2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test What is this? This test contains forty questions/problems/puzzles.

Some of these items have multiple parts, and some of these items have only one part. The number of points each item is worth is given in square brackets next to the item number, throughout the test. The maximum possible score on this test is 90 points. Who can participate? Any student or sponsor associated with your chapter can help to solve the problems. However, you may not consult alumni, parents, or any other humans outside of your chapter. That being said, you may use the internet/calculators/books/etc., provided that you do not get help from another human (e.g. asking a question on an internet forum would not be allowed). How do we do this? You have until November 6, 2013 at 11:59pm EST to email your answers to 2013interschool@gmail.com You must submit the answers using the answer document available under the Downloads section of floridamao.org (presumably the same place you downloaded this test). You can open the document with Microsoft Excel, Openoffice Calc, or Google Docs. If you have any questions about the test (e.g. think a question is flawed) or if you are having issues using the answer document, you may email that address during the testing period and a response will be given (if appropriate). Note well! Throughout this test, the notation x denotes the floor function (also known as the greatest integer function). Good luck – and more importantly, have fun!

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a2 . x2 . Find f (2013). n + 1. For how many integers 1 ≤ n ≤ 100 is π 4 530 a 954 b 2n + n ! also an integer? n+1 [1] 6. There is a square ABCD such that points A and B are on the circumference of O and CD is tangent to O. and 2015 all have the same number of divisors. · · · . The numbers 2013. a possible value for the expression is | − 1 + 2 − 3 + 4 · · · − 2011 + 2012 − 2013| = 1005. What is m + n? 9 − cos 4x n [1] 7. · · · . 2014. For example. Consider circle O with radius r . 3. x24 ) of integers such that 0 ≤ xk ≤ k for 1 ≤ k ≤ 24 and x1 + 2x2 + 3x3 + · · · + 24x24 = 2450 Let (x1 . a8 } of the numbers {2. For ABC . [1] 4. where m and n are relatively prime positive integers. How many relative permutations are there? [1] 10. AB + BC + AC = 61 cos ∠A + cos ∠B + cos ∠C = What is |AB · cos ∠C + BC · cos ∠A + AC · cos ∠B |? [2] 9. x24 ) be the average of all 24-tuples in S . Suppose a and b are real numbers such that a 2 − 3b 2 = 3a2 − b2 = What is a2 + b2 ? [2] 5.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [1] 1. x2 . 0 m 16 cos 2x dx = arctan . Two points A and B are chosen randomly from the inside of a circle Γ1 . · · · . Circle Γ2 is the circle with diameter AB . There exists a function f (x ) such that f (sin4 θ + cos4 θ) = sin8 θ + cos8 θ for all θ. and n + 2 all have the same number of divisors? [1] 2. If the sum of the areas of circle O and square ABCD is 2013. What is the smallest natural number n such that n. · · · . [1] 3. In the expression 1 2 3··· 2012 2013 each is randomly filled with either a plus or minus sign. What is the expected value of the expression? Page 2 of 11 3 11 . ak +1 ) = 1 for 1 ≤ k ≤ 7. 4. What is x1 + x2 + · · · + x24 ? [2] 8. A permutation {a1 . 9} is called relative if gcd(ak . determine r . What is the probability that Γ2 is contained entirely within Γ1 ? [2] 11. Consider the set S containing all 24-tuples (x1 .

