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Form: 2RKS Level: Intermediate to high Duration: 40 minutes Topic: Grammar Skills: Reading, writing and speaking Objectives:

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to Provide at least five (5) adjectives to each person in the pictures that are projected on the white board. Precisely identify at least fifteen (15) adjectives in the comic strips. Appropriately use adjectives by creating dialogues in the speech bubbles provided in the comic strips. Reflect on the lesson taught. Grammar focus: Adjectives Aids/resources: Photos of Siti Nurhaliza, Taylor Swift, Psy, Aaron Aziz and Daniel Radcliffe, PowerPoint presentation, Comic strips and short video.

Stage & Duration



Set Induction (3 minutes)

Teacher: 1. Asks two or three students to describe their best classmates in three (3) words.

Students: 1. Pick their best classmate.

2. Describe their best classmate.

Presentation (5 minutes)

Teacher: 1. Explains the meaning of ADJECTIVES through PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentation.

Students: 1. Listen to the explanation.

Development 1 (10 minutes)

Teacher: 1. Groups the students into a group of four to five (4-5). 2. Shows the photos of Siti Nurhaliza, Taylor Swift, Psy, Aaron Aziz and Daniel Radcliffe to the students. 3. Asks each group to pick their chosen celebrity and come up with at least five (5) ADJECTIVES to describe her/him. 4. Ask a representative from each group to write their answers on the whiteboard. 5. Discusses the answers with the students.

Photos of Siti Nurhaliza, Taylor Swift, Psy, Aaron Aziz and Daniel Radcliffe.

Students: 1. Sit in their groups. 2. Describe the person in the photo. 3. Pick their chosen celebrities.

4. Write down their answers on the white board.

Development 2 (10 minutes)

Teacher: 1. Projects comic strips. 2. Asks the students to identify the ADJECTIVES in the comic strips and write then down in their exercise books. 3. Ask any three groups to read aloud at least fifteen (15) ADJECTIVES that they find. 4. Discusses the answers.

Comic strips.

Students: 1. Read the comic strips. 2. Write down the ADJECTIVES that they manage to identify. 3. Read aloud their answers to the class.

Development 3 (10 minutes)

Teacher: 1. Instructs the students to pick a pair. 2. Distributes a comic strip containing empty speech bubbles to every pair. 3. Instructs the students to write suitable dialogues using the ADJECTIVES. 4. Chooses three to five (3-5) pairs to read their dialogues. Students: 1. Pick their partners. 2. Write their own dialogue in the speech bubbles. 3. Read aloud their dialogues to the class.

Comic strips with empty speech bubbles.

Closure (2 minutes)

Teacher: 1) Summarizes the lesson of the day. 2) Asks the students to reflect on the lesson of the day.

Short video of adjective.

3) Play a short video of adjectives.

Students: 1) Reflect the lesson and the activities done.