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INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT, HENRYS BEDROOM - NIGHT DESK HENRY, seen in shadow from behind, writes a letter. HENRYS WHITE GLOVED HANDS tuck the LETTER in an ENVELOPE. He addresses it to SUNNY. CLOSE-UP: A young man with large, doleful eyes, a red nose and unruly hair. This is HENRY. He is a CLOWN. Henry swoons at... ... a lovingly adorned PORTRAIT of the soap opera starlet SUNNY CARMICHAEL, which hangs on the wall above him.

EXT. DARK ALLEY - NIGHT HENRY, LETTER in hand, hugs the shadows.

EXT. RENDEZVOUS - NIGHT HENRY and STAN, also a CLOWN, but now a CLEANER by profession huddle. Henry hands Stan the LETTER.



INT. NEWS ROOM - NIGHT A NEWSCASTER reads to camera. NEWSCASTER and the area surrounding the City Bridge is open once more. (beat) (MORE)

2. NEWSCASTER (cont'd) In entertainment news - rumours abound as to the identity of housewives favourite and sizzling star of Save My Life Again Brad Michaels' latest love. The actor - who plays dreamboat Dr. Van Der Graff in the hit soap speaks candidly in this week's Handsome Weekly yet refuses to be drawn on speculation surrounding his love life. The Newscaster takes a moment, looks at the camera. NEWSCASTER (contd) Brad Michaels - Ladies and Gentleman - One class act. (shuffles paper) And tonight's headlines: Nelly the Elephant packs her trunk - as yet another Circus closes its doors. Fun Stops for Big Top - as public continue to stay away. Protest turns ugly as Anti-Clown Mob goes straight for Jug-gler. And Sit down! Stand-Ups comedians accused of telling us stuff we already know. 7 INT. TV STUDIO, SOUND STAGE - DAY CLOSE-UP: SUNNY CARMICHAEL, lost dark eyes over butterfly lips, seduces the camera. SUNNY Its so unfair A BOOM MICROPHONE dips into shot, shatters mood. DIRECTOR (O.S.) CUT! CAN SOMEONE GET THAT CLOWN OUT OF HERE! A sheepish BOOM OPERATOR shrugs an apology. He is a CLOWN. Only Sunny looks upon him with SYMPATHY. 8 EXT. SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICE - DAY FRAME ON: SIGN FOR SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICE A CLOWN sells magazines. 8 7

3. CLOWN Bigissue! Bigissue! CLOSE-UP: MAGAZINE COVER A PAIR OF CLOWN SHOES AND THE LEADER BIGGISH SHOES. The broken and bent shapes of UNEMPLOYED litter the steps of the building. HENRY (V.O.) I dont think you quite understand. Dressed in drab, ill-fitting clothes their large OVER-SIZED SHOES, WHITE FACES, LARGE EYES and DOWN-TURNED MOUTHS distinguish them as CLOWNS. HENRY Im not like those other clowns out there! 9 INT. SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICE - DAY CLOSE-UP: HENRY pleads his case. HENRY I have skills! 10 EXT. SOCIAL WELFARE OFFICE, STEPS - DAY 10 9

HENRY sits amongst the other CLOWNS. His head in his hands. HENRY (downbeat) Im an entertainer... A CLOWN pats Henry on the shoulder. CLOWN (drunk) Theres nothing you can do Henry... Its just the way things are now... Last time it was the Astronauts fault... You ever wonder why you never see Astronauts anymore? Exactly. He offers Henry a can. Henry shakes his head ruefully.

4. 11 INT. TV STUDIO, CORRIDOR - DAY STAN, the CLEANER, head down, quietly mops the floor. SUNNY, downcast and FELIX, brash (her Agent) turn the corner. FELIX (chomps cigar) The ratings are slipping Sunny. We need to boost your profile. Im going to get you on the Larry Fortune Show. Maybe leak some story about you seeing Brad Michaels. INSERT SHOT of Felix holding Brad Michaels head shot. FELIX (contd) Hes hot right now. SUNNY (not listening to him) FELIX 11


Hey clown! Stan looks up.

