With the Regional banks of Crédit Agricole, the LCL network, the international retail banks and the specialist subsidiaries for each business line, Crédit Agricole group is present across the entire spectrum of banking and finance. Crédit Agricole is the N°1 banking group in France with 28% of the consumer market and the N°1 banking group in Europe for the number of current accounts held b .clients and retail banking ea .Crédit Agricole ranks n°3 banking group worldwide in terms of shareholders


The Group is careful to protect the cultural specificities of each its entities, while also capitalising on strengths as a market leader in France and Europe, within the framework of its enlarged scope .activ In France, the 2,573 Local banks form the basis of the Group's mutual organisation and play a key .in firmly establishing a local presence and a close relationship with clie Reflecting Crédit Agricole's desire to open up to the market while confirming its mutualist identity, Cr Agricole S.A. has been listed on the stock exchange since December 2001 and is currently ow .54.7% by the Regional banks and 45.3% by the pu

An enlarged scope of bu

RETAIL BAN (million clients, 11,000 branches and 3 domestic markets (France, Italy and Greece

The Regional banks of Crédit Agric The Regional banks are cooperative and banking establishments offering a full range of financial products and services to their clients, retail, farmers, professionals, companies and .local authorities million customers 20 Regional banks 39 branches and 7,500 in-store cash points with a 24% share of households’ deposits and 7,160 22% of loans

LC In France, LCL is the only bank with a national network dedicated exclusively to retail banking .for retail, professional and corporate clients million customers 6 branches including 50% in towns with over 200,000 inhabitants 1,970

International Retail Bankin Crédit Agricole has operations in 20 countries: Italy, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Cyprus, Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Madagascar, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, .Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Ukraine and Uruguay The Regional banks have majority control in Belgium, Spain and Switzerland million customers 4.7 branches 1,900


Specialised financial servic Present in 19 countries in Europe and Morocco, this business line covers consumer credit (Sofinco and Finaref, Lukas in Poland, etc.), leasing (Crédit Agricole Leasing and EFL) and .(factoring (Eurofactor million Consumer finance customers in France 15

billion Lease outstandings €12.7 billion Factored receivables €35

Asset management, insurance and private banki This business line consists of activities related to asset management (Crédit Agricole Asset Management and its subsidiaries as well as BFT), life and property/casualty insurance (Crédit Agricole Assurances with Pacifica and Predica) and private banking (Crédit Agricole Private .(Bank Profile ( €637 billion under management (asset management, insurance and private banking Crédit Agricole Egypt was established in September 2006, following the successful merger of Calyon Bank Egypt, the Egyptian affiliateN°1 in asset management and the of Crédit Agricole Group, and a top-10 player in Europe .Egyptian American Bank second-largest insurer France’s

Crédit Agricole Egypt is majority controlled by Credit Agricole Group (Credit Agricole S.A. and Calyon), the second largest shareholder is Mansour and Maghrabi CORPORATE AND .(Investment and Development (MMID INVESTMENT BANK With 13,000 staff across 55 countries, Calyon specialises in capital markets, investment banking .financ Crédit Agricole Group Credit Agricole SA is one of the top 5 financial institutions in the world by the capital base. Itbillion net banking €5 is engaged in a wide range of financial activities from Corporate & Investment Banking, One of France’s top three corporate and investment banks and the top 10 in Euro through CALYON (100% Subsidiary) to Retail Banking, Asset under Management and World number Insurance. Credit Agricole SA has operations in 60 countries across the world with 9000 one in project financ branches and 21 million customers in France only, being the largest banking organization in .France PRESENCE IN OVER 70 COUNTR

Mission Statement With its international organisation in all aspects of banking and finance, Crédit Agricole group is abl The mission of Crédit Agricole Egypt for the next 5 years :serve major clients throughout the world, achieving stellar performan Turn the bank into a total customer centric organization

From the current momentum, increase and sustain strong business growth branches in international retail banking 1,90

Capitalize on technology to bring up state of the art systems to staff and finance outstandings outside France 50 of consumer customers

Constantly innovate and bring up distinctive added values solutions import/export  Leading international factor in terms of volume of and products business (42% of internation (facto Create a strong brand equity and awareness in the market

No.1 in leasing in Polan Maximize the geographical coverage of our delivery channels and create proximity asset management centres worldwide with customers

Loan insurance in 14 countrie

Private banking in the leading financial marke Vision of NBI in corporate and investment banking outside France 72 Be the most preferred private international bank in 2010 /To find out more: Become the reference in the market for product offering and service quality Be a bank that attracts, develop and retain the talents of today, the managers of tomorrow Be a bank with a strong corporate identity, mixing the local values with those of Crédit Agricole Achieve and maintain the profitability requirements of the shareholders

All data is to end-Decem

Crédit Agricole Group and CALYON 59.37% (the Corporate and Investment Banking wholly-owned Subsidiary of Crédit Agricole)

