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The Aristocracy of the Night

Special Rules and Skills for Vampires of different bloodlines

By Richard G. Buckner III Intro Since the release of the Vampire Counts army book for Warhammer Ive been dyin to include Vampires of other bloodlines in my ames of !ordheim "please for ive the pun#$. %ou can &uite easily 'ustify the presence of other Vampires ( after all) arent all creatures of the ni ht lured to !ordheim like moths to a candle because of the ever present Wyrdstone* +fter readin the back round for each of the different Vampire Bloodlines) it da,ned on me that ,ith the e-ception of Sylvania there are no realms or kin doms of Vampires and that they are spread throu hout the .ld World like a cancer. /o,erful Vampire lords of the houses of 0ahmia) Blood 1ra on) 2ecrarch and Stri oi ,ould soon despatch their Vampiric minions to the ruins of !ordheim so that they could recover and fetch back Wyrdstone ( ,hy let the arro ant Von Carsteins have it all* 3his could also establish the basis for much rivalry bet,een the different clans as they vie for po,er over the Cursed City. 3hese rules may be combined ,ith those from 3o,n Cryer 455. 6o,ever) only those Vampire families that have Transfix as a Bloodline /o,er can choose that skill. Transfix ,orks e-actly as in 3C 455 but is repeated here for convenience. +ll Bloodline po,ers are Special Skills for Vampires of the appropriate 7amily) and can be taken instead of a normal skill for an advance. When startin an 8ndead Warband the first thin you need to do is choose ,hich of the families your Vampire comes from. %ou can only belon to one at a time and you cannot chan e families "so choose ,isely$. 9ach of the different families have their o,n benefits and hindrances. +ll Statistic chan es are to both startin and ma-imums of those characteristics. Of Vampires 0ittle is kno,n of these supernatural) blood:suckin creatures of the ni ht e-cept for the tales of old crones and madmen. !en dread these mi hty creatures ,hom they accord such outra eous facets as super:human stren th) incredible constitution and lordship over the 8ndead. What fe, men are actually a,are of is that the fathers of these bastard creatures ,ere spa,ned countless centuries a o) far to the south in the 0and of the 1ead) by the blasphemous 9li-ir of life) created it is rumoured by the Great 2ecromancer 2a ash. +nother thin that very fe, men kno, is that Vampires are affiliated to different families or Bloodlines and the culture) loyalties and politics bet,een these families are 'ust as diverse) convoluted and deadly as they are bet,een the human kin doms of the .ld World. Von Carstein Vampires of the von Carstein bloodline are the ori inal aristocracy of the ni ht. 3hese monsters are the most prevalent Vampires ,ithin the borders of the 9mpire. !ost Vampires of this bloodline can be found in the dark County of Sylvania ,here it is reputed the 9lector Count himself is their ancient and inhuman leader. Vampires of the von Carstein line are reno,ned as hau hty) foppish even) ,ith e-pensive tastes and impeccable manners but they are utterly ruthless predator nonetheless. Von Carsteins occasionally have dealin s ,ith the Vampires of other clans; the 2ecrarchs ,hose kno,led e in the dark arts they covert and Blood 1ra ons ,hose martial skills they admire. 3hey are deeply suspicious of the sisterhood of 0ahmians and hold the Stri oi ,ith deep contempt and ,ill hunt them do,n if they are found ,ithin the borders of their lands. 3hese use the standard 8ndead ,arband in the !ordheim rulebook