Felix taps cigar ash on the recently mopped floor. FELIX (contd) You missed a bit. Felix turns, walks back the way he came. Only Sunny and Stan are left. Sunny looks at Stan with sympathy. 12 INT. SUNNYS DRESSING ROOM - DAY SUNNY enters the room, beams at the sight of HENRYS LETTER. Oh, Henry. SUNNY 12

She looks over her shoulder to make sure no is around. 13 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT - NIGHT TV VIDEO FOOTAGE of old circus routines play. HENRY sits on the floor, peruses the jobs pages. 13

5. HENRY I just dont understand Augustus. AUGUSTUS, an abrasive clown in a dressing gown, watches TV with mirthful eyes. He rolls his eyes at Henry. HENRY (contd) Last year I toured with the Russian Circus. Then one morning the world gets out of the wrong side of the bed and... Beneath each job spec in large font are the words: NO CLOWNS. The sharp shriek of Augustus air horn drowns out Henrys words. AUGUSTUS (watches TV) People always need a scapegoat Henry. Someone to blame. The depressions coming. (blows party whistle) Blame the clowns. Unemployment's high. (squeezes fake nose/honk) Those damn clowns stealing our jobs again. Its the way its always been Henry. Its how people think. Henry frowns. 14 INT. SUNNY'S APARTMENT - NIGHT SUNNY lies on her couch, she clutches HENRYS LETTER. SUNNY Oh Henry. Where are you? HENRY (V.O.) Isnt she a vision Augustus? 15 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT - NIGHT ON TELEVISION SUNNY seduces the camera. SUNNY Of course I love you. HENRY lies on the floor, swoons adoringly at Sunnys image. 15 14

6. Augustus plays a violin. AUGUSTUS Forget it Henry. Youre a clown. Shes an actress. Its an impossible dream! Henry frowns. His CLOWN SHOES hover above him. HENRY But I really think we have a connection. He crisscrosses his CLOWN SHOES. MATCH CUT TO: 16 INT. SUNNYS APARTMENT, LIVING ROOM - NIGHT 16

SUNNY crissscrosses her OVER-SIZED SLIPPERS. She pours over a SHOEBOX crammed with.... AUGUSTUS (V.O.) Henry, you tell me you love this girl, yet you've never spoken -HENRY'S LETTERS, DRAWINGS, POEMS & PHOTOGRAPHS. AUGUSTUS (V.O.) You say you write her letters daily yet she has never once replied -Sunny fingers a small, SUNFLOWER. She squeezes it. It sprays water at her. She laughs. Sunny reads HENRY'S LETTER. She kicks her heels and smiles. She guffaws loudly and self-consciously grabs her mouth. AUGUSTUS I'm sorry Henry but your love for this Sunny Carmichael! Its all in your head. She reaches into the envelope... ... takes out a passport photo booklet. She opens it to reveal FOUR IDENTICALLY DOUR PORTRAITS OF HENRY. Written in neat handwriting the words 'I LOVE YOU!'

7. SUNNY BACK TO: 17 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT - NIGHT HENRY sits up, annoyed. HENRY I don't have to have spoken to her to know she loves me. And she hasn't replied because.... (bashful) I haven't given her my address... ON TV NEWSCASTER We interrupt tonight's episode of Save My Life. Again to bring you news that the area surrounding the city bridge is - once again off limits - thanks to a clueless clown who threw himself off the bridge earlier tonight. (sarcastic) Rumours that the clown fired himself from a canon have yet to be confirmed. This is the fifth clown in as many weeks to jump from the bridge in an increasingly common phenomenon which - I myself - have coined Clownsizing. Newsreader smiles, pleased with himself. NEWSCASTER (contd) And now back to - Save My Life Again. HENRY and AUGUSTUS exchange sad, knowing looks. FADE TO BLACK. 18 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT, HENRYS BEDROOM - NIGHT CLOSE UP: PORTRAIT OF SUNNY DESK HENRY writes another letter. HENRYS GLOVED HANDS tuck the LETTER in an ENVELOPE. 18 17


