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Entry Test
LISTENING A Listen to a telephone conversation. Choose the best answer - a, b or c - to the questions below. You will hear the conversation twice.
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What time of day is it? a) morning b) afternoon c) evening

Who is the caller? a) Anna Klein b) John Morgan c) Eva Schilling

What is the callers company? a) DHM b) LDL ons!lting c) Morgan ons!lting

What time "as the appointment for? a) #"o ocloc$ b) #hree ocloc$ c) %ive ocloc$

What has it &een changed to? a) %ive thirty today b) Eight ocloc$ tomorro" c) 'ine ocloc$ tomorro"

Ho" can the caller &e reached? a) (n their mo&ile ! b) At their hotel c) At their office

What is the final part of the callers message? a) #heyre "orried) b) #heyll h!rry) c) #heyre sorry)

A Co"plete the conversation with the best responses #a$%). a) #han$s for the invitation) *ll "or$ on the presentation !ntil eight and then +oin yo! for dinner) b) *m going to finish the ,o"er,oint for tomorro"s presentation) c) *ts $ind of yo! to as$ &!t * dont thin$ so) * love my +o&&) Well. yes) /!t * thin$ * can ma$e it &etter) e) What time are yo! going? %) 0reat. than$s)

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A St!art. ho"s it going? ' (((((((f22222222 3 A What are yo! planning this evening? ' 2222222222222224 A * tho!ght yo!d already finished it) ' 2222222222222225 A #hat may &e tr!e) /!t it "o!ld &e good for yo! to rela6 a little. too) Arent yo! "or$ing too hard? ' 2222222222222227 A Well. Joe and * are going to dinner tonight "ith some people from #elesponi6) Wo!ld yo! +oin !s? ' 22222222222222213 A Were meeting in the hotel lo&&y at eight ocloc$) ' 22222222222222211

' )ut the sentences into a lo*ical or&er to "a+e a voice"ail "essa*e. ,he %irst one has been &one %or -ou. a) Hi. Joe. this is Sam) b) *d li$e to add t"o things to the order) c) We also need one case of A8 note pads. yo!r part n!m&er 579337:) &) *m ringing a&o!t my order. n!m&er ;147) e) We need ;33 conference &adges. yo!r part n!m&er 4793375) %) Spea$ to yo! soon*) 0ive me a call if theres a pro&lem or yo! dont have those things) h) *f * dont hear from yo!. *ll ass!me everythings (K) 0 _______a________ 1 222222222222222

12 222222222222222 13 222222222222222 14 222222222222222

1! 222222222222222 1. 222222222222222 1/ 222222222222222

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A Correct one wron* wor& in each sentence. 10 We intervie"ed more than ;.<33 c!stoms at o!r London shop) 20 an yo! help organisation the conference ne6t "ee$?

21 We give every ne" employee si6 months of on9the9+o& train) 22 We prod!ct most of o!r components in the Asia ,acific region) 23 Weve invited the team from E/S to meeting "ith !s in Madrid ne6t "ee$) ' Co"plete the sentences with the wor&s #a$h). a) line manager b) trainer c) trainee &) c!stomer e) colleag!e %) E(

*) employee h) man!fact!rer

A 2222&222222222 came to o!r company to teach !s ne" s$ills)

24 #he person "ho directly s!pervises me is my222222222222222) 2 * learned my +o& "hen * "as a 222222222222222 d!ring my first year)

2! * o"n a small &!siness "ith only one 222222222222222. "ho helps "ith office "or$) 2. #he 222222222222222 is the highest9ran$ing person in my company) 2/ My company is a 222222222222222 of electrical goods) 20 * share my office "ith one 222222222222222 and "e "or$ together on a lot of pro+ects) 30 My companys &iggest 222222222222222 is the car9ma$er /MW)

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A 1ea& te2ts a) to e) %ro" the Financial Times an& "atch the" to the t-pes o% business #31$ 3 ). 31 ons!mer goods and retailing 222222222222222

