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1.0 Course Management: Credit Hours: Lecture: Lab: URL: emester: %rere&uisite: Lectures: Lab: 3 2 hours/week 2 hours/week !an 2"#$ tructured %rogramming 'hursday #2:"" pm ( "2:"" pm )enue: "#*"2*"2 +onday "-."" am ( #"."" am )enue: .d/ %rog. Lab 000 'uesday "2:"" pm ( "$:"" pm )enue: .d/ %rog. Lab 000 ,riday "-."" am ( #"."" am )enue: .d/ %rog. Lab 000 Lecturer: aipunid3am +ahamad 122ice: "#*"3*"e*mail: 'elephone: "6 ( 37-8$"Lecturer: 9r u3iah ulaiman 122ice: "#*"3*3" e*mail: 'elephone: "6 ( 37-8$#6 ':. ;ednesday 2:""pm ( "6:"" pm


'utor: e*mail: Consultation Hours: 2.0 Course o !e"t#$e:

1n completion o2 this course a student should be able to: #. 9escribe what operating systems are and what they do. 2. 9escribe the concepts used in the design and implementation o2 operating systems. 3. <=plain issues and techni&ues o2 resource management and protection $. Compare the suitability o2 choosing an operating system 2or a certain en/ironment. 3.0 Course s%no&s#s: 'his course is intended to pro/ide with an understanding o2 the concepts relating to the design and implementation o2 the computer operating systems. '.0 Te(t ) Re*eren"es: 1. 2. 3. Understanding Operating Systems I+a M. ,-%nn ) Ann M"I$er M".oes/ 0t1 E+#t#on/ 2011. T1omson 2earn#ng.. Operating System Concepts .braham ilberschat3> %eter : ?al/in> -th <dition> 2"#"> !ohn ;iley

3.0 Course Out-#ne

4ee5 #

,rom #3/"#

To #8/"#

To&#"s Intro+u"t#on to ) ,un+amenta- o* O&erat#ng S%stems Computer ystem Components 1perating ystem Components +achine Hardware 'ypes o2 1perating ystems * 1perating ystems 9e/elopment Pro"essor Management - !ob cheduling )s %rocess cheduling - %rocess cheduler Pro"essor Management - %rocess cheduling %olicies - %rocess cheduling .lgorithms Pro"ess Management - Cases o2 deadlock - Conditions o2 deadlock - +odelling o2 deadlock trategies o2 handling deadlock tar/ation Con"urrent Pro"esses - %arallel %rocessing - +ultiprocessing Con2igurations - %rocess ynchroni3ation o2tware - %rocess Cooperation 9e$#"e Management ystem 9e/ices e&uential .ccess torage +edia - 9irect .ccess torage 9e/ices - Components o2 0/1 ubsystem - Communication .mong 9e/ices - +anagement o2 0/1 Re&uests Test 1

Remar5s Chapter # %H:#$/"# @ #8/"#

2a Ao Lab



Chapter $

Ao Lab



Chapter $ 67I8 1 %H: 3"* 3#/"# Chapter 6

0ntroduction to Red Hat Linu=



0ntroduction to ;indows



Chapter 7 67I8 2

Linu= %rocessor +anagement



Chapter 8

;indows %rocessor +anagement



9ate: 2:;02;1' 12<2&m Chapter 2



Memor% Management - +emory .llocation - +emory %rotection - +emory +anagement> <arly ystem ingle*User Contiguous cheme - ,i=ed %artition - 9ynamic %artition To&#"s Memor% Management/ Ear-% S%stem - :est*,it /ersus ,irst*,it - 9eallocation

Linu= @ ;indows +emory +anagement hell %rompt :asic

4ee5 B

,rom #"/"3

To #$/"3

Remar5s Chapter 2 67I8 3

2a +ore on shell prompt

#8/"3 #" 2#/"3

Relocatable 9ynamic %artition tar/ation Chapter 3 o2tware 9e/elopment in Linu=










Memor% Management/ Re"ent S%stem wapping - %aged +emory .llocation - 9emand %aged +emory .llocation - %age Replacement %olicies C,0,1> LRU> 1%'D egmentation egmented +emory .llocation egmented/9emand %aged +emory .llocation - )irtual +emory ,#-e Management - 'he ,ile +anager - 0nteracting with the ,ile +anager - ,ile 1rganisation - %hysical torage .llocation - 9ata Compression - .ccess +ethod - Le/els in a ,ile +anagement ystem - .ccess Control )eri2ication +odule ,#-e Management - 9ata Compression - .ccess +ethod - Le/els in a ,ile +anagement ystem - .ccess Control )eri2ication +odule Test 2

Chapter 67I8 '

Linu= 9e/ice +anagement

Chapter -

;indows 9e/ice +anagement

9ate: 10;0';1' 12<2&m Chapter #2 %H:#-/"$

Linu= @ ;indows ,ile +anagement +anipulating ,iles> ,ile 1wnership @ %ermissions




#6 #7

#B/"$ 2$/"$

23/"$ "$/"6

S%stem Management - </aluating an 1perating ystem ystem ecurity - +easuring ystem %er2ormance - .ccounting Stu+% 4ee5 ,INA2 E=AMINATION

