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1775 K ST NW # 400 WASHINGTON D.C, 20006-1500, UNITED STATES

Dear Beneficiary,

IRREVOCABLE PAYMENT ORDER VIA ATM CARD The United Nation secretary general has actually authorized the governing body of the UNITED NATIONS onetary Unit, to investigate the unnecessary delay on your !ay"ent, reco""ended and a!!roved in your favor# During the course of our investigation, $e discovered $ith dis"ay that corru!t officials of the Ban% $ho are Trying to divert your funds into their !rivate accounts have unnecessarily delayed your !ay"ent# This is to officially infor" you that $e have verified your contract &inheritance&'ining file and found out $hy you have not received your !ay"ent# 'e have been infor"ed that you are still dealing $ith none officials&e()staff of the ban%s, $hich "ade your entire atte"!t to secure the release of your fund to you, !roves abortive# *lease %no$ that all this !eo!le you are dealing $ith are no longer $or%ing $ith the Ban% any"ore, the UN have investigated that the $ere dis"issed for corru!t "isconduct, TA+E NOTE 'e $ish to advise you that such illegal act li%e this have to be sto!!ed by you, if you $ish to receive your !ay"ent since $e have decided to bring a solution to your !roble" To forestall this, security for your funds $as organized in the for" of your !ersonal Identification nu"ber ,*IN- AT .A/D and this $ill enable only you to have direct .ontrol over your funds in the AT .A/D# 'e $ill "onitor this !ay"ent ourselves to avoid the ho!eless situation created by the Officials of the ban%# The 'orld Ban% 0rou! and the International onetary 1und ,I 1- on your *ay"ent have issued an irrevocable !ay"ent guarantee# 2o$ever, $e are ha!!y to infor" you that based on our reco""endation&Instructions, your co"!lete Winning/Inheritance funds have been credited in your favor through AT 3ISA .A/D# 4ou are therefore advice to contact5

MR. THEO MOGOROSI Director ATM Payment Department (United Nation Special Payment Envoy !ontact Email" Direct O##ice line$" %&'(')&*&+,,& .ontact hi" no$ for the delivery of your AT .ard# As soon as you establish a contact $ith hi", an AT card $ill be issued to you i""ediately $hich you can use to $ithdra$ your funds in any Ban% AT achine in your .ountry, but the "a(i"u" is BP!"#$###%## E&ui'a(ent in )*ur (*ca( currenc) !er day# So if you li%e to receive your funds through this "eans you6re advised to contact +MR. THEO MOGOROSI- $ith the follo$ing infor"ation as stated belo$5 "% Y*ur ,u(( Na-e. /% Address Where Y*u Want the C*urier C*-0an) t* 1end Y*ur ATM Card 2% C*0) *f )*ur Pass0*rt 3% Date *f Birth 4% 1e5$ Age 6% C*untr) *f Residence 7% Occu0ati*n. 8% Ce((/M*9i(e Nu-9er. NOTE. 4ou are advised to furnish MR. THEO MOGOROSI $ith your correct and valid details# Also be infor"ed that the a"ount to be !aid to you no$ is + BP!"$###$###%##: One Mi((i*n British P*unds 1ter(ing *n():# 'e e(!ect your urgent res!onse to this e"ail to enable us "onitor this !ay"ent effectively thereby "a%ing contact $ith MR. THEO MOGOROSI as directed to avoid further delay# 'e are sorry for $hat you "ust have !assed through all this .ongratulations# DR% EDWARD TRIBICA C*-0ensati*n c*--ittee Direct*r onths in trying to secure this funds