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Ethics Question: Is it Ethical to Disclose Classified Information or Not? The answer lies in the indecisive Yes, but No !

Classified information, b" nature, is onl" su##osed to be seen b" the $iver of the information and as well as its chronicler In that circumstance, it would be safe to conclude that it classified information be not disclosed with third #arties %owever, this is not alwa"s the case&as is often in a realistic settin$, where set rules and $uidelines ma" be harder to a##l" in some different cases Ethics, then, becomes a much harder conce#t to a##l" when a #roblem be$ins to $row its own com#le'ities (n e'am#le of a com#le' ethical situation would be in the case of a $overnment a$ent e'tractin$ classified information from a )nown terrorist The information obtained from the latter ma" be of national im#ort, and thus, ma" directl" affect the lives of a $reat million&does the rule of non*disclosure of classified information, based on ethics, still a##l"? Es#eciall" when the disclosure of that #articular classified information levera$e a$ainst the lives of man" others? +eal life, as touched u#on #reviousl", is always amor#hous (n" $uideline we would wish to im#ose u#on it, should be fle'ible&and this includes the seemin$l" sim#le ,uestion of whether it is ethical to disclose classified information or not (nother #oint of contention that can be made favourin$ silence when dealin$ with classified information can be hi$hli$hted throu$h an e'am#le of a school $uidance counsellor and a student The information offered b" the student to the $uidance counsellor is solel" for the benefit of the student The $uidance counsellor is bound -b" law. to )ee# secret all information disclosed to him, such that his disclosure will lead to the direct ill to be received b" the student The decision in disclosin$ classified information, all in all, is a $re"*area that be$s reflection It re,uires an ethical facet u#on the #erson ma)in$ that decision to ma)e a decision that he believes to be an ethical one It should be made in consideration of whom the decision will affect, whether #ositivel" or ne$ativel", and as towards the de$ree of seriousness the nature of the information has be$otten To e'tract a rule of $eneralit", however, we can infer from the man" rules $atherin$ non* disclosure of sensitive information -attorne"*client #rivile$e, doctor/s confidentialit" a$reement, and even #act of silence b" confessors. that societ" wishes to )ee# hidden thin$s that are shared in confidence that the" will not be shared, that societ" believe it ethical to not disclose classified information&cou#led with a lar$e number of e'ce#tions