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Anatomy of a Landfill Cover vegetation- When landfill portions are completed, grasses and shrubs that are native

e are planted. The areas are maintained as open spaces and vegetation is visually pleasing and prevents erosion of underlying soil. Top soil is used to support and maintain the growth of vegetation by retaining moisture and providing nutrients. Protective cover soil- protects landfill cap system and gives moisture retention to support the cover vegetation. Cap System: Drainage Layer- a layer of sand/gravel/thick plastic mesh called geonet drains extra precipitation from the cover soil to give stability. It is also to prevent infiltration of water through the cap system. The fabric is located on top of the drainage layer to separate solid from liquid. Geo-membrane- a thick plastic layer that prevents excess precipitation and formation of leachates. It prevents the escape of landfill gas, therefore reducing odors. Compacted clay- placed over waste to form cap when landfill reaches permitted height. Layer prevents excess precipitation, formation of leachates and reduces odor. Working landfill: Daily Cover- At the end of each working period, waste is covered with 6 to 12 inches of soil or other materials that are approved. It reduces odors and keeps litter from scattering. Waste-Waste is compacted in layers to reduce the volume in the landfill. It helps reduce odors and keeps litter from scattering. Leachate- liquid that has filtered through landfill. It consists of precipitation and small amount from natural decomposition of waste. The leachate collection system collects the leachate so it can be removed from the landfill and properly treated or disposed of. The leachate collection system: Leachate Collection Layer-A layer of sand or gravel or thick plastic to collect leachate. Filter geotextile- Located on top of the leachate collection pipe system to separate solid from liquid. Leachate Collection pipe system- Pipes surrounded by a bed of gravel transport leachate to low points called sumps. Pumps in the sumps remove leachate from the landfill and transport it to the leachate management facilities. Composite Linear System: Geo-membrane-constructed of plastic called HDPE. It is tough, impermeable and resistant to attack by compounds in leachate. Compacted clay: Located under the geo-membrane, barrier to prevent leachate from leaving landfill and entering environment. Prepared subgrade- native soils beneath the landfill are prepared as needed prior to beginning landfill construction.