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-NoiBy MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI -Nominee, Nobel Peace Prize nee, Nobel Peace Prize

February 10, 2014 February 10, 2014 U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s latest push for a resolution between Israel and the Palestinians is based on a two-state solution. Palestinian legislator and peace activist Mustafa arghouti argues that Israel is under!ining the

fulfill!ent of any peaceful solution by failing to respect Palestinian rights. As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry tries to move toward a resolution of the Israeli– Palestinian conflict, the process is hampered by unilateral moves and new demands from the Israeli side. he result is that international law, a !lobal consensus, and Palestinian ri!hts are bein! increasin!ly usurped by what is indistin!uishable from Israeli interests and ambitions. he first problem with Kerry"s emer!in! framewor# is that it does not propose a solution. Kerry proposes new terms of reference, new interim periods, and the opportunity for both sides to $e%press their reservations.& An e%tension of ne!otiations means an e%tension of the status 'uo, but the status 'uo is not static. It is deterioratin! on a daily basis, with each new ille!al Israeli settlement on occupied Palestinian land, and with each new demolition of Palestinian homes and livelihoods.

IF THIS IS THE FRAME- WORK, THEN WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT A PALESTIN- IAN STATE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT !IS"OINTE! PALESTIN- IAN BANTU- STANS Since ne!otiations resumed last July, Israel has initiated the construction of (),))) new ille!al units and increased its settlement e%pansion rate by (*+ percent. It has also made hundreds of Palestinians homeless by destroyin! entire communities, from ,ast Jerusalem to the Jordan -alley. If lea#ed details of Kerry"s framewor# are true, new demands from the Israelis have the potential to scuttle Palestinian ri!hts rather than accommodate them. .eferences to respectin! Palestinian $aspirations& for a capital in Jerusalem, for instance, combined with Israeli Prime /inister 0en1amin 2etanyahu"s refusal to relin'uish soverei!nty over the holy city, su!!est that Palestinians are bein! set up to plant a fla! in a remote nei!hborhood on the outs#irts, contrary to all international conventions that reco!ni3e ,ast Jerusalem as occupied Palestinian territory. hen there is the new insistence that Palestinians formally reco!ni3e Israel $as a Jewish state.& he Palestine 4iberation 5r!ani3ation 6P457 reco!ni3ed the state of Israel more than +( years a!o, and the Palestinian Authority has reco!ni3ed and cooperated with the state of Israel for many years. Israel, however, has never reco!ni3ed a Palestinian state, and is now pushin! the !oal lines further down the field with this unprecedented demand. 2o such demand was made to ,!ypt or Jordan when they si!ned their peace a!reements with Israel. 2o such demand was made to other countries that have reco!ni3ed Israel. /oreover, one in five Israelis is not Jewish, and every modern democratic state should be a state for all its citi3ens, re!ardless of their ethnicity or creed. his unacceptable proposition would foreclose the internationally reco!ni3ed ri!ht of return of the Palestinian refu!ees. he demand, in other words, is nothin! but a maneuver to obstruct any

movement forward by presentin! the Palestinian side with an impossible choice. In addition, the Israeli position indicates that 8) percent of the settlers on the 9est 0an# would remain in place, alon! with the Palestinian land they have ille!ally confiscated. hese settlements include some of the most fertile land in the 9est 0an# and up to :) percent of the water resources. Such losses can"t be recuperated throu!h $mutual land swaps.& .etainin! the settlement blocs le!itimi3es what is ille!itimate and fractures the Palestinian state. here is also tal# of maintainin! an Israeli security presence on the borders, Israeli control of all passa!es into and out of the Palestinian state, and Israeli control of Palestinian airspace and the electroma!netic spectrum. If this is the framewor#, then we are not tal#in! about a Palestinian state. 9e are tal#in! about dis1ointed Palestinian 0antustans. WITH ALL !UE RESPE#T FOR HIS !ETERMINA- TION AN! THE THOUSAN!S OF MILES HE HAS TRA$ELE!, KERR% IS ALLOWING THE PROSPE#TS FOR PEA#E TO #OLLAPSE 9ith all due respect for his determination and the thousands of miles he has traveled, Kerry is allowin! the prospects for peace to collapse. hese convoluted and manipulative framewor#s will not do. he solution is simple and uncontroversial. ;onsistent with world opinion, international law, United 2ations resolutions, and statements of the International ;ourt of Justice, Israel should withdraw from the territories it occupied in (8<=. he 9est 0an# and the >a3a Strip, constitutin! 1ust ++ percent of historic Palestine, should form the Palestinian state, with ,ast Jerusalem as its capital. 5n this basis, a soverei!n Palestinian state would barely be viable – but it would be viable nonetheless. 9hile diplomats wran!le, maneuver, and delay, Palestinians and concerned citi3ens around the world have mobili3ed at the !rassroots level, presentin! the international community and the P45 leadership with a concrete and practical model for advancin! a sustainable and 1ust peace.

he 0oycott, ?ivestment, and Sanctions 60?S7 movement has levera!ed increasin! pressure from below on !overnments and corporations to demand that Israel live up to its international obli!ations and respect Palestinian ri!hts. /ost recently, in the heart of the occupied Jordan -alley and in response to lea#ed reports that Israel intends to maintain its army presence here for years or decades to come, volunteers from across the 9est 0an# have launched a new campai!n called $Salt of the ,arth,& a nonviolent direct action aimed at reclaimin! and revitali3in! our lost lands. 5n @ebruary (, we moved into the ancient villa!e of ,in Ai1leh, which was depopulated in (8<= with the onset of the occupation. In the face of Israeli harassment and bloc#ades, we be!an restorin! the buildin!s and the land so that Palestinians can once a!ain en1oy the valley and the ?ead Sea. 5ur creative action counters Israel"s ille!al settlement policies with a constructive Palestinian presence on the !round. hese !lobal and local models of popular nonviolent resistance unveil the faBade of the emer!in! Kerry framewor#. If international pressure is not brou!ht to bear on Israel at this 1uncture, the system of discrimination and apartheid will be reinforced and imposed on future !enerations.

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