MMID, Mansour & Maghraby Investment and Development Company 17.12% -

The international holding company for Investment and Development 1.64% -

The international company for trade and commercial agencies 0.82% To succeed in an increasingly global economy, organizations need to hire good people. Crédit Agricole Egypt strives to do just this by attracting capable new recruits whilst retaining skilled experienced personnel. The goal is to attract staff that gives

added value to the Bank. To achieve this challenging task, the focus has been on maintaining a trustworthy relationship between employees and the Bank. Crédit Agricole Egypt's corporate those stresses teamwork, where the overall contribution is more important than the individual's post and training. Staff are empowered to solve .problems across departments so that customer satisfaction is achieved The Crédit Agricole Egypt will continue to invest in its staff by providing local and foreign training courses in areas such as customer service, project management, quality assurance, PC tools and basic and advanced management. This investment .in personnel is reflected in the high level of service offered Features and Benefits Competitive salaries & allowances• Extensive and specialized banking training courses locally and abroad• Paid annual leaves and other paid vacations• Adequate medical insurance• Generous social insurance plan• Life and accident insurance coverage• Staff loans and advances• Different reward and recognition programs• Promising career path• Unique performance management program• All Crédit Agricole Egypt Branches • .a.m. - 2:00 p.m 8:30• Sunday to Thursday• Talat Harb - Merghany - Ramsis Hilton - Mohandesseen - Zamalek - World • Trade Center - El-Sarayat - Nasr City - Roushdy - Sun shine - Coral Bay Hurghada - El Gouna - Pyramids - Sultan Hussein -Fleming - Mansoura .a.m. - 5:00 p.m 8:30• Sunday to Thursday• Shooting Club - Alexandria Sporting Club • .a.m. - 5:00 p.m 11:00• days a week 7•

Ramsis Hilton Branch

:For FX Services .8:30am to 9:00pm, all week days including national vacations except Friday’s 8:30am to 11:00am & from 5:00pm to 9:00pm on Friday’s -

The Crédit Agricole Egypt S.A.E. Ownership – above 10%•

(Credit Agricole S.A. (46.94%○
(Mansour & Maghraby for Investment & Development (17.48%○

(CACEIS Bank (13.06%○
Commercial Register # 20051 Investment•

Crédit Agricole Egypt policies/ procedures are compliant with the FATF ( 40 + 9 )• Recommendations, Wolfsberg AML principles for Private Banking & Correspondent Banks and Basel Committee requirements Egypt established a law to combat money laundering and to regulate applying the Know Your• Client principles and our institution is subject to this law

(Crédit Agricole Egypt is regulated by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE•
The Bank co-operates with the CBE Money Laundering Unit so as to report any suspicious• activities

Governorates Branch Network

Address Phone

.El-Watania Towers - El-Gomhoreya & Goal Gamal St 4 / 229-6003 (2088+) 229-6002 (2088+) 8:30am to 2:00pm, Sunday to Thursday

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Crédit Agricole Group


Public, semi co-operative ((Euronext: ACA May 23, 2000

Founded Headquarter s René Carron

Paris, France

Key people

(Chairman of the board),





Financial services


Banking, asset management, insurance

Revenue Operating income Profit Total assets Employees Website









€3.663 ▲





€2.451 ▲




(2008 )


Crédit Agricole SA (CASA) (Euronext: ACA) is the largest retail banking group in France, second largest in Europe and the eighth largest in the world by Tier 1 capital .according to The Banker magazine. It is also part of the CAC 40 stock market index It was the main sponsor of a professional road cycling team (see Crédit Agricole .(((cycling team

[hide] Structure of the group 1• Key services 1.1○ Market presence 2• See also 3• References 4• External links 5•

edit] Structure of the group]
Crédit Agricole SA is a semi co-operative bank, being majority owned by 41 French :Caisses Régionales de Crédit Agricole Mutuel. Its subsidiaries are
.Calyon, the investment banking division of Crédit Agricole• Calyon Financial, global futures and options brokerage serving• .institutional investors .CLSA, the Asian securities brokerage division•

Predica and Pacifica, the insurance divisions• LCL (Previously Crédit Lyonnais), the nationwide retail banking• .network, acquired in 2003 edit] Key services]

:Through its subsidiaries, Crédit Agricole SA is involved in the following services
French Retail Banking• International Retail Banking• Specialised Financial Services• Asset Management, Insurance and Private Banking• Corporate and Investment Banking•

edit] Market presence]
The Caisses Régionales (e.g. Crédit Agricole Normandie in the Lower Normandy region) mainly focus on rural areas and less on urban ones. However, the Crédit Lyonnais subsidiary has a significant presence in the big cities; the combination gives .the Crédit Agricole group a leading market share in France Through all of its subsidiaries, Crédit Agricole SA has in excess of 21 million clients .and a presence in over 60 countries The current objective of the group is to develop a strong presence in various other European banking markets by acquiring stakes in local banks in other countries.[citation

edit] See also]
European Financial Services Roundtable•

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Entire Crédit Agricole group. "Annual Report 2008". Crédit ^.1 Agricole. Retrieved 2009-08-15

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