Bible Prophecy Teaching: The Two Witnesses that Come at the Beginning of the Seven Year Tribulation

The Word of God teaches us of two witnesses that are sent by GOD from Heaven to Jerusalem at the beginning of the seven year tribulation on the earth. These two witnesses will prophesied to the world from the Great City of Jerusalem the ancient capital of !srael for a period of " #$% years or &% months before they are 'illed by the coming (ntichrist )*east of +evelation, who enters a newly rebuilt Jewish Temple )the third temple, and declares to the world that he is God. (fter three and one-half days GOD (./!GHT0 breaths new life into His two witnesses and raises them bac' to life and then as the whole world watches and trembles in fear1 these two mighty men of GOD will be caught up in the air to be reunited with GOD in Heaven. There has been a lot of debate amongst Biblical scholars over the decades as to who these two witnesses will be. Some believe that the two witnesses will be oses and !li"ah# because these two men were spo$en of much throughout Scripture. %thers believe that these two witnesses will be !noch and !li"ah# because these two prophets were both raptured up to &eaven without having e'perienced a physical death before they were ta$en to &eaven. Both arguments cannot be right# but one of these two arguments does have more merit than the other has to proving "ust e'actly who these two witnesses are. The idea that the two witnesses will be oses and !li"ah doesn(t add up# because of one simple reason) and that reason is because oses had e'perienced a physical death once already and according to The Word of *%+ cannot e'perience a physical death a second time. ,et(s read together what T&! W%-+ %. *%+ proclaims to us regarding physical death: &ebrews /:01 23nd as it is appointed unto men once to die# but after this the "udgment:2 .or *%+ to send oses bac$ to the earth to be one of the two witnesses that will appear at the beginning of the seven year tribulation period# would mean that oses would have to die a physical death a second time# and this would ma$e *%+ a liar# which *%+ isn(t a liar. -ead along with me to prove this point: alachi 4:5

2.or 6 am the ,ord# 6 change not) therefore ye sons of 7acob are not consumed.2 atthew 8:9: 2.or verily 6 say unto you# Till heaven and earth pass# one "ot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law# till all be fulfilled.2 ,u$e 95:91 23nd it is easier for heaven and earth to pass# than one tittle of the law to fail.2 +euteronomy 40:9;< 29 *ive ear# % ye heavens# and 6 will spea$) and hear# % earth# the words of my mouth. 0 y doctrine shall drop as the rain# my speech shall distil as the dew# as the small rain upon the tender herb# and as the showers upon the grass: 4 Because 6 will publish the name of the ,ord: ascribe ye greatness unto our *od. < &e is the -oc$# his wor$ is perfect: for all his ways are "udgment: a *od of truth and without ini=uity# "ust and right is he.2 Spo$en by the ,%-+ to oses concerning the fate of oses that the ,%-+ had "udged righteously to be done as concerning oses# starting in +euteronomy chapter 40 beginning at verse <:: 23nd the ,ord spa$e unto oses that selfsame day# saying#2

oses( fate according to the ,%-+ of &%STS. +euteronomy 40:</;80 2</ *et thee up into this mountain 3barim# unto mount >ebo# which is in the land of oab# that is over against 7ericho) and behold the land of Canaan# which 6 give unto the children of 6srael for a possession: 8? 3nd die in the mount whither thou goest up# and be gathered unto thy people) as 3aron thy brother died in mount &or# and was gathered unto his people: 89 Because ye trespassed against me among the children of 6srael at the waters

of eribah@adesh# in the wilderness of Ain) because ye sanctified me not in the midst of the children of 6srael. 80 Yet thou shalt see the land before thee) but thou shalt not go thither unto the land which 6 give the children of 6srael.2 3s we can clearly see from reading the above passages# oses died up in a mount where he went up that overloo$ed the land which the ,%-+ *%+ gave to the children of 6srael. oses was allowed to see the land from atop a nearby mount# but was not allowed to enter the land# because of a trespass that he did at the waters of eribah@adesh in the midst of the children of 6srael. @nowing that oses died a physical death once already) and $nowing that man is appointed to die once before "udgment) it is not possible that the ,%-+ would then appointed oses to die physical death a second time# because the ,%-+ *%+ is not a liar. 9 7ohn 0:01;0: 2But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you# and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things# and is truth# and is no lie# and even as it hath taught you# ye shall abide in him. 0: 3nd now# little children# abide in him) that# when he shall appear# we may have confidence# and not be ashamed before him at his coming.2 7ohn 9<:5 27esus saith unto him# 6 am the way# the truth# and the life: no man cometh unto the .ather# but by me.2 7esus is the truth and there isn(t any lie Bdar$nessC in &im at all# because 7esus is light BtruthC. 9 7ohn 9:8;1 28 This then is the message which we have heard of him# and declare unto you# that *od is light# and in him is no dar$ness at all. 5 6f we say that we have fellowship with him# and wal$ in dar$ness# we lie# and do not the truth: 1 But if we wal$ in the light# as he is in the light# we have fellowship one with another# and the blood of 7esus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.2

