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Submitted By: Alban Uguet (FY1405) Nehal Khetan (221076) Nipun Goel (221079) Pankaj Goel (221083) Preety Rateria (221097) Rahul Chhabra (221106)

The strategy of United States Postal Service (USPS) revolves around providing comfort and convenience to the customers without and designing services to reduce the burden from the customers

Click-N-Ship is an online postage service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) that allows you to create pre-paid shipping labels for mail classes including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Express International and Global Express Guaranteed using your own PC and printer. However, mail classes and special services such as First Class Mail, Media Mail, and stamps for regular letters, First Class International, Certified Mail and Parcel Post are currently not available under the ClickN-Ship program.

This program not only allows printing of postage and shipping labels, without a trip to the post office, but also scheduling of the shipment to be pickup by your letter carrier at the same time your mail is delivered. If you need to print postage for other mail classesFirst Class Mail, Media Mail or Parcel offers a complete mailing and shipping solution to manage all your postage needs. Like Click-N-Ship, allows you to print official, USPS-approved postage (including stamps!) and address labels from the comfort of your own home or office. also gives 24/7 access to all the USPS services including Carrier Pickup, Certified Mail, USPS Tracking, package insurance and more. facilitates high-volume shipping by allowing one to batch print pre-paid shipping labels, and its automated forms eliminate the need to fill out Certified Mail, Return Receipt, and International Customs forms by hand.

Many shippers also take advantage of's Hidden Postage feature, which allows one to charge shipping and handling fees that accurately reflects your costs eliminating scope for complaints. Finally, an integrated USB scale enables you to easily and accurately weigh your shipments and takes care of determining the exact amount of postage needed.

Hold Mail Service

Request Hold Mail service allows holding of ones mail safely at their local post office until they return from their trip. The service can be scheduled for upto 30 days in advance, or by 2 AM (CST Mon-Sat) on the start date. However, each address can have only one Hold Mail scheduled at a time where all mails will be held.

Change of Address
In event of change of address, USPS provides an online service where filing your change of address can be done without going to the Post Office for a paper form. An email confirmation from is received confirming the change of address request. The status of this request can be check online besides receiving special discounts and coupons to help with your move. Once the address with the postal service has been changed, mails will be forwarded to your new home within 7 to 10 days. Certain classes of mail do not forward unless requested by the mailer.

Schedule a pick up
Pickup ones shipment is done free of cost during regular mail delivery if expedited services like Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, Global Express Guaranteed, or Merchandise Return services are availed.

Create Mail & Postage

USPS has participating third party sites facilitating them to create unique direct mail, Certified Mail, newsletters, and greeting cards, as well as customized stamps, and personalized envelopes and postcards. allows turning ones photo into personalized cards for birthdays, holidays, or big announcements without any restriction on the minimum order size or set-up fee.

To create high quality cards online, amazingmail services can be a availed where they print and mail cards the next business day without minimum order restriction. Targeted mailing lists, mail-piece design ideas, or automated direct mail solutions are provided to increase the effectiveness of a mail campaign.

Every Door Direct Mail

USPSs Every Door Direct Mail service allows one to reach valued customers in the nearby neighbourhoods for the business. This service eliminates the trouble of finding names and address of the target customers. Only the neighbourhoods to target are identified and printed piece is delivered to the target customer using demographic filters. There are various options in this service. Every Door Direct Mail (Retail) The simplest and the most cost cost-effective option, this service lets you send upto 5,000 mail-pieces a day per ZIP Code. With their Indicia service, even the need to purchase a postage permit is eliminated. Every Door Direct Mail Designed for businesses that send larger mailings, this option requires postage permit and entry into a Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU). This option is used for announcing new store openings, sales, or other major events without printing name and address on every mail piece.

The benefits of Every Door Direct Mail are:

Reaches consumers in their homes. The entire neighbourhood is saturated with the message and mailings are delivered directly to homes

As much or as little space as you need. Flexible range of sizes available, ranging from quick sales announcement to in-depth product story

Helps your messages work harder. Coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more can be included in the mails to attract customers

USPS Mobile
Based on the theme of Post Office in Your Hand USPS mobile offers following convenience Mobile App. With the use of this free application, one can find locations, calculate shipping prices, manage pickups amongst other things from ones mobile

Mobile Web With the use of the web enabled tools, delivery information, finding locations, and looking up a ZIP Code can be done at the ease of a phone

Mobile App. And web enables use of the GPS-based Post Office Location service to find retail Post Offices, Self-Service Kiosks, Approved Postal Providers, Pickup Service Locations, and Collection Boxes nearby.