setting n = 6 yields f (1) + f (2) + f (3) + f (6) = 36. Chords AB and CD of an ellipse intersect at focus F . 4026 Page 3 of 11 . find tan θm . and BF = 5. A physicist designs a chamber shaped like an equilateral triangle and built with perfectly reflective walls. CF = 4.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [3] 12. Let f : N → N be the function such that f (d ) = n 2 d |n for all natural numbers n. What is the remainder when P (2013) is divided by 1000? [3] 16. suppose with the first scrap labeled m and the second scrap labeled n. For example. If AF = 3. f (2013) g (2013) [≤ 1] 19. the sum of f (d ) over all divisors d of n equals n2 . and places both scraps back in the box. Let P (x ) be the polynomial of degree 2012 such that P (k ) = k ! for k = 0. k 2 [3] 14. He then cuts a small hole at each vertex of the chamber and aims a laser into the chamber through one of these vertices such that the laser beam makes an angle of θ with the side of the chamber closest to the beam (so that 0◦ < θ < 30◦ ). 2012. What is the expected number of times must Francisco repeat this process in order for all scraps in the box to be labeled with the same number? [2] 17. [3] 15. What is f (10!)? [3] 18. infinitely differentiable functions satisfying the equations f (x ) g (x ) + =1 f (x ) g (x ) f (x ) g (x ) f (x ) g (x ) + = + f (x ) g (x ) f (x ) g (x ) for all x with f (x )g (x ) = 0. each scrap labeled with a distinct number from 1 to 2013. If n is the average of all answers provided. If θm is the largest value of θ for which the laser beam reflects 2013 times within the chamber before tripping a photodiode. · · · . Let Hn = 1 + 1 1 1 + + · · · + . It’s time for a game theory classic! Provide a real number n from the interval (0. Each vertex of the chamber is also outfitted with a photodiode that can detect when the laser beam is directed through it. each school will receive 1 − points. Evaluate f (2013) g (2013) + . Evaluate 2 3 n n n→∞ lim k =1 Hk Hn 2 − . relabels the second scrap m (so that both scraps are now labeled m). 1. He then erases the label n on the second scrap. Suppose f (x ) and g (x ) are nonconstant. what is DF ? [2] 13. Francisco has a box with 2013 scraps of paper. He randomly chooses two scraps of paper from the box. 2. 2013] as your |2n − 3n| answer. That is.

provide the numbers in the row marked A. 9. For example. 6). this school will be awarded 0 points. All other |N − Nmin | schools whose lists contain the correct number will receive 3 · 1 − points. but three buildings are visible from the right (4. In the following Skyscrapers puzzle. [≤ 3] 21. taller buildings block the view of smaller buildings behind them. 6. 5. The school(s) with the largest correct answer will be awarded |d − dmax | 2 points. where Nmin is the 40320 size of the smallest list containing Zoe’s number that is given by a school. where dmax is the N largest correct answer given by a school. All other schools with correct answers will receive 2 · 1 − points. The last eight digits of Zoe’s credit card number are 5903 4723. and the clues on the outside of the grid indicate how many buildings can be seen when viewing the grid from that direction. (Note: no worries. 3. with N ≤ 8! = 40320. Of the schools whose lists contain Zoe’s credit card number. Zoe. As your answer to this question. 5.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [≤ 2] 20. I didn’t use your actual credit card number. The first eight digits of her number consist of the numerals 2. the school with the smallest value for N will be awarded 3 points. 7. followed by the numbers in the row marked B . if a row contained the numbers 615324. Zoe has a valid 16 digit credit card number. Consider the number N = 201320132013201320 + 201320132013201313 + 1 Provide a prime divisor d of N as your answer. Each number in the grid also represents the height of a building. 0 in some order.) [2] 22. Page 4 of 11 . 8. fill each cell of the 6 by 6 grid with a digit from 1 to 6 so that no digits repeat in a given row or column. Provide a list of N guesses for her credit card number as your answer. As in a real city. then only one building is visible from the left (6). If Zoe’s credit card number is not in a school’s list.

