools (AABS) and the European Academy of Business in Society (EABIS). About GIBS Founded in 2000. Energy & Process. construction. Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing. It is differentiated by its unique Business-to-IT Connect which emerges out of its rich corporate heritage. Infrastructure Management System.About FirstRand FirstRand Bank in India is a part of FirstRand Limited a large financial services group based in South Africa and the first African banking franchise to enter India. It is ranked the world‟s 9th Most Innovative Company by Forbes International and 4th in the global list of Green Companies in the industrial sector by the reputed international magazine Newsweek. Healthcare. In October 2012 the GIBS MBA was ranked among the top 100 business schools globally in the prestigious Financial Times Executive MBA Rankings 2012.Lntinfotech. Media & Entertainment. the only African business school to be placed in the top 50 business schools worldwide for executive education programs. with global operations. L&T Infotech is ranked by NASSCOM as the 9th largest software & services exporter from India and among the top 20 IT BPO employers. South Africa‟s economic hub. the Council on Higher Education (CHE) and is a member of the South African Business Schools Association (SABSA). a USD 13. (www. Industrial Products. FirstRand is South Africa‟s 2nd largest financial services group with over USD 115 billion of assets under management. GIBS is an internationally accredited business school based in Johannesburg.5 billion technology. A strong. Oracle and Microsoft. Through ownership of brands such as First National Bank (FNB). Manufacturing. in May 2012 GIBS was again ranked as one of the top business schools globally by the Financial Times. E&C . As the “business school for business”. GIBS is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). . customer–focused approach and the constant quest for top-class quality have enabled L&T to attain and sustain leadership in its major lines of business over seven decades.

the 10 selected pilot participants will complete a week-long orientation just before departure for India. The programme curriculum. At the end of the week. and other events within the India Week programme. The key objectives of The Finishing Touch are:       To build professional life skills for young men and women in South Africa. The Finishing Touch Week will be hosted at the Gordon Institute for Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg. financial management. and To engage young South Africans on global issues. To allow for cross-cultural exchange between young South African adults in a dynamic. The Finishing Touch The Finishing Touch is a youth empowerment and life skills programme designed by The Collective Genius. From these assessments.KhulaSangam International Internship to India One of the key challenges facing South Africa is the challenge of unemployment. and styling and grooming. The programme will see a group of 10 young South Africans be selected to go on an all expenses paid 6 month internship and training programme with two leading companies in India. goal-setting. international issues. During this week. Before India In addition to participating in The Finishing Touch. commerce and maths sectors Potential candidates will conduct online assessments. which will be customised to fit the objectives of the Initiative. These 30 candidates will be invited to attend a week-long programme The Finishing Touch. business etiquette. hosted by the IABN (India-Africa Business Network). Candidate Selection The programme is open to nominated individuals who fit the following criteria:       Be under the age of 30 years on 31 December 2012 Previously disadvantaged South African citizen Graduate of a South African tertiary education institution Unemployed/underemployed for a maximum of three years Qualified in ICT. FirstRand – having recognised this challenge – has designed and conceptualised the KhulaSangam programme to help alleviate this challenge. To equip youth with the skills required in the world of work. gauging personality traits and views on their own future and the future of the country. stimulating and constructive environment. 30 candidates will be selected for a shortlist. An exciting Amazing Race around the Johannesburg CBD will also form part of the programme. science. 10 candidates will be selected for the ten internship places in India. in Johannesburg in January 2013. include modules on personal introspection. engineering. with candidates will be attending forum events with captains of industry. candidates will also be evaluated by psychometric experts from GIBS and will be interviewed by a panel of representatives from the various project stakeholders. To provide a platform for young South Africans to express themselves in public forums. The week will also coincide with India Week. To build leadership skills amongst young South Africans. responsible citizenship. The programme will accommodate events from India Week. This orientation will include the following focus areas:   Indian culture and society Do‟s and don‟ts of international travel (and travel in India specifically) .