Goo+ 2u"5>

0.0 Assessment: 'est # 'est 2 Lab ;ork/Fui33es C$D ?roup %roGect ,inal <=am #6E #6E 2"E #"E $"E

Gra+#ng S"a-e -6 * #"" -" * -$ 86 * 8B 76 * 8$ 66 ( 7$ . .* :H : CH $."" 3.86 3.6" 3."" 2.6" 6" * 6$ $6 * $B $" * $$ " * 3B C 9H 9 , 2."" #.6" #."" ".""

:.0 Po-#"#es an+ Pro"e+ure: 8.# 'o pass the subGect> the students are re&uired to complete all 2orms o2 assessment and must demonstrate a reasonable degree o2 competence in the re&uired subGect obGecti/es as e=amined in each 2orm o2 assessment. 8.2 tudents may work together in researching their assignments but 2inal submission must re2lect the work and original contribution o2 each indi/idual student. 8.3 .ny academic dishonesty will dealt with uni/ersity rules and regulations as stated in the tudent Handbook. 9ishonest assignments include: 8.3.# 9eliberately copying or attempting to copy the work o2 other students 8.3.2 Use o2 or attempting to use in2ormation prohibited 2rom use 8.3.3 ubmitting the work o2 another as your own 8.3.$ Re*submitting the work that has been submitted 2or assessment 2rom other courses 8.3.6 %lagiarism Ci.e. taking and using as your own the thoughts and writings o2 another with the intent to claim the work as your ownD 8.3.7 tudents who been caught copying or allow other student to copy will be treated as guilty to plagiarism and will be penali3ed 2or their action. 8.$ .ssignments @ %roGect 8.$.# .ll submissions 2or assessment must be word*processed. 8.$.2 tudents must be able to produce a copy o2 all work submitted i2 so re&uested. 8.$.3 .ssignments submitted without clear in2ormation such as student name> subGect> id number> tutorial group number and/or tutor identi2ication will A1' be assessed. 8.$.$ .ssignments recei/ed by ,a= or <mail will A1' be assessed. 8.$.6 .ssignments/proGect without the certi2ication o2 originality will NOT be assessed. 8.$.7 .ssignments that been submitted in computer disks must only contain related 2ileCsD to that assignments/proGect. 9isks that contain irrele/ant 2ileCsD will NOT be assessed. 9isk that contain incorrect 2ile name which been ad/ised by the subGect instructor will NOT be assessed. 8.$.8 .ssignments/proGect must be submitted by the due date and time. <=tension may be granted on e=ceptional circumstances :<,1R< the due date. 8.$..ssignments/proGect submitted a2ter the due date and time> without an authori3ed e=tension> will be penali3ed as 2ollows: # day late * #"E o2 marks are deducted 2 days late * 3"E o2 marks are deducted 3 days late * 6"E o2 marks are deducted I $ days ( is considered 2ailed 2or that particular assessment. 8.$.B .ll assignment/proGect scores will be posted on the course e*learning site 2or re/iew. .ny comments and complaints on the posted score must be 2orwarded to the course instructor within ONE week. .ny complaints a2ter the gi/en duration will NOT be attended. 8.6 .ttendance 8.6.# .ttend all scheduled classes. .n attendance sheet is passed each day and it is studentJs responsibility to ensure their name is on it. 8.6.2 tudents who absent 2or three consecuti/e lecture session will be barred 2rom sitting the ,inal e=am. 8.7 'est 8.7.# .ll tests are administered on the scheduled date. 02 you miss a test> contact the instructor prior to the test time> unless there are truly e=tenuating circumstances.

'o take a make*up test> o22icial written documentation Csick certi2ication> etcD 2or your absence on test must be presented to the instructor on the ne=t scheduled class. 'he make*up test is an oral e=amination. 8.8 Certi2ication o2 1riginality CC1D ( tudents must attach the 2ollowing certi2ication o2 originality CC1D on the 2ront page 2or all the submitted works 2or assessment. <ach indi/idual in/ol/ed in the assignment or proGect must initial the C1. ubmission without the C1 will NOT be assessed. C<R'0,0C.'01A 1, 1R0?0A.L0'K 'his is to certi2y that 0 am responsible 2or the work submitted in this proGect/assignment> that the original work is my own e=cept as speci2ied in the re2erences and acknowledgements> and that the original work contained herein ha/e not been undertaken or done by unspeci2ied sources or persons. 44444444444444444444444444 C 'U9<A'#Js A.+<D 44444444444444444444444444 C 'U9<A'2Js A.+<D 44444444444444444444 C 'U9<A'#Js 0?A.'UR<D 444444444444444444444 C 'U9<A'2Js 0?A.'UR<D