ADDRESS: M-38,Thatipur Colony, Govt. NAME: Mumuksha Gupta Quarter, Thatipur ,Gwalior(M.P) DATE OF BIRTH: 24/04/1992 MOB No.

: 9755186697, 7415318551 Email : Nationality: Indian EDUCATION ● B.E. (Computer Science) Honours, Institute Of Technology & Management, ITM, Gwalior : 75.03% aggregate ● Senior Secondary School Certificate, CBSE, 2009 : 60.2% ● Secondary School Certificate, CBSE, 2007 : 71.6% ACHIEVEMENTS & EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES ● Got first prize on the Model created on Global-Warming in RKVM, Gwalior. ● Rank 2, Poetic Narration-2004, Naveen Vidya Niketan, Gwalior.

● ● ● ● ●

Rank 1, Poem Recitation Competition-2001, Model Foundation, Gwalior.

Rank 1, Exhibition Competition-2001, Model Foundation, Gwalior. Certified in C language by Le-Biz Technocrats (P) Ltd. Certified in C++ language by PS SOFTECH. Certified in C/C++ debugging contest organized at college level, conducted by HP. NCC ● Completed NCC Combined Annual Training Camp 2006-07, Gwalior. ● Completed Rock Climbing Training Camp-2006, Gwalior. ● Rank Cadet, examination held under the NCC authority, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India. POSITION OF RESPONSIBILITIES ● Negotiated in 27th National Student Convention-CSI. ● Supervised the workshop conducted by WorldKonex for HTML and PHP. ● NFS Game Coordinator in NSC events-2011,ITM University, Gwalior ● Basketball game coordinator in ITM University in 2010,Gwalior. Lead the university team. TRAINING SPECIFICATIONS  Business English Certificate (B.E.C) Preliminary Course.   15 days training programme on C, C++ by Hewlett Packard (hp) and certified with ‘A’ grade.   15 days training programme each on soft skills, RDBMS and JAVA by Hewlett Packard (hp) with ‘A+’ grade.  Got merit in Web–designing Workshop. SKILLS PROFICIENCY  Programming Languages : Good in C++ , My SQL, HTML ,website designing and knows basics of UNIX, SAP.   Minor project: ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM: Objective is to make a site in which fast voting can be done by the people  of some particular organisation, in order to save the precious time and money of organisation & people. Languages used are HTML, My SQL Server (for maintaining database), & JSP.  Major project: ONLINE MOVIE TICKET BOOKING SYSTEM : Objective is to provide the customers, a facility of  booking the movie tickets online, from anywhere and at anytime. Languages used are HTML, My SQL Server (for maintaining database) & JSP. ● Created a website on “Technology “. CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES  Seminars: Given seminar on the topics:   Java, USB Flash Drive and CGI Programming..   Brain Gate.    Workshop:    Attended workshop on HTML & Php workshop by Worldkonex company held at ITM,Gwalior and learned WEB-DESIGNING.  Attended the Workshop on “Big Data Analytics using Hadoop” at 27 National Student Convention organized by ITM University, Gwalior.

 INTERESTS & HOBBIES  Computer related problem solving.  Attending seminars.  Web Designing.  Gaining technical knowledge. . DECLARATION I hereby declare that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge.

Place: Gwalior Date:


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