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Bickerton is the best school!!!! But dont just take our word for it! Why not read our version of the school prospectus? After all, we are the real experts when it comes to Bickerton School! Read on and well tell you all about it...

Our children
Here at Bickerton the children range from age 4-11 in the five different classes. Altogether we have 120 pupils in our school. There are a different number of children in each class each year and usually, there are two age groups in each class. This is how the classes are organised this year.

In Class 1 there are all the Reception children (aged 4-5) and some Year 1 children (aged 5-6),

In Class 2 there are some Year 1 children and all of the Year 2s (aged 6-7).

Class 3 has all the Year 3 children (aged 7-8) and they some Year 4 children (aged 8-9)

In Class 4, some children are in Year 4 (aged 8-9) and some are in Year 5 (aged 9-10)

And in Class 5, there are all the Year 6 children and the rest of the Year 5s.

So overall we are a pretty organised school!

Our staff We have lots of people who work at our school and theyre all really great!

Mr Sweetnam is our headteacher. He is very funny and we think he is a jolly giant!

Mrs Tudor is our deputy headteacher and she also teaches Class 1. She is full of good ideas.

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Tedham teach Class 5. Mrs Chapman teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays and she loves cooking. Mrs Tedham teaches on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. She loves music and singing. In Class 4, theres Mrs Vaughan. She always has good ideas for science investigations and art.

Mrs Boothby and Mrs Kirk teach Class 2 and they are both very friendly people.

Mrs Shone and Mrs Latham are teaching assistants and they usually work with Class 1 and 2. They are very kind and helpful.

Mrs Parsons teaches PE (Physical Education) to Class 2, 3, 4 and 5. She is a very enthusiastic and persuasive person! She also helps to keep our school clean.

Mrs Chesworth is a teaching assistant and she helps lots of children in the school. She also helps Mrs Parsons to teach PE and she helps us at lunchtime too. She is really kind. At the desk, we have our administration officer Mrs Weaver. She helps us to organise our trips and other things in school. We couldnt do without her!

Mr Innes is our caretaker and also hes one of our supervisors at lunchtime. What a busy man!

Mrs Billington also helps with school dinners and looks after us at lunchtime. She is always helpful.

Last but by no means least, we have our school cook, Mrs Jenkins. She makes the most delicious meals every day for us. She is so kind and caring. We have some other people who come in to our school sometimes. Mrs Holmes comes in on a Thursday to teach music to Classes 1 and 2. She also runs the school band. Also, we have some teachers who come into school to teach musical instruments such as the flute, guitar and piano.

Our school building

At our school, we have five classrooms and we have an infant library and a junior library. As you come in, we have an entrance hall, our secretarys desk and Mr Sweetnams office. Classes 1, 2 and 5 are in the old part of the school that has been there for a long time. Classes 3 and 4 are the new bit of the school! They were built about 14 years ago. Also, Class 2 and 3 had an extension in 2009 to make them bigger. So our school keeps getting bigger!

The local area

Our school is in the middle of beautiful countryside! We have a lot of farms around our area, so there are lots of fields and animals. Also we have a church down the road and we have an ice-cream farm nearby as well. In our village, we have a village hall where lots of clubs are held. People also have their parties there, like discos. There is a big hill which people like to walk up and this hill is called Bickerton Hill. It is owned partly by the National Trust and its on the Sandstone Trail, a popular route for walkers!

Our school grounds

At our school we have lots of places to play, including a new play area that the PTA paid for!

This is our field were we can play games like football, net and tag. The girls play Pepsi cola! (Its a song where they do handstands at the end!) We also have our sports day on the field.

This is our playground where we play netball, cricket, tennis and football.

Our nature area is where we find bugs and butterflies. It is a nice place to relax. There are benches where you can sit to admire the wildlife.

The celebration garden is a beautiful area. The infants use it a lot to play and work. Class 1 also has a canopy so they can play outside whatever the weather!

The school day

School starts at 9.00am and finishes at 3.30pm. At 10.25 we go into assembly and at 10.40, we come out and have morning break. Our lunch break starts at 12.00 and finishes at 1.00 for juniors and 1.15 for the infants. Then we have playtime at 2.15 and come in at 2.30. The infants have a playtime at 2.30. If we do a club we stay after schooi until 4.30.