Blood Dragon 3he Blood 1ra on Vampires are reputedly descended from the reat ,arrior of old) +bhorash) 0ord of Blood. +bove all Vampires these are by far the most honourable and perhaps the most in touch ,ith their human past. 3hey are reno,ned as e-ceptional ,arriors and fi ht ,ith astonishin bravery and chivalry. Blood 1ra on Vampires are rare in the 9mpire ,ith most of their number hailin from Bretonnia and the

near mythical Blood <eep) said to be located some,here in the Grey !ountains. Blood 1ra ons have very little to do ,ith the Vampires of other clans as they remain disinterested in their political s&uabblin s and po,er ames. !artial /ro,ess= Blood 1ra on Vampires start ,ith >? Weapon Skill. 9ternally Brave= Blood 1ra on Vampires may re:roll the first failed Rout test "if the Vampire is not out of action$. 6onour= Blood 1ra on Vampires may not attempt to break a,ay from combat or Voluntarily Rout "if the Vampire is not out of action). Warrior Code= Blood 1ra on Vampires cannot use !a ic "even ,ith the Book of the 1ead from 3C 455$. !en:at:arms= 1re s start ,ith >5 Weapon Skill.

Necrarch 3he dreaded 2ecrarchs are t,isted and evil and more so than any other Vampires they resemble the dead ,ith an emaciated) cadaverous appearance. 2ecrarchs are incomprehensible even to their o,n 8ndead brethren and most seem utterly insane. 3heir madness is tempered by their undeniable enius and mastery of necromantic ma ic. Whereas the Vampires of other bloodlines seek dominion over the realms of men the 2ecrarchs aspire to see the end of all livin thin s such is their hatred for all. 2ecrarchs are by nature loners) and often live deep under round or in isolated to,ers ,here they can practice their foul ma ics ,ithout interruption. .ccasionally) ho,ever) they emer e from their dark places in the ,orld to ather ne, victims) lore and of course Wyrdstone for their e-periments. 2ecrarch vampires have a barely contained dislike for their kin of the other clans but ,ill deal ,ith them on occasion ,hen it is to their benefit to do so. /oor ,arrior= 2ecrarch Vampires start ,ith :? Weapon Skill) may only be armed ,ith a sin le:handed da er) s,ord) a-e or mace and cannot take Stren th Skills. 2ecromantic 0ore= 3he 2ecrarch starts the ame as a Wi@ard in e-actly the same ,ay as the 2ecromancer. 0oathes the 0ivin = !ay not hire any 6ired S,ords.

Lahmia .f all Vampires) the 0ahmian sisterhood follo,s the culture and practice of the ancient days most closely. 3he 0ahmian Bloodline differs from the other Vampire clans in that it is made up of almost e-clusively all females. 3his sisterhood is reno,ned for choosin only the most beautiful of mortals to 'oin their ranks. 3hey are led by the ori inal &ueen of darkness herself) 2eferata) of the Cult of Blood ,ho d,ells some,here in the northern reaches of the Worlds 9d e !ountains in a place called the Silver /innacle. Stories of the palace of the 2i hts Aueen have been told for centuries) and can be found in the ballads of Bretonnia) the ,ritin s of the 9mpire and the poems of 3ilea. 3he 0ahmians compete ,ith the Von Carsteins in their plot to ,restle control of the ,orld of men althou h they are far subtler in their methods) preferrin to infiltrate the upper echelons of society than usin force of arms. 3hey have a reat talent for art and statesmanship and their po,erful personalities hold an irresistible charm for mortals. 3he 0ahmian sisterhood ,ill al,ays attempt to manipulate Vampires of the other families to their o,n ends. /oor ,arrior= 0ahmian Vampires start ,ith :5 Weapon Skill and cannot ,ear 6eavy armour) and may only be armed ,ith a sin le:handed da er) s,ord) a-e or mace. 9nchantin Beauty= :5 to any livin opponents 0eadership ,hile in base contact ,ith Vampire "note= this has no effect a ainst the 8ndead or 1aemons$. 8nnatural Speed= 0ahmian Vampires start ,ith >? to Initiative.

