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TeamLuby Update Week of February 24, 2014

Spring Street School

Mrs. Lubys class

Lowell National Historical Park
(Lowell Mills) field study forms are now
due. Please make sure your child returns it
to class on Monday if it wasnt returned
before the break. Thank you.
We had a fantastic Valentines Day
party with help from Mrs. Shimer, Mrs.
McKellar, Mrs. Samara, and, of course,
Mrs. Richardson! The children had a great
time! Thank you for the crafts and games!
The Valentines we made with our buddies
for local seniors were delivered on 2/10
and were well received! Thanks to everyone
for donating supplies! Photos on TeamLuby.
Our great Egg Drop was altered a bit
with the snow day, etc. but our four class
winners went on to a stairway drop on
Friday, and incredibly, all four survived!
Its that time of year again Fun
Fair.yes, that means the infamous tennis
can tubes went home and are due back by
2/28. If you choose not to fill it up, please
return it to school.

Our classroom Fun Fair basket theme is
Red Sox Nation! Be on the lookout for Sox
items shirts, posters, wall plaques, etc.
can be found at local sporting good and
grocery stores!

Those box tops are coming in!
Hoot is very cute!

Reminders Sneakers for PE on Tuesday;
recorders for Music on Wednesday!

Math Club TUESDAY; 8-8:30 AM more
with equivalent fractions, comparing, and
ordering fractions

Lowell Mills Field Study, Fri., 3/21/14
(Check out the videos on TeamLuby
Resources Social Studies)

Date Assigned Due Date
Pen Pal Reply 2-24 2-26
Opinion Pillar (music) 2-25 2-26
SpellingCity (prepositions) 2-24 2-28
Greek Myth (re-read and complete form)
2-26 2-27
Math TBA
Reading Comp. 2/27 2-28

Read 20 minutes each night! Choose a
differnet genre expand your horizons!

Spelling Quiz Fri., 2-28
South Region States/Capitals quiz-

Language Arts
Students have chosen their Greek
myth and will continue to explore its
characters and main events before writing
and retelling next week. We continue with
synthesizing and looking beyond the text to
come up with new understandings.


Whats your opinion? We will use the
opinion pillar to organize essays and
opinions about music and elephants before
writing our own!

Our fraction adventure continues
with adding and subtracting of fractions with
like and unlike denominators, comparing and
ordering fractions, and finding equivalent
FAMILY LETTERS can be found on-line
this year! As in past years, they contain unit
vocabulary, activities, and selected homework
answers. You can find these newsletters at:
grade/famlly-leLLers/ If you cannot access them,
please let me know.

Social Studies
This week we will complete our tour
of the Upper and Lower sub-regions of the
South and look at the effects of the warm
and sometimes unsettled climate and
extreme weather!
We continue with our Mystery State
clues and responses! Can you child make up
his/her own using resources at home?
Check out Kidblog and have your child
submit one for us to solve!

Science - from the desk of Mrs. Liporto
After vacation in science we will be
starting another Science Court case to
apply the knowledge we have learned about
simple machines. In Science Court: Work &
Simple Machines, Mr. Sludge accuses Mary
Murray of being the laziest worker at
Robocorp because she never breaks a
sweat. But is Mary lazy or just smart? The
students will become the jury in this
exciting case.
lnvenLlon ConvenLlon 3/3 [ 9:13am
(SLudenLs should be prepared wlLh Lhelr
lnvenLlons, posLers, and commerclal

Class Tidbits!

Happy Birthday

Jackson Pride 2-25

Art: Monday, 9:15-9:55 AM
Physical Education: Tues., 10:45 11:25 AM
Music, Wed, 11:25 12:05 PM
Health: Thursday, 10:45 11:25 AM
Chorus: Friday 10:00-10:40 AM
Media: Every other Wed. 9:10-9:30 AM
As always, your comments are welcome.
Please drop me an e-mail at school or at
Barbara Luby