So# in conclusion to the first argument that the two witnesses will be oses and !li"ah the reliability of T&! W%-+ %. *%+ stands unmovable and unchanging that oses who has died a physical death once cannot die a physical death a second time as the future prophecy about the two witnesses being $illed at the end of their earthly ministry after <0 month Bthree and one; half yearsC at the hands of the Beast B3ntichristC# but then after three and one; half days# *%+ 3, 6*&TY will breath new life in his two witnesses and raise them to life again before catching them both up into the air to be with &6 . 6f the two witnesses will not be that of oses and !li"ah then who could these two witnesses beD !noch and !li"ah were both prophets and men of *%+ who did not e'perience a physical death before they were both Bat different timesC caught up B-aptureC to &eaven to be with *%+. Since neither !noch or !li"ah had never died a physical death# it stands as good reasoning that the two witnesses that *%+ will send to 7erusalem at the beginning of the Seven Year Tribulation will be !noch and !li"ah. &ere is what T&! W%-+ %. *%+ teaches us about the departure of both !noch and !li"ah thus proving that nether men died a physical death before they were caught up to &eaven to be with *%+. *enesis 8:9:;0< 29: 3nd 7ared lived an hundred si'ty and two years# and he begat !noch: 9/ 3nd 7ared lived after he begat !noch eight hundred years# and begat sons and daughters: 0? 3nd all the days of 7ared were nine hundred si'ty and two years: and he died. 09 3nd !noch lived si'ty and five years# and begat 00 3nd !noch wal$ed with *od after he begat and begat sons and daughters: ethuselah:

ethuselah three hundred years#

04 3nd all the days of !noch were three hundred si'ty and five years: 0< 3nd !noch wal$ed with *od: and he was not) for *od too$ him.2 >ow this is the final moments of !li"ah as the ,%-+ *%+ appeared as of a chariot of fire before !li"ah and !lisha before *%+ too$ !li"ah away up into heaven in a whirlwind before !lisha(s eyes. 0 @ings 0:;:;90

2: 3nd !li"ah too$ his mantle# and wrapped it together# and smote the waters# and they were divided hither and thither# so that they two went over on dry ground. / 3nd it came to pass# when they were gone over# that !li"ah said unto !lisha# 3s$ what 6 shall do for thee# before 6 be ta$en away from thee. 3nd !lisha said# 6 pray thee# let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me. 9? 3nd he said# Thou hast as$ed a hard thing: nevertheless# if thou see me when 6 am ta$en from thee# it shall be so unto thee) but if not# it shall not be so. 99 3nd it came to pass# as they still went on# and tal$ed# that# behold# there appeared a chariot of fire# and horses of fire# and parted them both asunder) and !li"ah went up by a whirlwind into heaven. 90 3nd !lisha saw it# and he cried# y father# my father# the chariot of 6srael# and the horsemen thereof. 3nd he saw him no more: and he too$ hold of his own clothes# and rent them in two pieces.2 6n conclusion to the position that !noch and !li"ah will be the two witnesses that the ,%-+ *%+ will send to 6srael in their capital city of 7erusalem sometime at the beginning of the Seven Year Tribulation period is considered) for good reasoning as trusting in the solid -oc$ BTruthC of Scripture ;;; the only two prophets and men that never e'perienced a physical death and who =ualify according to Scripture to be sent to prophesied at this specific period of time ;;; can only be !noch and !li"ah. The following is a Bible Prophecy teaching delivered by Pastor Perry Stone titled 20 Candle Stic$s2 and e'plains in great compelling detail concerning this future !nd Times event of the Two Witnesses of *%+ being sent to 6srael and in 7erusalem at the time of the Tribulation. 6 strongly recommend to all who are wanting to understand and $now what T&! W%-+ %. *%+ teaches about this event and !nd Times prophecy. 0 Candle Stic$s Part 9 of < ;$W'Pvo1hol$ 0 Candle Stic$s Part 0 of < ;,sn6?cda;G 0 Candle Stic$s Part 4 of < ;"H!e,I?tv=$ 0 Candle Stic$s Part < of < ;<4".*rT/ The following are scriptural notes that are being used by Pastor Perry Stone in the delivery of this message titled 20 Candle Stic$s2: -evelation 99:4;< ; Aechariah <:4;9<

7ude 9< 0 $ings 0:99 ; alachi <:8;5 7ohn 9:09;04 ; atthew 0<:98 0 Thessalonians 0:< ; -evelation 99:9 atthew 91:99 ; -evelation 1:<;: -evelation 99:< ; -omans 99 9 Thessalonians <:95;91 -evelation chapters 0 J 4 ; -omans 99:91;04 -omans 99:91 ; -omans 99:< ; Aechariah <:4 -omans 99:05 ; -evelation 99:4 ; -evelation 1:< +aniel /:01 ; -evelation 99:1 ; -evelation 99:99;90 0 Thessalonians 0:99

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