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Processors are application specific and are manufactured to accommodate any irrigation line size.

The In-Line Processor

Enhanced irrigation water

The In-Line Processor enhances irrigation water by causing the water to lose its ability to bond to itself and any foreign contaminates. The Processor does this by effectively stripping electrons from the water and foreign contaminates contained therein. Third party testing has shown that we are able to break water clusters, reduce surface tension and increase percolation by an average of 56%. The InLine Processor also neutralizes the negative effects chlorides, boron, calcium, magnesium and other waterborne foreign contaminates that are commonly known for reducing the water uptake in plants. The benefits of the In-Line Processor apply to all water qualities, soil characteristics and plant types. Naturally plants require water as a necessary ingredient to grow healthy and strong. Plants draw water up through their vascular tissue contained in roots, stems and leaves where it evaporates to the atmosphere, this is called the evapotranspiration process. This process is essential for plants to maintain temperature and optimum physiological function. Micro-nutrients in the soil can present themselves as a restriction to water uptake under normal circumstances. Processed water however easily flows around them and breaks them down into smaller micronutrients which are then transported through the root membrane and up into the plant.

Increase your profits

The amount of water necessary to achieve maximum crop yield is reduced when the In-Line Processor is used. Processed water is enhanced water that is more readily available to the plant at the time the plant needs it, reducing the overall stress on the plant. Plants irrigated with processed water are healthier higher quality plants that produce much greater yields. Additionally healthy plants are less attractive to insects as well. The yield increases our customers have reported to us of, 25 to 60% as described in our written and video testimonials available on our website are not uncommon. The typical return on investment is within the first growing season. All of the benefits described above are achieved without any outside power source, user adjustment, consumable parts, or chemicals. The In-Line Processor does not add any additional resistance to flow and is built to meet the line size and flow rate requirements of the Customer. The Eco1st In-Line Processor is backed by our Customer satisfaction guarantee and 10 year limited manufacturer warranty.

Benefits and Features

Increase crop yields Increase product quality Increase plant health Reduce leaf burn Reduce water use Reduce surface tension Increase percolation through all soil types Increase moisture in soil Increase micro nutrient uptake Eliminates the adverse effect of high salinity irrigation water Eliminates adverse effects of any foreign contaminate found in irrigation water Works with all water qualities Works with all plant types Reduces scaling and corrosion in irrigation lines and wells Cleaner sprinklers and misters Obvious reduction of insects on and around crops

No outside power source No user adjustments No consumable parts to replace No chemicals No noise, odors or emissions No additional restriction to flow Built to accommodate any line size All wetted components are high grade stainless steel Easy installation 100% satisfaction guarantee 10 year limited manufacturer warranty

Stripping electrons and increasing yields

1. Water and contaminates enter the processor bound to each other at the molecular level. 3. The irrigation water now flows (percolates) more easily down into the ground and up into the plant.

In-Line Processor

Ground rod electrons

4. Much less effort or stress is required by the plant to move processed water up into the plant structure during the evapotranspiration process. Micro nutrients become more bio-available to the plant as well.

2. The In-Line Processor breaks these molecular bonds and strips measurable volumes of electrons in the process which are sent to a dedicated ground rod.

5. Plants irrigated with processed water produce healthier crops in greater volume

8 In-Line Processor - Riverdale Potato Farms

Farmer testimonial 45% yield increase

Dear Eco1st, I am writing to share my positive experience with your amazing water processor. I am growing 1200 acres of chip potatoes in Saint Augustine, Florida. The whole farming area is battling salt water intrusion in their irrigation wells. I have two sixty five acre fields that the salinity levels have really affected the potato yields. In years past the plants would never touch in the fields. The crop would reach a point and just stop growing. I searched high and low for a solution. Having spoken with Steve in-depth and his vast knowledge on the subject, I decided to give the processors a try. The first year the processors were in line I could see a big difference in the growth process of the crop. I had an overall 45% increase in yield over the two fields. With the net gain in yield, I was able to pay for the two processors with just one of the fields. The processors have done everything that you said they would. It makes me wish that I had taken chemistry in school. Best Regards, Richard H. Jones Riverdale Potato Farm

6 In-Line Processor Blue Sky Farms

4 In-Line Processor Singleton & Sons Farms

Farmer testimonial 40% yield increase

Dear Eco1st,

My name is Steve Singleton and I grow Potatoes in Florida. I heard about the Eco1st Processor from another grower Richard Jones of Riverdale Farms whom had tried the processor the previous year and it worked great for him. I had a couple of wells that have salty water which is no good for growing potatoes. When I first heard about the Processor I was very skeptical about the product. Since I have personally used the processor I have seen 100% positive results. I got a 40% increase in yield on both fields where the two in-line processors were being used. There was unbelievable plant growth and an increase in plant health. The salt in my wells no longer affects my plants. My return on investment was in the first year. It was a very good experience working with Eco1st. The service I experienced was fantastic. I would recommend this product to every grower. STEVE SINGLETON "SINGLETON & SONS FARMS" HASTINGS, FL

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