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Personnel Statement

I have chosen to study Visual Arts and Biochemistry as a double major at university. Since then, this decision has boosted my desire to widen my imagination and knowledge in a greater depth. Creativity is my name. Imagination is my surname. I believe one of my strongest traits is that I always think out of the box. It goes without saying; it is through my imagination I understand Biochemistry. My imaginative perspective helps me to deepen my understanding of atoms structure and physiology, for instance. This approach is highly intriguing and appealing.

Otherwise, I am a very dedicated learner.

Within school, I am very responsible, hard-working,

conscientious student. I look forward to learn from several experiences and new opportunities, as well as I respect deadlines. Besides, I am a multi-talented on many different levels. For example, being a captain player in the schools football team, I was able to motivate, influence and lead the team through many hard times. Besides hard work, I have the ability to listen diligently to people as well as understand them. On the artistic level, I widen my experiences using many techniques to describe my personality and show my unlimited imagination. Its also my best way to communicate my perspective of life. My best reflection, as a human being, was emphasized when I joined the Scout camps. Considerate, downto-earth, modest and helpful were the key to head of my scout team. Various activities have enhanced my confidence and my interpersonal and organization skills, for example, reading Morse codes, build tent and start camp fire. I speak three languages and am therefore multi-lingual. It helped me to communicate and to make many friends. I have had the privilege of complete an internship in a medicine factory called Riva Pharm. My experience focused on how the pharmacist manages and works in quality assurance, quality control, and microbiology. This experience was very grand and helpful because not only did it improve my learning and understanding of the medicine factory business but also increased and improved my ability to cooperate and communicate effectively. My eagerness to gain a wider range of experiences grows as I witnessed and analyzed how life functions. I am certain that my chosen courses are the best track. It is not only inspires me since early age; but it balances between the scientific and the artistic view of life. I am up to the challenge. I am confident that it will give me the best chance to prove myself and to achieve my potential.