8. He addresses it to SUNNY. He turns it over and stares hard. He takes a deep breath and writes HIS ADDRESS on the back. 19 EXT. CITY BRIDGE - NIGHT A BOW-TIE and a BUNCH OF FLOWERS have been left on the bridge as a sign of respect. HENRY acknowledges them as he passes. 20 EXT. RENDEZVOUS - NIGHT HENRY hands STAN the LETTER. HENRY I really appreciate you doing this for me Stan. I know you could get into a lot of trouble. STAN Look Henry I know you love this girl but... I mean... Well... Youve been sending her letters a long time now... How do you even know she reads them... Henry glances at the ADDRESS on the envelope. HENRY (his hand on Stans shoulder) Youre a good friend Stan. I really do appreciate it. Henry hugs Stan, then turns and leaves. Stan takes a step after him, then stops. STAN Same time tomorrow then? 21 INT. TV STUDIO, LARRY FORTUNE SET - NIGHT SUNNY sits in an armchair, as a FEMALE CLOWN dabs Sunnys brow. FELIX pushes the Clown out of the way. FELIX Dumb clown. Just keep it nice and simple. Like we rehearsed. Sunny nods, clearly wishing she was somewhere else. 21 20 19

9. 22 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT - NIGHT HENRY lies on the floor. He watches TV. ON TV LARRY FORTUNE Welcome back to the show folks! My guest tonight is the star of the number one soap, SAVE MY LIFE AGAIN! Sunny Carmichael, you're very welcome to the show! Henry melts. 23 INT. TV STUDIO, LARRY FORTUNE SHOW - NIGHT LARRY, polyester suit, dazzling smile. LARRY FORTUNE So Sunny... I hear on the grapevine that theres a special someone in your life these days? SUNNY pauses, looks at... FELIX waits in the wings. SUNNY Well, Larry you know Im not usually one to gossip but.... 24 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT - NIGHT HENRYS EYES WIDEN, HIS MOUTH DROPS... SUNNY (V.O.) ...there is someone. LARRY FORTUNE I knew it! An entertainer by any chance? ON SCREEN SUNNY plays to the audience. SUNNY Yes. Hes an entertainer. HENRYS EYES practically touch the SCREEN. LARRY FORTUNE Well come on Sunny. Who is he? 24 23 22

10. SUNNY Well... Hes really charming and sweet... And funny... And he writes me the most wonderful letters... FELIX, looks on, confused. SUNNY (contd) ... and poems... And he sends me drawings... and photographs... SUNNY looks directly into camera. SUNNY (contd) And his name is... HENRY returns her gaze. LARRY FORTUNE Brad Michaels ladies and gentlemen! INSERT IMAGE OF BRAD MICHAELS ON SCREEN. The audience whoop and holler. HENRYS EYES WELL UP. His lip quivers. INT. SAVE MY LIFE AGAIN SET - NIGHT BRAD MICHAELS sits in front of a small TV, his face concealed by the front cover of Handsome Weekly magazine. LARRY FORTUNE (O.S.) Brad Michaels Ladies and Gentlemen! He lowers the magazine to reveal the same cheesy expression he wears on the front cover. He nods approvingly. 25 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT, HENRYS BEDROOM - NIGHT DESK HENRY writes another letter. He cries. The ink blurs. HENRYS GLOVED HANDS tuck the LETTER in an ENVELOPE. The above is INTER-CUT with images of: HENRY changes into tux. HENRY shines shoes with hanky pulled from sleeve. HENRY opens small case, takes out cuff links. 25