North Korea
ePOST is a cyber market place that offers goods or services to be traded amongst users through the information technique tool setup by Korea Post. It also offers services such as postal, shipping, EMS, shopping and open market via internet to reduce visit to post office. Availing of facilitaties is facilitated through an integrated account (User id and password).

Postal Insurance
The Korea Post also acts as a public non-profit insurance enterprise to improve stability of peoples lives and welfare to help them in case of sudden accidents and disasters. This objective is achieved by universalizing insurances through well-distributed e-Post Bank windows equipped with a variety of insurance services and other services such as loans, dividends, and scholarship programs for unfortunate children.

Public confidence is higher than other insurance enterprises due to its non-profit nature and low cost insurance premiums and simple application procedures. The maximum amount is limited to forty million Won.

Germanys Deutsche Post (DPWN), has launched its new digital mail product E-Postbrief with over one million users. The postal service provider has also introduced the iPhone app POST MOBIL for mobile users and created a digital stamp handyporto to replace the traditional stamp

IncaMail, the digital mail service of Swiss Post, enables secure and verifiable sending of confidential or verified e-mails as approved by the Swiss Government. It is the only digital equivalent of physical mail. Their online interface, Virtual Post Office counter, gives information and online tools for all services provided by the company. Mobile accessible websites are also present for upcoming mobile web users. The services provided are 1. Mail-related services

Digital mail: Refers to the digital-to-digital format of mail delivery, a secure version of e-mail. It can be compliant with government regulations as an alternative for physical mail Document Management: Scans and archives documents for organizations to make the document management system transparent, more accessible and to provide single point access to multiple people/locations. E-billing/E-invoicing for consumers: Electronic invoicing is sending or making available an invoice and its subsequent processing and storage, wholly by electronic means

2. Parcels & Logistics:

Shipping solutions: Full service from insurance, preparation of shipment, packaging to proof of delivery and specialized industry solutions are part of shipping solutions provided by posts. E-commerce: E-commerce is the parcels opportunity providing end-to-end solutions including reverse logistics capabilities international parcel supply chain is critical for E-commerce.

3. Multi-channel access for customers/consumers:

Online tools: Tools for customers for shipping items, like preparation of labels, making payments online, tracking deliveries, updating addresses,

location nearest post office/ box/packstation which help instant exchange of information and customization as required. Mobile applications: Tracking through SMS or mobile optimized websites, option to change delivery time of shipments by customers/consumers through mobile options. Web-based tracking: Tracking tools to track delivery of post and shipments by customers and consumers and other parties in the supply chain.

Singapore Post has following offerings for business and retail customers

Business: Provides ClickPost (the facility to send documents in electronic format with the printing, packaging and mailing); DMRocket (integrated solution where a business clients entire direct mail requirements are fulfilled); and ePost (one-stop service that allows companies to print, process and send out large quantities of documents containing variable data such as bills and invoices or personalized survey questionnaires). Retail customers and consumers: Provides vPOST or Virtual Post (online channel for bill presentment and payment services and a one-stop portal for online shopping and shipping services, as well as bill payment services); Shipping services (personalized addresses in the United States, Japan and Europe, allowing shopping from overseas websites); Shop@Post (online shopping catalogue with complimentary delivery services); and online tools such as postbox locator, postage calculator, postal code finder, track and trace for registered articles and logistics, expected delivery date calculator and online redelivery request

Netposti is Posti's free electronic alternative for physical mailboxes and file archives in Finland for over 15 years of age. Consumers can safely receive electronic letters from companies and organizations with the service being both content-neutral and independent of delivery operators.

Netposti users also include small companies and organizations as the service lowers the latters threshold to start receiving e-invoices.

Banks such as S-Pankki and LhiTapiola Bank along with newspapers such as Ilkka and Pohjalainen have integrated Netposti within their online services.

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