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Liverpool Trades Council & Liverpool Against the Cuts

Call on the people of Liverpool to fight for our services and protest against the brutal Council CUTS

5 March 4.30pm Town Hall, Dale Street

Bring your families and neighbours, bring your banners and placards, and lets tell LCC that we have one message NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS NO CUTS

Let us build a national movement against the attacks on our services

On the 5 March a full meeting of Liverpool City Council will agree where the latest raft of cuts will fall, knowing that they will continue cutting services and jobs for another 2 years at least, possibly until no public services exist. On top of this government attacks on benefits continue, making life unbearably difficult for the disabled and most needy, and leading to destruction of our communities.

50% CUT TO ALL DISCRETIONARY SERVICES 25% CUT TO ALL MANDATORY SERVICES 42m cut from Adult Social Care budget over the next three years.; to significantly cut the number of day centres. 16m cut from Childrens Services; significantly cutting the number of council Children Centres. Ending of lolly-pop women/men

500,000 cut from library services each year (on top of 1m agreed cut last year) significantly cutting libraries by 25% 4m cut from Lifestyle Centres, which will see Park Road and Everton Park centres close, beginning with swimming pools closing. Further devastation of the voluntary sector with many job losses Loss of 300 council jobs including compulsory redundancies

We are seeing fundamental services being cut to the bone, including the elimination of a benefit safety net, extremely high levels of food and fuel poverty and growing - with over 500,00 pauperised into using food-banks since April 2013. Far more is being cut which is totally decimating our communities. Cameron has justified all of this by telling us that Britain was almost bankrupt. So when Cameron, reacting to the flooding crises, says that money is no object into this relief effort and that we are a wealthy country, we have a growing economy... we have to ask ourselves what has changed? Who is the economy growing for? Because we also continue to hear that austerity is not a temporary measure, it will be in place permanently. Yes, there is money to be made from the services that are being stripped from public ownership and into private hands whose only motivation is profit and greed. But the poor, the needy and the disabled will be the ones who continue to suffer while the profiteers scoop up their plunder. But do they think that we have forgotten that public services and welfare benefit belong to us, they been paid for by the working class through taxes and National Insurance payments to secure/insure our futures when difficult times may arise such as illness, disability,

unemployment or retirement. Public money is our money not government money. Mayor Joe Anderson says that things must be done differently, what did he mean? Privatise? Use unpaid labour? Anderson also says that LCC must prioritise its priorities. We are telling him that LCC priorities should be our communities, our vulnerable, our young people, our jobs, our services However, when a businessman like Mark Fletcher-Brown, who is paid 650 a day by Mayor Anderson, argues for Camerons policy of shrinking the state, which in reality means cut services and jobs and privatise, we have to question what the Mayors priorities are.
Let us stand together and force our councillors to vote against these cuts. Our unions and community groups must join together and build the fight to stop the onslaught on our services and our communities. We want dignity not foodbanks

We are demanding that councillors vote against and refuse to implement ConDem cuts on 5 March. Contact your councillor to say either vote against the cuts and defend services and jobs or they will have to make way for those who will. There is an alternative which can begin by using spending reserves, by borrowing money and most importantly by building a national movement and saying a loud and clear NO to this government.

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