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Understanding the Human Condition

Member Names Elizabeth Campos, Kyle Smethurst, Marina Skendzic

Cooperative Learning Plan Graphic Organizer
Describe the Cooperative Learning Activity:

PIGS - Face Components Positive Interdependence

Below describe what you will do in your ITU to address each Cooperative Learning component.
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a. What are the mutual goals? Each student will go into their community and experience people outside of their gender/race/religion by attending some community event that is outside of the student’s normal lifestyle. b. How will labor, materials, roles and resources be divided? Every student must bring to class their own experience from their exploration to share with the group. Basic materials and resources will be provided by the teacher.

· Each group member is given a specific role and responsibility · Each role is connected to the other roles

· Each member must participate for the whole group to succeed

c. What roles and responsibilities will you assign? Possible roles: * group leader * illustrator * presenter * Writer / observer d. How are all the roles connected? Every role must be fulfilled in order for the group to succeed. Student will compare ideas from their experiences, the writer will record these ideas, the illustrator will organize them into visual format, the group leader will facilitate discussion. e. What joint/common rewards will you provide? The observers notes will be used to assess individual participation, each student will submit their reflection on their cultural experience. And the group will be assessed by their art splash and class presentation. f. What are the consequences if not all participate? Individual grades will be assigned based on completion of individual roles. The observer can comment if one student is not pulling their weight and grades will reflect that.

2. ndividual & Group Accountability


a. How will roles be assigned? Roles will be assigned by the teacher according to what each student is best at. b. How will you hold each student Individually Accountable for learning? Students will be assessed based on the completion of their roles and on their individual reflections at the end of the activity. c. How will you hold each student responsible for the whole group’s learning? Each student will have a role to play in building the group project, and student will be assessed informally by the observer. Students wil receive a combination of an individual grade and a group grade.


Each member must

demonstrate mastery of the content


Each member is

accountable for the whole group's learning and/or work


Group Processing
The group self-assesses Reflect on their

How will you guide meta-analysis of individual and group processing? a. Observation

· · ·

their productivity experience Makes decisions

Teacher will roam the room and take notes on each group and individuals performance. b. Reflection Students will use a graphic organizer to reflect on what went well & what they would do differently to improve their team group. c. Goal Setting First thing students will do in their groups is to fill out the “goals” section of their group processing worksheet. The group will decide on what they want to accomplish as individuals and as a group. The writer / recorder will record these ideas.

about how to be more productive and to foster effective working relationships


Social Skills

a. Trust Building Activity Students will follow along with the group processing form, trust building activities include giving compliments and trusting everybody to complete their assigned roles. b. Communication Activity Students will be encouraged to communicate positive comments and participate in the group evaluation while maintaining active listening strategies throughout the activity. c. Decision Making Strategies Students will develop their decision making strategies by volunteering for a role in the group. Every student will have a role. d. Conflict Resolution In the social skills group recording chart (a part of the group processing form), students will receive a check mark if they avoid disagreement and provide compliments. This will facilitate conflict resolution by taking a preventative approach. e. Leadership Skills The teacher will identify an appropriate leader in each group based on differentiation by ELL/SP and learning profiles. - How will Social Skills be Self-Assessed

· For cooperative learning to be effective, students must learn Social Skills for successful cooperation. · Social Skills to develop include: a. Trust Building b. Communication c. Decision Making Strategies d. Conflict Resolution e. Leadership Skills

Social skills will be self-assessed in the social skills group recording chart, evaluation of group processing chart, as well as their reflection section.


Face-to-Face Interaction
Members promote each Students explain to one

a. Grouping Groups will be pre-assigned to accommodate for special needs, ELL, learning profiles, and interests. b. Room Arrangement Groups will be in mini-circles. c. Group Seating Groups will face each other in mini-circles by moving their desks so that everyone can be seen and promotion of interaction is at the forefront.

· ·

other's success another what they have or are learning and assist one another with understanding and completion of assignment


When group members are

in close proximity to interact in ways that promote continued progress.

6. What graphic organizers will you create to guide student learning?

The Group Processing Form.

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