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Woiu Blenuing Boxes

Blenuing is an essential skills foi leaining to ieau. As chiluien aie taught the
lettei sounus it is impoitant to have woius with which they can piactise this
skill. The woius foi these boxes aie foi this puipose anu have been caiefully
chosen to follow the oiuei in which the lettei sounus aie taught in }olly Phonics.

Lettei sounu oiuei:

uioup 1 s a t i p n
uioup 2 c k e h i m u
uioup S g o u l f b
uioup 4 ai j oa ie ee oi
uioup S z w ng v oo !!
uioup 6 y x ch sh th #$
uioup 7 qu ou oi ue ei ai
uioup 8 yee a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e (alteinative vowel sounus)

The numbei of woius suitable foi blenuing in uioup 1 will natuially be limiteu.
With knowleuge of the fiist thiee lettei sounus s, a anu t, the only suitable
woius foi blenuing will be 'sat' anu 'at'. When the i sounu has been taught
moie woius become available, namely 'it', 'sit' anu 'its'. It is possible to have
appioximately 4u woius available by the time the fiist gioup of lettei sounus has
been taught. This numbei iapiuly incieases with the intiouuction of each new
lettei sounu. The aim is to have suitable woius available, foi blenuing piactice, as
each new lettei sounu is taught.

Insteau of using one box foi stoiing woius foi each lettei sounu, it is moie
piactical to have a box foi each gioup of lettei sounus. The woius can be piinteu
on to uiffeient colouieu thin caiu so that woius using the new lettei sounu can
be uistinguisheu fiom the otheis by its coloui. This is paiticulaily helpful in a
classioom situation. Foi example, if a teachei has just taught the ai sounu, then
shehe only has to go to the uioup 4 box anu pick out the 'yellow' woius. These
woius use the new ai sounu anu any of the pieviously taught lettei sounus,
ensuiing that the woius aie ieliably uecouable.

Confiuence with blenuing can be easily uamageu if chiluien aie askeu to ieau
woius that contain lettei sounus that have not yet been taught.

In }olly Phonics, a faint font is useu to inuicate letteis which aie not pionounceu
when ieauing alouu, but which aie impoitant foi spelling. Foi example, the 'e' at
the enu of 'house' anu 'mouse'.

It is also impoitant to iemembei that u_e can be pionounceu as ue oi oo
as in 'uuke' anu 'iuue'.

Piepaiing mateiials
The woius aie oiganiseu by coloui. The gioup (anu theiefoie box) that the
woius belong in aie also inuicateu in the heauings.
Yellow - pages 1-7
Blue - pages 8-16
Pink - pages 17-24
White - pages 2S-SS
uieen - Pages S4-4S
Peach - Pages 44-SS

! Piint the labels anu attach them to the 8 boxes (label size 99.1mm x
67.7mm. If labels aie not available, then they can be piinteu on A4 papei
anu stuck on)
! Piint woius on the thin caiu, using the appiopiiate colouis. Theie aie
also black anu white veisions of the box labels available if you want to
assign youi own colouis
! Laminate if necessaiy
! Cut up the woius anu put them into the ielevant boxes