The FirstRand team believes that this exposure will be enriching and potentially life changing for many participants and will contribute to a more holistic and balanced internship programme. Sanyo and Lafarge. they are committed to the developmental goals for the African continent and are keen to contribute to skills development on the African continent. Due to their focus on growing their presence in the African continent. 6.   Programme rules and guidelines Emergencies Details of programme activities. Each participant will be assigned a mentor from FirstRand to guide the participants in shaping a chosen career path and as a life coach. Therefore. with global operations.Net and Java experience Software Ecosystem Management The programme also entails exposing participants to Indian entrepreneurs on the ground and getting first-hand experience on the drive and passion of Indian entrepreneurs. interested candidates to participate in the internship. Clients nclude industry leaders like Chevron. participants‟ activities and responsibilities upon their return to South Africa are crucial. a technology. manufacturing and construction conglomerate. Email Address) to info@thecollectivegenius. 5. They have an impeccable track record in many industries across India and are highly regarded by both the private and public sector in India. Hitachi. whom they service by leveraging Business-to-IT Connect experience. the FirstRand India Corporate social responsibility team will be scheduling various site visits for participants and expose them to the community projects that Indian youth are involved in terms of nation building in India. Should you know of suitable. This will ensure that the programme moves beyond a simple internship. Six-month internship to India All participants will fly to India together. following their internship. The aim of this is to highlight to the South African youth the importance of “giving back to their community” and inculcating the culture of serving society and not only serving themselves. etc. and instead serves as a leadership development initiative.        One company in particular is L&T InfoTech. 4. Freescale. They have brands that are globally known.za . Further to this. participants will also be exposed to community development activities. like-minded peers and Indian models of excellence. All the host companies that have expressed an interest to be involved in this initiative have the following key credentials in common: 1. The „after India‟ component of the programme will consist of the following components. Contact Details. Their parent company is Larsen & Toubro Ltd. One weekend per month will be reserved for organised group activities to experience the tourist highlights of India. accompanied by The Collective Genius. Participants will be afforded the opportunity to participate in public discussions and presentations about their experiences in India. After India One of the initiative‟s key objectives is to help build South African leaders. unlocking a sense of community and social responsibility in the candidates. In addition to this internship. These interactions will be facilitated by FirstRand India‟s client coverage team.co. Participants will spend six months in India enrolled in a formal internship with a leading Indian company. The framework for the 6-month IT internship with Larsen includes experience in: Computer Architecture Networking Concepts Database specialisation OOP with C++ Programming Using “C‟‟ . They are large listed Indian Groups in India. a global IT services and solutions provider. 2. participants will be debriefed and pre-and post-qualitative assessments of the 10 interns will be conducted. These corporates have large scale training centres and are highly committed to developing the next generation of talent for Indian industry These groups in question have a big focus on growing their strategic footprint in South African and the rest of Africa. responsibilities. among others. 3. They will also be monitored for a period of 2 years. Upon their return to South Africa. (L&T). please could you forward their details (Names. engineering. .

2009 after 17:00 hrs at the IT Expo area. Absa Africa SPS Presentation Summary : As the South African market has consistently grown over the last decade. distance and cultures is however a real challenge. has become a strategic initiative and a feasible solution to the South African skills shortage for software application development and maintenance. such as financial institutions.2 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2009 August 3-5. 2009 . 2009. L&T Infotech is also participating in the Service Provider Session (SPS) on Day 2.Cape Town International Convention Center. The Cocktail Reception will orchestrate Networking with the delegates alongside adding some excitement of surprise element. between 8:00 am to 9:00 am in Auditorium 2. . August 3rd. the demand for Information Technology skills has grown faster than the availability to support the business growth. This session will share how not only to augment but develop IT skills in South Africa through Off-shoring. large companies. but Larsen & Toubro Infotech has successfully engaged the South African market to augment and develop information technology skills. The details about the session are as below: SPS Title : Off-shoring (Offshore outsourcing) as a strategic initiative to augment and develop IT skills in South Africa Name of the Speaker : Thabo Ndlela Designation: CIO. August 4. still run mainframe sunset technology. The globalization of Information Technology and emergence of Off-shore outsourcing. While the advance of new technology has focused most training and development of information technology skills on new technologies. however. The complexity to manage outsourced IT projects across time. South Africa Save as iCalender This year's GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITXPO will have four inter-related themes:     Improving business processes Reducing IT cost Delivering projects that enable business growth Managing talent and improving workforce effectiveness L&T Infotech is participating as a Bronze sponsor and is also sponsoring a Cocktail reception on Day 1 Monday.

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