At Bickerton we enjoy our lunchtimes! They are a good time to eat and catch up with our friends. We enjoy our food because they are delicious. Mrs Jenkins, the cook, is really kind and the dinner ladies and everyone works really hard to make our lunch hall a friendly place to be in. Here are some of the things we have at lunch: roast dinner, curry, pizza, toad in the hole, beef baps and lasagne and much more yummy things! At our school you can also bring your own packed lunch if youd prefer. When we are not eating, we go and play outside in the field, nature trail, or playground.

At Bickerton, we have lessons in lots of different subjects like Art, History and Geography, but we learn through topics. Usually, all the work we do is based on that topic. Each term we have a different topic, for example, this term the juniors are doing Local Lives and we are learning all about our area, for example castles and farms. Its fun! We normally have Maths and Literacy lessons in the mornings. These are often linked to the topic too. Our teachers use games, activities and the interactive whiteboard to teach us new things.

In our school, we use ICT to learn and we have lots of equipment, such as an interactive whiteboard, desktops and laptops in every class. We use the desktops and laptops for lots of things, like playing Maths games and finding information out from the internet. We also use digital cameras to take photos and Digi Blue video cameras for filming. We enjoy using these things and feel very lucky to have them!
SPORTS Our school provides lots of equipment for P.E lessons. We do athletics, gymnastics, dance and games. In the juniors, we also go swimming to Whitchurch pool. There are lots of sports events in the year, such as Sports Day and the Sportshall competition . School also organises matches against other schools for football and netball.

School Council
The school council is a group of children who have been chosen by each class to help a lot with the school. Once every half term, they meet with Mrs Boothby and they think of lots of ideas to make our school more happy and friendly. All of the councillors think of incredible ideas for the school like: Wacky Hair Day to raise money for charity Cookie Day to buy new playtime toys ..and many more! The school councillors are a really great help!

AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS Bickerton holds many after-school clubs. We will tell you about them now! FOOTBALL Football is one of the most popular sports in the school. Mrs Parsons runs this club. Mainly boys play, but also some girls play as well. In training, any one can play. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils sometimes play competitive games against other schools.

CHOIR Choir is a club in which pupils learn songs with Mrs Tedham and every year, they go to Manchester and sing the songs at the Young Voices concert in the MEN arena. GYMNASTICS Mr Sweetnam is the teacher of gymnastics club. He teaches us the 7 shapes and other amazing things.

ATHLETICS Athletics is run by Mrs Parsons our P.E. coach. We train hard to do well in competitions and we have tons of trophies to prove it!

NETBALL Netball is also run by Mrs Parsons. They are doing really well and have played in a netball tournament and some matches.

MULTI SKILLS Multi skills is run by Mark Phillips who comes in and teaches us P.E. We have loads of fun playing games and its a good exercise! BASKETBALL Basketball is also run by Mark Phillips who teaches us new skills about basketball and its really fun doing it.

MAGAZINE CLUB People attend this club to write articles about what has happened at the school for the school pap! Its run by Mrs Boothby.

School trips and residential visits

At Bickerton School we go on lots of school trips! All the day trips we go on are related to our topics. So, for example, the infants may go to the Blue Planet Aquarium if they are learning about water, Wonderland if they are doing Nursery Rhymes and Chester Zoo if their topic is Animals. The juniors go to places like Blists Hill, Speke Hall and Stapeley Water Gardens. The juniors also go on residential visits. Class 3 go on a trip to Delamere Forest and stay there for 2 nights and three days. They do lots of fun things in the wood, like den-building and orienteering. In Year 4 + 5, you go on a canoe adventure for 2 days and they camp for a night. Its lots of fun! In Year 6 you go to PGL. You stay in Herefordshire (3 hours away!) for three nights and four days doing things like abseiling, rock climbing and doing the challenge course (very muddy!). We sleep in dormitories in bunk beds and usually, we go with Malpas Alport Primary School. All the school trips we go on are absolutely brilliant!

