I Read the text and answer the questions: ‘Avatar’ Pro and Contra Avatar isn‟t a perfect film

- and a few clichés short of a great one - but at its best, you'll leave the theatre feeling puny and dazed. Once again, like Titanic, Cameron made a monumental feast for the eyes. Once again, it features an epic length and a lot of corny dialogue. Once again, according to some reports, the result is the costliest movie ever made. Exploiting the newest of 3-D technologies, "Avatar" tells the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a paralyzed marine who drives the avatar, is off and running through a incredible extra-terrestrial landscape. Avatar shows that James Cameron is truly one of his generation's finest directors. Not only has he mastered visual effects, animation, and 3-D to stunning effect, but he can always create plots and characters that are engaging, deep, and sympathetic. Avatar is an absolutely stunning movie, and is the realization of the entire decade of movies striving towards perfect visuals. Avatar is miraculous entertainment. It is positive, uplifting, entertaining, and down-right awe-inspiring. However, it is not for all kids. Violence is, for the most part, constant but non-graphic. However, there are several emotionally harrowing scenes that come towards the climax of the film that show the demise of major characters. The villain is menacing, but not scary. The movie plays up loyalty and sacrifice while condemning war and violence. While there are plenty of villains, all of the central characters are excellent role models. Avatar is a must-see movie. CONTRA While there are certain technical effects in James Cameron‟s Avatar that aren‟t quite like anything we‟ve ever seen before, the movie is hardly a historical event, or a grand achievement. It is a very expensive - way he films it, looks an awful lot like a Beverly Hills yoga class. In the last third, when the tanks and helicopters start moving in, the picture begins to look more and more like a sophisticated computer game. Weaver stumbles through the picture‟s cartoony dialogue. At one point the tough Marine, annoyed by the fact that the Na‟vi won‟t just hand over their sacred land, barks, “We will fight terror with terror.” It‟s sub comic -book like dialogue. The actors don‟t live in the movie so much as drift through it like zombies — they seem to know, subconsciously, that in Cameron‟s grand vision, they‟re obsolete. Avatar isn‟t about actor or characters or even about story; it‟s about special effects, which is fine as far as it goes. Bu t for a movie that stresses how important it is for us to stay connected with nature, Avatar is peculiarly bloodless.

2. Give three negative characteristics of the film: _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 3. I ________________ (not finish) my homework yet. Look! The baby ________________ (walk) I _________________(live) here for 10 years. IV Put the following sentences into the correct verb form to describe FUTURE ASPECT: V Fill in the table with appropriate British English expressions for the given American ones: British English Elevator Bill Movie Cab French fries American English 2 . HOLY ____________. 3. The boys _______________ (playing) while Jack ______________ (read) the papers. Tom forgot that he ______________ (leave) his wallet at home. 4. 3. Jim often ___________ (go) to school by bus but today he ___________(go) by taxi. 3. 1. MOST EXPENSIVE ___________. I _______________ (not like) standing in the rain. The II World War _____________ (break) out in 1939. 4. What genre is the film „Avatar‟? ___________________________________________ 4.1. The train for London _________________ (leave) at 4 pm. Who is the director of the film? ___________________________________________ 5. Give three positive characteristics of the film:________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 2. III Put the following sentences into the correct verb form to describe PAST ASPECT: 1. B: I _______________ (bring) you an aspirin. Find the synonyms for the following expressions in the text: CONFUSED _________. II Put the following sentences into the correct verb form to describe PRESENT ASPECT: 1. 4. Look at the clouds! It __________________ (rain). 2. We _________ the job ________________ (finish) by 8 o‟clock tomorrow. 2. 5. Jimmy _______________ (buy) a new car. FILM _____________. A: I have a headache. AMAZING _____________.

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