11. HENRY fixes bow-tie. HENRY pins fake flower to his lapel. 26 INT. TV STUDIO, DRESSING ROOM, MIRROR - NIGHT SUNNY scans HENRYS LETTER for his address. 27 MIRROR SUNNY stares at her reflection in the mirror. Sunny applies lipstick, traces it over her lips again and again. She marks a red dot on the tip of her nose. She studies her reflection. She resembles a CLOWN. 28 INT. DARK STREETS - NIGHT HENRY, head down, clings to the shadows. He passes a.... 29 LAMPOST ... where a CLOWN PROSTITUTE hustles for business. 30 EXT. DARK STREETS - NIGHT SUNNY, disguised as a CLOWN, moves nervously. 31 LAMPOST A line of STAND-UP COMICS attempts to solicit her. STAND-UP Have you heard this? Have you read about this? SUNNY hurries on. She checks the address on the LETTER. 32 EXT. CITY BRIDGE - NIGHT HENRY passes the BOW-TIE and FLOWERS. 33 INT. HENRY & AUGUSTUS FLAT, DOOR - NIGHT SUNNY checks the number with the address on the LETTER. 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26

12. She raps on the door. SUNNY Henry. Henry. Open up. Its me. Its Sunny. AUGUSTUS, weighed down with shopping bags, climbs the stairs, stops when he sees SUNNY. She stops knocking, self-conscious. She looks down. AUGUSTUS looks down at... SUNNYS OVERSIZED SLIPPERS. His eyes drift back to her FACE; radiant, unforgettable. AUGUSTUS My word. Its -- Its you. Its really you. The actress. Youre -SUNNY Im looking for Henry. Do you -know him? AUGUSTUS Know him? Im his best friend! Come in. Come in dear. Out of this cold. AUGUSTUS turns the key in the lock. The door opens to reveal HENRYS LETTER on the doormat. AUGUSTUS looks up from the LETTER, terrified. 34 EXT. CITY BRIDGE - NIGHT HENRY stands on the CITY BRIDGE. He stares into the blank expanse of river beneath him. He closes his eyes, spreads his arms wide. HENRY! SUNNY 34

HENRY opens his eyes. SUNNY (contd) HENRY dont jump! Dont jump HENRY! Henry looks over his shoulder.

13. 35 OTHER SIDE OF ROAD SUNNY runs towards him, arms and slippers flailing. Sunny? HENRY 35

SUNNY I love you Henry! Ive always loved you! HENRY Ive always loved you too Sunny! Overjoyed, he jumps down and rushes to her. They meet in a frantic embrace, kiss and hug one another. SUNNY Oh Henry -HENRY Oh Sunny -Suddenly, a brilliant light picks them out from the darkness and a TRUCK blares its HORN. Henry and Sunny scream, cover their eyes. CUT TO BLACK. FADE IN: 36 INT. NEWS ROOM - NIGHT NEWSCASTER speaks solemnly to camera. NEWSCASTER A widespread search is underway for soap starlet Sunny Carmichael who disappeared tonight following her appearance on The Larry Fortune Show. The blonde bombshell - who Mr. Fortune revealed is currently being romanced by - class act - Brad Michaels has been un-contactable for several hours and fears for the actress' safety continue to grow. We can only imagine how Brad must be feeling at this moment. (takes a moment) Brad - our thoughts are with you. (beat) (MORE) 36

14. NEWSCASTER (cont'd) And finally, the city bridge has been closed yet again tonight after two clowns hurled themselves before an on-coming truck. (beat) The driver of the truck was thankfully - unharmed (NOTE: The following images appear through the credits.)

A beautifully hand crafted scrapbook bears the inscription "HENRY AND SUNNY." A page is turned over to reveal a still of HENRY and Sunny. Theyre lying side by side in hospital beds. Wrapped from head to toe in body casts. They hold hands. Another page turned: TWO DOCTORS tap HENRY and SUNNYS feet and knees to test their reflexes. Another page turned: HENRY and SUNNY side by side on treadmills as they learn to walk again. Another page turned: HENRY and SUNNY held afloat by NURSES in adjacent lanes at a Hospital swimming pool. Another page turned: HENRY and SUNNY being married. Another page turned: A close-up of Henry and Sunny. Another page turned: HENRY and SUNNY in motorised wheelchairs as they depart for their honeymoon. Written, in neat handwriting, across the back of their wheelchairs are the words "Just Married." FADE TO BLACK

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