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Was Jinnah Killed?

Dr. Irfan Zafar (The writer is a social activist and can be reached at

It was July 26, 1948, Mr. Jinnahs flight to Ziarat (Quetta). Neither the destination nor the identity of Mr. Jinnah was disclosed to any of the flying crew except the captain of the plane. The flight was kept a secret till the last minute. Khawaja Nazimuddin, the President of the Muslim League had come to see off Quaid-eAzam at Mauripur (now Masrur) airfield which was also the first Air Headquarter building of the Pakistan Air Force. In a temporary arrangement white bed sheets had been hung up on either side of the door. All necessary measures were taken to conceal the identity of the ailing Mr. Jinnah. The hanging of the white bed sheets was so designed to provide access to the ambulance between the make shift screen and the entrance. Employment of utmost secrecy was surprising, keeping in view the condition of Mr. Jinnah. Mr. Jinnah boarded the aircraft without any ceremony or lack of proper observance of protocol. With the exception of a few ground personnel, not even a single Officer was present to see the Quaid's last flight to Quetta. Mr. Jinnah was lying on a stretcher in the passenger cabin surrounded by his medical attendants and personal staff. On arrival at Quetta, the same kinds of arrangements were provided for Mr. Jinnah. As soon as the aircraft landed, a screen was placed on either side of the ambulance which rushed to the entrance and Jinnah was taken to Ziarat. Secrecy of Jinnah's flight to Quetta and lack of protocol was never explained to the public. Wing Commander S.M. Ahmad who was the second pilot of this flight was witness to these events (Remains of the Past, Interview with S.M. Ahmad 1995). Later Col. Illahi Bakhsh was called at Ziarat by Mohterma Fatima Jinnah who examined the Quaid. Next morning Civil Surgeon Quetta Dr. Siddiqui and Dr. Mehmood clinical pathologist arrived with all the equipment and carried out the Laboratory investigations and found the sputum to be positive for Tubercle Bacilli. Subsequently Dr. Riaz Ali Shah, S.S Alam and Dr. Ghulam Muhammad were summoned from Lahore who arrived with portable x-ray etc. Dr. Ghulam Muhammad confirmed the Laboratory findings while x-rays showed extensive damage to the lungs. His treatment started. A nurse Phyllis Dunham from Quetta was engaged. August 13th 1948, Quaid-e-Azam was moved from Ziarat to Quetta. Quaid-eAzams condition worsened on 7th Sept. The nurse reported that Quaid was Website: Blog:


restless and that oxygen was being given whenever the restlessness increased. After the oxygen inhalation he would sleep for an hour or so. September 11, 1948, they started from Quetta in Governor Generals Viking for Karachi. On the way he was given oxygen by Miss. Jinnah and Illahi Bukhsh alternatively. They arrived at the Mauri-pur (now Masrur) Aerodrome at 4.15 p.m. When on last breath, he was motored seventy mile over mountains and flown to Karachi. On the way back the ambulance got stalled in the foul smelling area of Keamari, inhabited by the fishermen for drying fish in the sun. Another ambulance was brought from Malir by Col. Geoffrey Knowles, Quaids Military Secretary. The ambulance came too late. They reached their destination at 6:10 PM. Col. Illahi Bakhsh was summoned to Quaid-e-Azams house at 9.15 when his condition worsened. Dr. Mistry and Dr. Shah also reached there. They gave him injections. Sir, we have given you an injection to strengthen you, God willing you are going to live. The Quaid shock his head and said faintly No I am not. These were the last words before he died at 10.20 PM. However historians owe it to our next generations to write the truth and the events of history in its true sense. Historical truths have often been suppressed to save faces. We as a nation owe it to our great leader Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to come up with the explanation of events taking place during the last few months of his life. The Quaid-e-Azam is no more. He lived so that Pakistan may come into being. He died so that Pakistan may live.

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