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The Alternative Basque Dictionary

Ve rsion date : 1 J une 2 00 4

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"mutil hori tentelapikoa da" (that boy is stupid) tentelapiko (a) ☺ stupid NOTE To put it simple: someone who is not very intelligent. Ex..hashish NOTE Word commonly used to describe cannabis resin. o Oi zer bakea!. A despective term for homosexual men. kaka zaharra shit kosto (noun) cannabis. "Maketoak Maketonian bizi dira" (Maketos live in Maketonia).. asshole NOTE Used in anger or in jest between friends.Euskadi . m maketo{a} (noun) † spanish. "idiot". Ex. z zakila † penis zulo cunt NOTE literally "hole" . p pikutara joan (verb) go to hell popatik eman to bugger NOTE Literally: to give through the stern (the back) popatik hartu † to be buggered NOTE literal translation: to take through the srern (the back) example of usage: zoaz popatik hartzera! (bugger off!) e emagaldu{a} † bitch NOTE Literally: Lost woman..not included for obvious reasons). Harriak ere mintzo dira! Oh! quelle paix!. spanish state NOTE Simply: the place where "maketo"s (see above) live. Example of use: "Alu hori!" ("such an arsehole!") atzelari{a} (noun) † fag NOTE literal translation: one who does it from behind. marikoi{a} (noun) † fag NOTE From the Spanish "maricon".Literally "dog". Example: "Zure ama emagaldua da". spaniard NOTE Despective term used to describe someone who lives in the Spanish State (Basque Country . k kabroi{a} (noun) jerk. You are a son of a les pierres l'affirment.. Wish I had some on me now!!!!! s sasikumea (noun) † bastard NOTE When someone has done something bad to you.a alu{a} (noun) vulva. "mutil hori tentelapikoa da" (that boy is stupid) txakurra policeman NOTE Specially spanish policemen. Ex. maketonia (noun) spain. cunt NOTE Used with the meaning of "arsehole". he is a bastard sasikume horrek zera egin dit l larrua jo (verb) † to fuck t tentelapiko (a) ☺ stupid NOTE To put it simple: someone who is not very intelligent.