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ASSURE Model Instructional Plan

Atlanta Braves Algebra Ms. Katie Sloan 8th grade 120 minutes (2 Class Periods)

Anal !e "earners The students this lesson is designed for are eighth grade students involved in a general mathematics education classroom. It is a class of 20 students. There are 10 male and 10 female students ho range in age from 12 and 1!. "ne student in the classroom has a learning disa#ilit$% seven students are classified as gifted& and one student is a non'reader. The students range in socioeconomic levels& #ut most of them ere raised in the southern United States as middle'class Americans. The class is ver$ good& ith onl$ fe distur#ances. Most of the time& these ha((en ith the students are learning directl$ from their te)t#oo*. The$ tend to #e ver$ involved in the class activities and (artici(ate ithout having to force them& although& there are + students ho have lo motivation. The$ ill (artici(ate if the$ are forces& or *no the$ ill #e re arded in the end if the$ do good or*. Some activities that the hole class en,o$s and seems to learn a lot from are Po erPoint games& -e# .uests& /rou( -or*& Thin*'Pair'Share& and Real'-orld Simulations. These strategies seem to or* #est #ecause of m$ students learning st$les. Most of m$ students are active& visual learners 01023& #ut I do have a hand full of auditor$ learners 02023. These students still succeed ith these activities #ecause the$ can discuss the activities ith their grou( mem#ers. All of m$ students seem to do much #etter hen the$ can actuall$ 4do5 an activit$& so I consider all of them to #e *inesthetic learners. 6efore the lesson& the students need to have a strong #asic understanding of statistics. State #b$e%tives -ithout using a calculator& the students ill #e a#le to com(ute the statistical .uestions in the Po erPoint game to turn in ith 102 accurac$. -or*ing in their teams of !'7& the students ill #e a#le to discussion the .uestions in the game and #e a#le to ans er the .uestions to in the game. -ith the hel( of Po erPoint& the students ill #e a#le to hel( conduct a lesson focusing on statistics that ill last 2 class (eriods. Sele%t Media& Materials& and Methods 8a(to( com(uter Pro,ector "verhead (ro,ector screen Po erPoint Po erPoint /ame 9olor Printer

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/rou(s of !'7 students Pencils Pa(er Print outs of game materials and .uestions 9ard Stoc* 9ards'Aces'75s Timer "(tional: calculators 'tili!e Media& Materials& and Methods 1' 1 8a(to( com(uter <This com(uter ill #e hoo*ed u( to a (ro,ector so that the game can #e sho n to the hole class so the game can #e (la$ed. 2' 6u$ (ro,ector' This ill #e used to hoo* to the com(uter so the game .uestions can #e seen and chosen #$ the students. !' =our overhead (ro,ector screen' This ill need to #e (ulled do n so that the Po erPoint game can #e sho n >' Po erPoint and game' This (rogram and the game ill need to #e assessa#le so that the lesson can ta*e (lace. 7' 9olor Printer' This ill #e needed to (rint out the game #oard& the game (ieces& and the Stri*e "ut 9ards. +' /rou(s of !'7'These grou(s ill ma*e u( the teams to (la$ the game. ?' Pencil and Pa(er' These ill #e used #$ each student to or* out the statistic (ro#lems for each .uestion so the$ can turn in their ans ers. 1' Print outs of all the .uestions& game #oards& game (ieces& stri*e out cards& and directions' These ill #e used in case the technolog$ fails. @' 9ard stoc* ill #e used for su((ort of the (rinted out materials. 10' 9ards Ace5s '75s' These ill #e distri#uted to students to divide u( the teams 11' Timer' This ill #e used to time students5 ans ers during game (la$. 12' "PTI"AA8: 9alculators could #e given to disa#ilit$ students ho can not com(ute the (ro#lems is a .uic* enough manor that ould halt the game for a large amount of time. 6efore the lesson ma*e sure to : Previe the game and ma*e sure it is or*ing Previe the .uestions and ma*e sure $ou *no

the$ are going to the correct slides.

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Pull overhead (ro,ector screen do n. 9onnect la(to( and (ro,ector and set it u( here it is accessi#le to the teacher to use to facilitate the game. Print out the game #oard and game (ieces and cut them out. /lue them to card stoc* to ma*e them sturd$. Ta(e game #oard do n to front ta#le so students can come u( and move their (ieces. Place game (ieces and 1 d$e #$ the #oard. Print out all the game .uestions and directions to have as #ac* u( in case the (ro,ector or com(uter sto(s or*ing. Ta(e the game #oard do n Shuffle cards and have them read$ to #e distri#uted to students after the discussion of statistics and going over game directions. Arrange des*s into 7 grou(s of >. Pre(are the learners #$ the #eginning discussion: revie the statistical formulas needed for the game: Earned Run Average& 6atting Average& Slugging Percentage& Bielding Percentage& etc. /o over the game directions ith the students. Start the game (e)uire "earner Parti%i*ation Includes detailed methods for activel$ engaging all students for the lesson5s duration. Bocus Activit$: 017 min3 A grou( discussionCrevie of the statistical formulas that ill #e needed to (la$ the game. Bacilitate the revie #$ as*ing students if the$ remem#er ho to figure out statistics li*e ERA& 6atting Average& Slugging Percentage& Bielding Percentage& and Total 6ases. If the ma,orit$ of students remem#er ho to find the statistics& a shorter revie is o*a$. If a num#er of students do not remem#er& s(end a little more time on this section #ecause if the$ do not remem#er the$ ill not #e a#le to (la$ the game. Activit$: 0@0 min3 Atlanta 6raves Alge#ra

1. /ame Stor$ Sho students the game /o to the stor$ slide and read it or have a student read it 2. /ame Pre(aration /o to the game directions slide and read the directions together Ma*e sure the students understand ho to (la$ the game Sho students the game #oard in the (resentation 0Since $ours is alread$ ta(ed do n3. Sho students the Attraction De$ to sho them the (laces the$ could visit As* students to get out several sheets of (a(er and a (encil. The$ ill use these during the game.

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Pass out the cards that divide students u( into grou(s. Tell them to move to their grou(s and ta*e their (a(er and (encils ith them Advance to the .uestions slide Allo 1 (erson from each team to come (ic* their game (iece and roll to see hich team goes first. 0Eighest or 8o est F could in3

!. Pla$ the game Students roll and ans er .uestions as the game directions e)(lain. Bacilitate the game *ee(ing do n noise and start and sto( timer hile students are ans ering .uestions. Also& *ee( trac* of hich .uestions have #een (ic*ed. 0$ou can rite these on the #oard so students can remem#er3 -ra('u(: 017 min3 9ongratulate inning team and (resent them ith their (riGe. 0This could #e (oints on their ne)t test& cand$& certificate& or ,ust congratulations.3 As* if there are an$ .uestions after having (la$ed the game. ;o the statistics ma*e more sense after using them in a 4real orld5 scenarioH Eave all students turn in their or* that the$ com(leted on all the game .uestions. +valuate , (evise

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Multimedia Evaluation: -as the com(uter and (ro,ector a successH ;id it (rovide more of a distraction than assistanceH Is there a a$ to alter the technolog$ use to #enefit for the ne)t timeH -ere all materials in or*ing order and read$ to go for the activit$H Instructor Evaluation: ;id $ou *ee( the class on tas*H 9ould $ou ans er all the .uestions that ere as*edH Is there an$thing else $ou could do to hel( the activit$ to run smootherH -here $ou a#le to facilitate the activit$ along ith the technolog$ or as it too much to ta*e care ofH

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