Name the movie and evaluate the indefinite integral. V = ct 2 u = j v qz = −1 1 A = r s sin T 2 F L = dHJ Π = c( − y y= 2q 2 −n 2 1) ∞ √ v 0 un = q 2 o = cn + s T = 2qh Q = CHJ [1 for each part] 24. The answer is YOFVHSEBR in QDOZD. Name the movie and the concept. (b) One film uses the example “ignore the blonde” to illustrate a particular concept in game theory.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [2] 23. x 2 sin x dx Page 5 of 11 . (c) This integral can be seen in a film in which the main character solves it using the tic-tac-toe method. Answer the following about math in movies: (a) This graph can be seen in a film in which the main character finds its adjacency matrix. Name the movie and calculate the determinant of the graph’s adjacency matrix.

you are attempting to catch the legendary Pok´ emon Kyogre. you throw a single standard Pok´ e Ball each turn.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [2] 25. This sleep status ailment affects Kyogre for exactly three turns before he wakes up. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Page 6 of 11 . semi-hostile alien civilization: resistance is nearly futile deduce our weapon override sequence from the facts below or perish FF0000FFFF00000000 A52A2AFF0000A52A2A EE82EEFF0000A52A2A 008000000000FF0000 FFFF00000000FFA500 FFA5004169E1FFFF00 FFA5004169E1008000 FFA500FFFFFF4169E1 FFFF00EE82EEEE82EE [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] 808080EE82EEFFFFFF Provide the override sequence as your answer and save the world. your Psyduck uses Hypnosis. Assuming that from the moment Kyogre first falls asleep. While attempting to track down and steal the centuries-old treasure of Leonhard Euler. [3] 26. Though your Psyduck lacks the PP to use Hypnosis again.5 Pok´ e Balls will be accepted. he has more than enough HP to withstand Kyogre’s attacks indefinitely. Having battled Kyogre down to 4% of its initial HP. what is the expected number of standard Pok´ e Balls necessary to capture Kyogre? Any answer with an error of at most 0. [2] 27. internationally wanted thief Carmen Sandiego finds herself in the following location. causing Kyogre to fall asleep. Researchers at SETI recently intercepted the following message sent to Earth by what appears to be an advanced. In a game of Pok´ emon Sapphire.

” you decide to play along and ask Chico: “who has a higher rank. Bradley. Douglas Adams. who always lie. Toto. What is it? (a) Lewis Carroll. One of them is a knight. The island of Logicia is inhabited by three types of people: knights. Which of the following words is the odd one out? repertoire. typewriter. there is an honor-based system of ranking. who always tell the truth. Though neither of these responses answer your initial question of “how do you do today?. Bradley: Chico is of a higher rank than Alex.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [3] 28. Mega Man. There’s a little bit of space left on this page. you receive the following cryptic responses: Alex: Bradley is of a higher rank than Chico. knights are said to be of the highest rank. John Forbes Nash. and normals. During your travels. All three have a number in common. In addition. Stanley Yelnats (f) Mitt Romney. Jackie Robinson (b) Jim Carrey. normals of middle rank. you meet three Logicians named Alex. flagfall Page 7 of 11 . Alex or Bradley?” What does Chico answer? [1] 31. Steve Martin (e) Jack Skellington. who sometimes tell the truth and sometimes lie. David Oxtoby. and one is normal. and knaves of the lowest rank. so I figure we can fit in a quick puzzle. Asano Naganori [1] 30. When you attempt to make polite conversation. and Chico. alfalfa. “Time just keeps tickin’ clockwise/ this game of life pushin’ on/ tell me when my cells get a r-r-r-reset/ how many generations ’til the second dawn?” . proprietor. Julius Caesar (c) Jay-Z. knaves.MC John Conway [1 for each part] 29. Goldfinger (d) Henry Fonda. galahad. torturous. one is a knave. Bruce Willis.

2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [3] 32. that is. Wake up. soldier! No time for lazing about and dilly-dallying at Math Boot Camp. Who’s my favorite mathematician? Page 8 of 11 . There are conjectures to be made! Proofs to be written! Now drop down and solve me fifty. fifty partial differential equations. let’s check if you’ve been paying any attention at all. And while you’re at it.

