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How to protect oneself from Haraam acts: Mujaddid Alf al Thani

By Mujaddid Alf al-Thani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi R.A. [Summary: The Mujaddid explains that spiritual progress is possi le only through !ara" and ta#!a. $e enjoins us to %ease from more than the ne%essary mu ah &permissi le things'( or at least to refrain from the haram &prohi ited things' and to %ut do!n on the mu ahs.) *Allah ta"ala de%lares in the se+enth ayat of Surat-ul-$ashr: *Take and o ey the %ommands !hi%h My Messenger has rought for you, Refrain from !hat he has prohi ited,As it is seen( t!o things are ne%essary for es%aping the disasters in the !orld and the torments of $ell in the next !orld: hold fast to the %ommands( and a stain from the prohi itions, .f these t!o( the greater one( the more ne%essary one is the se%ond one( !hi%h is %alled !ara" and ta#!a. /mportan%e of 0ara1 and Ta#!a: /n the presen%e of Rasulullah *sall-Allahu 2alaihi !a sallam" it !as mentioned that a person performs a lot of a%ts of !orship and struggles hard for it. 0hile another person diligently a stains from !hat is prohi ited. $e &SA0S' stated( *3othing %an e like !ara".- That is( he said that it !as more +alua le to a stain from the prohi itions than to perform more na!afil &supererogatory !orship'. /n a hadith he stated( *0ara" is the pillar of din.- Man"s e%oming superior to angels is due to !ara" and their progress( e%oming exalted( is( again( o!ing to !ara". Angels also o ey the %ommands. But angels %annot make progress. Therefore( holding fast to !ara" and ha+ing ta#!a is more ne%essary than anything else. /n /slam the most +alua le thing is ta#!a. The asis of the religion is ta#!a. 0hat is 0ara1 and Ta#!a 4 $o! to a%#uire them: 0ara" and ta#!a means to refrain from the haram. /n order to e a le to refrain from the haram a%ts entirely( it is ne%essary to refrain from the more than ne%essary mu ahs &unne%essary ut innately permissi le things'. 0ara1 & 'is also lea+ing something that is halal( out of fear that it may harm you in the aakhira. $adhrat A dullah i n 5mar &R.A.' said */ like to put a arrier of halal et!een me and that !hi%h is haram( and / do not reak this arrier- i.e. he !ould a+oid some halal a%tions so that he ensures he does not fall into haram. 0e should use the mu ahs only as mu%h as ne%essary. /f a person does !hate+er he likes !ith the mu ahs( that is( !ith the things !hi%h the Shariat has permitted( and if he uses the mu ahs ex%eedingly( he !ill egin to do !hat is dou tful. And the dou tful are %lose to those things that are haram. Man"s nafs( like a east( is greedy. $e !ho !alks around an a yss may fall do!n into the a yss one day. To e a le to ha+e !ara" and ta#!a properly( one should e a stemious in using the mu ahs( and should not ex%eed the limit of ne%essity. 0hen using this &ne%essary' amount( one should intend to use them in order to do one"s duties as a sla+e of Allah"s. /t is a sin also to use them a little !ithout intending so. /t is harmful !hether it is little or mu%h. /t is next to impossi le to al!ays a stain entirely from more than the ne%essary mu ahs( espe%ially in this time. At least( one must a stain from the harams and do one"s est to a stain from the more than ne%essary mu ahs. 0hen the mu ahs are done more than needed( one must repent and make ta! a. .ne should deem these deeds as the eginning of %ommitting harams. .ne must entrust oneself to Allah ta"ala and eg $im. This repentan%e( asking for pardon and egging may stand for a staining from more than the ne%essary mu ahs entirely( thus prote%ting one against the harm and mis%hief of su%h deeds. .ne of our pious prede%essors &Salaf' says( *Sinners"

hanging their heads seems etter to me than !orshippers" s!elling their %hests &!ith pride'.- &Maktu at( 6:78'6 Benefits of 0ara1: 6. /t sa+es one from the punishment of Allah. 9. /t leads to tran#uility of the heart and mind. :. /t distan%es one from that !hi%h does not enefit as you !ould usually dou t et!een a makrooh or haram a%tion. ;. /t leads to Allah lo+ing us( as $e lo+es those !ho are %autious in follo!ing $is orders. <. /t helps in eing someone !hose du"as &suppli%ations' are al!ays ans!ered( as most likely e+erything you do !ill e halal.