Questions Feb 17 2010

Article ID: 7762 Title: Can syphilis be transmitted through semen? Name: Natasha Mendes Section: Sex & Beauty Category: Syphilis Question: Can syphilis be transmitted through semen? I so! can a baby be in ected by the ather at conception? "ill treating the mother during pregnancy! treat the baby? #ge: $%&'( years )ender: *emale Current Medication! +no,n #llergies and Medical -istory ,ere le t blan./ SYPHILIS: CAUSES !"A#S$ISSI%#

Syphilis is caused by in ection ,ith the microorganism called T pallidum, ,hich is a labile organism that cannot sur0i0e drying or exposure to disin ectants1 thus! transmission or example! rom toilet seats is 0irtually impossible/ T pallidum only in ect humans/ #nd does not naturally happen in other species/ Transmission o T pallidum occurs by penetration o the microorganism through mucosal membranes and2or abrasions on sur aces/ It is primarily transmitted through sexual contact but can be spread by exposure to blood products and trans erred to etus in utero/ 3is. actors o syphilis include the ollo,ing: 4nprotected sex! promiscuous sex! intra0enous drug use! high number o sexual partners! condom use! history o ST5s in the patient and their partners and exposure to blood products/ In children and in ants! see. a maternal history! history o exposure to indi0iduals ,ith syphilis or blood products! and a history o sexual abuse are the ma6or ris. actors/ -ealth care ,or.ers are at occupational ris./

Article ID: 77&' Title: 7rotruding dis. Name: 7atty Tan8er Section: Topics #&9 Category: Bac. 7ain Question: I ha0e been diagnosed ,ith a protruding dis. but ad0ised not to ha0e surgery/ The ,orst pain is at night in bed and getting up in the morning & or about an hour a ter,ards! it hurts/ 7anadeine orte doesn:t relie0e the pain/ Is there anything I can do to alle0iate this? #ge: ;%&(( years )ender: *emale Current Medication: +ar0e8ide! 7anadeine *orte Medical -istory: Cholycystectomy +no,n #llergies ,as le t blan./

/// # tremendous amount o 7ressure on the bac. pain caused by a herniated dis. Title: 5> ?>4 3@C>MM@N5 #N M3I? Name: +3IST# A>-NS>N Section: Topics #&9 Category: Brain and Ner0ous System Question: I ha0e a subluxation that is causing me a tremendous amount o problems ./// Cer-ic)l P)in: Post. in6ury is a signi icant ris.eight li ting=! adhering to a healthy li estyle and proper nutrition! physical acti0ity! losing excess o .hen indicated/ 5uring the pain crisis a physical therapy program should be ollo.( years )ender: *emale Current Medication: none/ +no.ith the seriousness o the clinical problems/ # history o nec.hat caused a dislocated 0ertebrae/ That:s ./0i1l)s0 in2ur3 )i0en all your past medical history and the symptoms you are ha0ing no.ith imaging <M3I= should be considered and most li. is due to a ner0e compression that can produce an in lammatory process a ecting ner0e roots <neuritis=/ The bulging o the content o the dis.ely strongly recommended! because the . pain/ >ther complications besides the pain include: spinal cord compression! strains or tears o the anterior spinal ligaments! shoulder pain! muscular .ed and aimed to reduce pain and in lammation/ *or patients that sho. and bac.! a re& assessment! clinical <by a physician= and .ing cessation! see.s: try to .ith my ner0es/ Is it a good idea to get an M3I? >r are x&rays enough? #ge: '%&.orse/ <I thin.hiplash in6ury <cer0ical acceleration& deceleration= is one o the most common cause o cer0ical strain and also one o the most common seCuel o non atal car in6uries! and the se0erity o the trauma o ten not correlated .eep a proper posture! a0oiding repetiti0e cer0ical and lumbosacral stress <example . pain! pain in scapula! muscle spasms! trouble s.eight! smo. is more common in the lumbar region than in the cer0ical region/ The bulging may or may not be clinically signi icant/ Some patients . actor or chronic nec. that:s . o my nec.hile others remain totally asymptomatic/ The treatment strategy .ea.()c* P)in: Dis* Herni)tion The medical ad0ice in a timely manner .hen I started ha0ing problems .ing! inB ability to handle most smells! loss o range o motion in nec.ould be as ollo.allo.ith my cranial ner0es///Nec.ith bulges are symptomatic and ha0e a lot o pain! .n #llergies: Codeine/ Medical -istory: #uto #ccident in6ury! "hiplash/ Chiropractic ad6ustments made things ten times .ness o the arms/ M3I or computed tomography <CT= myelography is necessary or the diagnosis/ . poor response to these measures the surgical option may be considered/ Article ID: 77+.

in and i bled or a .ere engaged in high ris.ith hepiticis C and things romt he needle or .on:t ha0e the antibody unless you ha0e been in ected .ith -CH is sel & limited in only a small minority o in ected persons/ Chronic in ection can occur in FG& EGI o patients in ected . needles a e.ith -CH! it is strongly recommended or you to get tested/ Se0eral tests are a0ailable but the most used test detects antibodies to hepatitis C 0iruses/ #ntibodies are substances made by your body:s immune system to de end against a speci ic in ection/ ?ou . and bend my .ait it out? #ge: DJ&$( years .e the antibody/ Article ID: 77&2 Title: *ell on ./ He1)titis C: !r)ns4ission #pproximately more than DFG million indi0iduals throughout the .ould i o recie0ed symptoms by no.ith -CH/ #lso another important complication is the de0elopment o Cirrhosis . in ections! occurring in the 4nited States e0ery year! %GI occur in persons .nee/ Should i go to the doctor or 6ust .orld are in ected . and ell had on me .ith chronic in ection/ #ccording .hat i ell on a e.Article ID: 77+1 Title: Second hand needle Name: @mma 3obberts Section: Topics #&9 Category: -epatitis Question: I .ith -CH unless the test .al.hile i 6ust en0er got chec. and .nee Name: Meghann Morrison Section: Topics #&9 Category: +nee 7ain Question: I ell on the ice last .n #llergies and Medical -istory .ondering! i you come into contact .as 6ust .ere le t blan.nee/ It hurts to .as per ormed so soon a ter exposure that your immune system did not ha0e time to ma.ith -epatitis C Hirus <-CH=/ *rom all o the ne.ithin $G years o disease onset in $GI o persons .ho use intra0enous drugs1 less than $GI are acCuired through sexual exposure1 and DGI are due to other causes! including occupational or perinatal exposure and hemodialysis/ In ection . and one pierced my your past medical history you .ed out cold i still ha0e somthineg? #ge: D'&DE years )ender: *emale Current Medication! +no.ith a second hand drug needle is there time on i your in ected . year bac. beha0ior to get exposed or in ected .

al.)ender: *emale Current Medication: none +no.hen you bend the . .ith relati0e rest and anti&in lammatory drugs has a good chance to impro0e in limitation on lexion and extension associated .ith remar.!r)u4)tic 5nee P)in #ccording .ith instability o the .n #llergies: en0ironmental Medical -istory .nee! .nee ./ and .ithout instability! maybe it is an uncomplicated trauma o the .ee.ould be: e0aluation by an orthopedic surgeon and decide about per orm some imaging studies to diagnose and treat the in6ury/ .ith your description o the pain: during .s/ But i you ha0e persistent in lammation and pain along .hich .nee other post trauma conditions should be ruled out such as: in6uries o ligaments or menisci! i this is the case the strategy .as le t blan.

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