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General Purpose: to persuade Introduction 1- It has been a year and a half since the previous government decided to block YouTube, and the new government upon their arrival, issued a statement that the matter would be looked into, which is basically just another way of displaying their indifference and lack of knowledge on the issue. 2- The question arises, is the ban on YouTube justified? Body 3- First of all, do you think Youtube was blocked due to blasphemous reasons? No. Im sure the reason was the unrest created in Pakistan due to the film incident. YouTube is a vast database of videos that encompass virtually all areas of human knowledge and entertainment, and it is believed that out of 20 million internet users in Pakistan, at least 7 million relied on this website for something or the other. The greatest sufferers are no doubt university students. 4- Even if it was the blasphemous film, there are other ways to tackle with it. Why was it only the Muslims in Pakistan that reacted to it? Over-reacted in fact! Plus I dont see any use in blocking YouTube. We all are using proxies to access it. Yes we do have issues, the server gets busy, the IPs are not available, but were using it. 5- If its allowed, well be able to access it without creating trouble for servers. And also get our work done effectively. It is not only entertainment, but helps us in studies. Conclusion 6- So the first problem that we discussed was the mind set of the people in Pakistan, and the inability of authorities to control it, instead bend to it. This has to stop of were gone. Second, was the difficulties faced due to YouTube being blocked. 7- The solution is to unblock this site! Let us be open to what is going on in the world and stop pestering over such issues in a childish manner and handle them with maturity. 8- I urge you to accept my view. Shouldnt we be allowed to take benefit from the facilities that are there?

Zainab Badar-12919