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Globalization is a process of global economical, political and cultural integration. It is an important characteristic feature of the expansion of capitalism, global division of labor, migration, human resources, financial and production in the world, and also the standardization of law, economic and technological processes and the elimination of borders between cultures of different countries. However, globalization can be a good factor for the development of the world in all its dimensions? Well, that is a tough question to be answered, but in m personal opinion, I can sa that globalization is not a force that can eliminate traditions, religions and histor . In this new era, the world is facing so man changes, the Internet is a great tool for ever one, and no one can den it, and of course all the technologies that people continue to do ever da , is perhaps the own consumption and services. !ut have ou ever thought if these benefits, which are ver important for us at the moment, that some people have created "ust to satisf personal poc#ets are careless about environmental issues or exploitation of humans? $bviousl , this can not be dramaticall , and also that it is not the onl problem of internationalization. %ver da , the world becomes smaller and the process of globalization is ta#ing place. &dvances in the field of communications, transport, genetics, and computer technologies have pla ed an important role in ma#ing the world a smaller place. With new technolog , people can tal# to friends and famil across the world. 'raveling from &merica to (hina, which in the past)required months of navigation on the sea, now has onl a few hours in the air. (omputer networ#s and fax machines allow global companies to conduct negotiations and transactions of mone in a matter of seconds. However, while globalization ta#es place, all these innovations destro us, ma#ing our life easier. *eople around world move from a place to another ever da , exchanging manners, li#es, foods, ideas, whatever. 'hat would probabl be wh ou might find a (hinese restaurant in !erlin, or directions on our cit librar in more than + languages. Globalization has much more dimensions and we can find something positive in ever thing, but bring ecological threats, religious conflicts, cultural unification and man problems that are more serious. Globalization is a natural process and unrecoverable, and we can not do an thing against him, but we should #eep in our mind where we came from and what we have and not others.