101559956668415) = nevermore f36 (68108012021675783102. b) such that f36 (a.” [2] 34.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [1 for each part] 33. the NSA has spent billions of dollars developing a new encryption technique. (a) “A point is that which has no part. 170581728179578208255) = edgarallenpoe Unfortunately for the NSA. a function known only by the codename f36 . given a few values of f36 : f36 (22. truths of this kind should be drawn from notions rather than notations.” (c) “But in our opinion. you manage to crack the code in just an hour. it’s your job to verify the efficacy of the encoding method. 46655) = cat f36 (1040453. Is it possible for white to force a checkmate? If so.” (d) “The alternation of motion is ever proportional to the motive force impressed. 60466175) = raven f36 (839608811942. b) = prettyweaknsa? Page 9 of 11 . A line is breadthless length. it is white’s turn to move. What is the unique ordered pair of integers (a. 35) = m f36 (887. when arithmetical addition is defined. Each of the following excerpts is from an important mathematical work. Over the past decade. 1679615) = math f36 (45856895. Name each work and its corresponding author(s).” (b) “From this proposition it will follow. This function takes two integers as its input and outputs the word encoded within those integers. 1295) = on f36 (15941. In the following chess puzzle. 2821109907455) = applepie f36 (66050999355866. As consulting cryptographer. that 1 + 1 = 2. what is the minimum number of turns in which white can do so? [3] 35. and is made in the direction of the right line in which that force is impressed.

his middle initial is the first letter of his father’s first name. the group only has one torch). Petrov • N. Every occurrence of the letter A represents the same unique digit. Petrov • B.M. Page 10 of 11 . 1 for parts b and c] 36. Petrov • G. Petrov • M. and Duchenka in 10 minutes.K. Petrov • K.M. None of the dots are the A digit. Adam.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [2 for part a. Petrov • N. There’s a narrow bridge across the river. that is. In Russian.N. What is the dividend of the division problem? (b) Let 1 f (n ) = 0 xn − 1 dx ln x Evaluate exp(f (3) + f (4) + f (5)). Cathy. Cathy in 5 minutes.M. the patriarch of the family has four grandsons. determine the patriarch. Petrov • K. as expected. but it only holds at most two people at a time. And. Brian can cross alone in 2 minutes. they must cross at the pace of the slower person. and Duchenka happen upon a river in the middle of the night.T. Petrov Given that every father has two sons.K. Consider the names of all the males in a Russian family: • A. the first initial is the first letter of his first name. where exp(x ) = e x . a torch must be used for each crossing (and of course. Since it’s pitch black outside. a male’s middle name is his patronymic.T.M. Every dot simply indicates a digit (dots do not necessarily represent the same digit). Petrov • N. What is the minimum amount of time in which the whole group can cross the bridge? [2] 38. and the patriarch’s grandsons have two sons each. If two people cross the bridge together.N. Brian. (c) Who is the connection between these two problems? [1] 37. (a) Each digit of the following long division has been replaced either by a dot or the letter A. Petrov • M. Petrov • T. Adam can cross the bridge alone in 1 minute.M.

Answer the following questions about the university that I attend. (d) Let S be the set of all course numbers corresponding to mathematics classes offered by my university. (a) What is the university that I attend? (b) At my university. [2] 40. The author of Cat’s Cradle received his master’s degree from my university. [1] 41. What is the largest element of S ? (e) One of the following facts about my university is false. simply provide x as your answer to this question. iv. Page 11 of 11 . The first self-sustaining nuclear reaction was conducted under the football field at my university. where does the course ’Honors Analysis in Rn ’ meet each week? (building and room number) (c) Name one of the three Fields Medalists that are currently associated with my university. The saltwater school of economics has historically been defended by economists at my university. The behavioralist approach to political science originated at my university. iii. ii.2013 FAMAT Fall Interschool Test [1 for each part] 39. Which one? i. and good luck during the x = 32 · 23 · 7 + 503 · 2 FAMAT season! To collect your free point. This is obviously necessary. Thanks for participating in the 2013 Fall Interschool.

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