32 #ravel and leis!re 222222222222222 33 Agric!lt!re and constr!ction 222222222222222 34 #elecomm!nications 222222222222222 3 a) (riental Land ompany manages and develops theme par$s) #he company also has retail &!sinesses and manages entertainment and leis!re facilities) #he company primarily operates in Japan) *t is head=!artered in hi&a. Japan. and employs ;.17: people) 3, Drin$ and food 222222222222222

b) Heine$en &re"s and sells more than 143 &eers. incl!ding Heineken, Amstel, Cruzcampo, Tiger, Zywiec, Birra Moretti, Ochota, Murphys and tar) *t operates in E!rope. the Americas. Africa. the Middle East and Asia ,acific) *t is head=!artered in Amsterdam. the 'etherlands and employs a&o!t <8.333 people) 3,

c) >evlon prod!ces. mar$ets and sells cosmetics. s$in9care prod!cts. fragrance and personal9care prod!cts) #he companys prod!cts are sold in over 133 co!ntries across si6 continents) *t is head=!artered in 'e" ?or$ ity. 'e" ?or$. and employs a&o!t <.@33 people) 3,

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&) *(* orporation /erhad is a diversified gro!p that gro"s oil palm. prod!ces r!&&er and is engaged in property development and investment. landscaping services and general contracting) #he gro!p has man!fact!ring facilities in the 'etherlands. the AS. Malaysia and Egypt and sales offices in eight other co!ntries incl!ding hina) #he gro!p primarily operates in Malaysia) *t is head=!artered in ,!tra+aya. Malaysia. and employs aro!nd ;4.::3 people) 3,

e) JDS Aniphase orporation man!fact!res and mar$ets optical prod!cts for comm!nications. commercial and cons!mer applications) #he company offers test and meas!rement systems and services for telecomm!nications service providers. ca&le operators and net"or$ e=!ipment man!fact!rers) #he company primarily operates in the AS. E!rope and Asia ,acific) *t is head=!artered in Milpitas. alifornia. and employs a&o!t 4.333 people "orld"ide) ' 4ow &eci&e i% these state"ents are true or %alse. 3! (riental Land ompany has more employees than >evlon) 3. Heine$en prod!ces more than ;33 &eers) 3/ >evlon prod!cts are sold "orld"ide) 30 *(* orporation /erhads main operations are in Malaysia) 40 JDS Aniphase orporation is &ased in Me6ico) 3,

A Co"plete the e-"ail with the appropriate phrases a$e. a) give yo! a call b) la!nch o!r ne" line c) li$e to meet &) ma$e a plan e) missed yo!r call

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,o5 6ub7ect5 Hi Alicia.

Alicia *nnes ?o!r call

Sorry * 22222222222222281 yesterday) *ve &een o!t of the office all "ee$ on a prod!ct training co!rse) We 2222222222222228; ne6t month in Ant"erp. so everyones really &!sy) ?o!r message said yo!d 2222222222222228: for dinner ne6t "ee$end) #hat so!nds li$e a great idea) *ll 22222222222222288 this evening and "e can 2222222222222228< a&o!t "here to meet) /est "ishes. ,at ' )ut the wor&s in the correct or&er to "a+e sentences. 4! ;334 *ve since &een here "or$ing 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 4. training a ne" "ere programme developing 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 4/ *m to the office St!ttgart going visit 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 40 "ere red!ndant made people three 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222 0 @B:3 the ta$e al"ays * train 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222

A You want to "eet a collea*ue %ro" one o% -our co"pan-8s other branches. 9rite an e-"ail o% 40$ 0 wor&s. :nclu&e the %ollowin* points. ?o! "ant to meet to disc!ss the Spain pro+ect *nvite yo!r colleag!e to come to yo!r office S!ggest a date and time

' 1ea& the a&vert below an& write a letter o% application. 9rite 120$140 wor&s. 1e"e"ber to cover all the points in the a&vert.

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;obsnews, ;anuar9ante&5 <ar+et researcher #his co!ld &e the &est +o& in the "orld- A travel holiday company needs researchers) We "ill pay yo! to visit resorts and hotels and to "rite reports a&o!t their prod!cts and services) *f yo! thin$ this is the +o& for yo!. "rite to !s at the address &elo". telling !s a&o!tB yo!r ed!cation yo!r "or$ e6perience lang!ages yo! have st!died or can spea$ reasons "hy yo! "o!ld li$e to have this +o&)

You will have a ten-"inute spea+in* test. You have %ive "inutes to prepare. the e2a"iner will as+ -ou a %ew questions about -oursel%. Answer the questions as %ull- as possible. re"e"ber to cover the %ollowin*. etc) #ell the e6aminer "hat yo!r ideal +o& is and "hy) Spea$ a&o!t factors s!ch as the salary. location. responsi&ilities. etc) 0reet the e6aminer and introd!ce yo!rself) /e prepared to ans"er =!estions a&o!t yo!rself. yo!r "or$ or st!dy. yo!r free9time activities.

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