Our school uniform is great! In the winter we wear a white shirt with our own special school tie which is navy blue with white stripes, and we can either wear a skirt with tights or we can wear navy, black or grey trousers with black shoes. In the summer, girls have the choice of either our blue school polo shirt or a blue and white checked summer dress. The girls wear the polo shirt with a skirt or trousers. The boys can also wear a polo shirt and trousers or shorts if they want. We can keep our winter shoes on or we can wear summer sandals for a change! But if you dont want to wear your summer uniform you can always stay in your winter outfit. So overall, our uniform is great and everyone loves to wear it!

Visitors to Bickerton
At Bickerton, we always have a lot of visitors who come to the school and do exciting activities with us, including art, drama, dance and science! Recently, we have done willow-weaving with a lady who helped us to make a squirrel called Sammy! We have also had people come in to do a play in a day, such as Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Links with the church.

We are a church school and every day, we have an assembly where we come together, listen to stories, sing songs and say prayers. Our vicar Canon Davenport comes into assembly on a Thursday and teaches us about God, sharing and giving. We also go to church to do an Easter service and at Christmas, there is a Christingle service and another service where we sing Christmas carols outside the church! Mothering Sunday is a great day to take your family to say thanks to your mum for everything!

The PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. They raise money for our school by holding lots of fun events. The Christmas fair is held at the start of December and it includes candyfloss and lots of great stalls. It is really fun! Easter bingo is also a lot of fun and everyone enjoys it, even the teachers! You can also win Easter eggs if you are lucky! The summer barbecue is when you can come and buy burgers and play games. All this happens after our Sports day. The money they raise helps to buy new things for the school.

At Bickerton, our parents are always very welcome in school. They can come in whenever they want, to chat to the teachers, or just to see your work. Some mums come in to help to hear readers, or work with groups of children. Once a year, we have Topic Display evening to show our work throughout the year. Its not only parents that are welcome, but anyone and everyone can come to look at the great work weve put all our effort into! We lay work on tables through the whole school and some of our work will already be on the walls of our classrooms. Its a really lovely evening

Behaviour The behaviour at Bickerton is very good. The teachers have taught us well to have good behaviour and be polite to people around the school. We treat people with respect and in the way we want to be treated. We always listen carefully. If a child has done something inappropriate or bad the teachers have to have a word with them. Most the time everyone is good and kind!

Getting on together
Everybody in the school gets along well with each other, from the little Receptions to the big Year 6s. Its especially true in the lunch hall when the Year 6 girls often get the giggles and are a bit noisy! Then, as they get told to be quiet, the teachers burst out with laughter and are 100% louder than us! At playtimes, all you can see is happy faces smiling brightly and if one or two people are crying it will be because they are hurt and their friends will be alongside them helping out! Most of the girls sit around chatting and nearly all of the boys play football. Our school is a big happy family and we love it!

Well, heres what we all think

I think Bickerton School is great because we have good equipment. I like Bickerton because there are no bullies and all the teachers are really nice! Bickerton is a great school because we have lots of different activities and opportunities. Bickerton is great because everyone is kind and we have a lot of room to play. Everyone is friendly and helpful at Bickerton! I like Bickerton because we always have lots of fun! I love Bickerton because everyone always seems to be happy! At Bickerton, everyone is kind, loving and caring. When I hurt myself, someone always comes to the rescue! I love Bickerton because if I am sad, people cheer me up. I like Bickerton because we have many lovely places to play and hang out with our friends at break, like the nature area, playground, field and climbing frame.

I think our school is beautiful! I love Bickerton because if youre sad, the teachers hug you and make you glad! I love Bickerton because everyone is so friendly and we always help each other if we are hurt. The teachers are really kind too and they always help us out in our work. I like Bickerton because of all the sport we do! I like Bickerton because there is freedom and it is deep in the countryside. I love going to Bickerton School because of all the teachers are smiley and caring. I love Bickerton because all my friends are really kind and the teachers help you if you dont understand something. Bickerton is a cheery place where I have lots of fun and play lots of football! I love Bickerton because everyone is kind and happy, the teachers are fun and all the trips are cool! I love Bickerton because when you arrive, you always feel safe and at home. I like coming to Bickerton School because the teachers are nice and treat you as they would treat their own child. Hope you enjoyed reading our prospectus! Now you know all about our school, we hope you love it as much as we do! Class 5 (Oct 2012)