Strigoi 3he Vampires of the Stri oi are kno,n as the Cursed .nes and are enerally reviled amon st their o,n kind. 0on a o in this bloodlines history the father of these Vampires ,as cursed by the other Vampires and since then an unendin hatred has e-isted bet,een them. Stri oi Vampires are little more than beasts (

hu e) hulkin ) hate:filled monstrosities. .ften these solitary creatures make raveyards and cemeteries their homes ,here packs of flesh:eatin Ghouls form rotes&ue courts around them. !ost of them have to some de ree lost their minds but they still possess the innate po,ers of the vampire and can command the livin dead. 3he Stri oi sit and brood and contemplate a time ,hen they overthro, the ,orld of men and destroy their kin of the other clans utterly. Bestial= Stri oi Vampires start ,ith >5 +ttack but cannot use any Items or 9&uipment. 6atred= Stri oi Vampires suffer Hatred of all livin thin s. Ghoul <in = Stri oi Vampires may hire up to one Ghast at BC c "counts as a Ghoul hero that starts ,ith C e-p.$. Ghoul 6enchmen cost B c less to hire. Reviled= Stri oi Vampires hire 2ecromancers and 1re s at >5C c to hire. 7eared= Stri oi Vampires may not hire any 6ired S,ords.

Von Carstein Bloodline Po ers Transfi! The Vampire can befuddle the weak-minded with just a stare of his piercing eyes. .nce each turn one enemy in base contact must make a 0eadership test a ainst his base 0eadership "cannot use the 0eaders$. If he fails he cannot attack and all attacks directed a ainst him automatically hit this turn. 1oes not affect those immune to psycholo y) the 8ndead or 1aemons. A"ra of #a$esty The von arsteins are the most authoritative of Vampires! the best generals among their kind. 3he Vampire increases the ran e to use his 0eadership by DE and may re:roll the first failed Rout 3est "if he has not been taken out of action$. S"mmon Bats The Vampire produces a bestial howl that awakens dark creatures and beckons them to his aid. .nce per ame the Vampire can summon 51F 7ell Bats) ,hich are deployed ,ith DE of the Vampire. 3reat this po,er like a spell ,ith a castin difficulty of +uto. 7ollo, the special rules for 7ell Bats belo,. Call %inds The anger of a von arstein is so powerful that even the sky reflects it. .nce per ame at the be innin of his Shootin /hase) if he is not in close combat) the Vampire may attempt to summon a storm. 3reat this like a spell) thus the Vampire may not shoot durin this phase. Roll 51D= on a 5 nothin happens but on a ?:D he successfully summons a po,erful storm that lasts until the be innin of his ne-t turn. +ll shootin is at :5 to hit and no model may fly "they must use their round movement$. 3he Storm immediately ends if the Vampire takes a Wound) is "nocked #own or taken $ut of %ction or if he is en a ed in close combat. Blood Dragon Bloodline Po ers &ed '"ry The Vampire enters battle with a savage and unstoppable bloodlust. 3he Vampire has >5 +ttack "this does not count to,ard his !a-imum$. Blade #aster &uperbly trained by some of the best swordsmen throughout history the Vampire can easily turn aside the blows of his enemies.

3he Vampire needs only to tie the roll Gto hit in order to parry "this means he can parry a roll of D$. 6e can also re:roll a failed parry "but cannot re:roll a re:roll) nor can he parry more than one attack$. (eart Piercing 'sing a combination of strength and speed the Vampire can easily find a gap in his opponent(s defences. 3he Vampire may re:roll missed attacks ,hen char in . Strength of Steel &uch is the Vampire(s martial prowess that he is able to strike at the precise moment when it will cause most damage. 3he Vampire has >5 Stren th "this does not count to,ard his ma-imum$ in the turn he char es. Necrarch Bloodline Po ers Nehe)hara*s No+le Blood The Vampire has created such a stash of necromantic lore over the centuries that he is incredibly learned in the dark arts. 3he Vampire is a po,erful Wi@ard and may choose an additional spell) and all his spells are at a >5 to cast ",hich does add ,ith the &orcery skill$. ,nholy Cynos"re The )ecrarch can focus his power into a different plane to foresee the future and change the present. .nce per ame the Vampire may re:roll one failed spell. The A a)ening The Vampire can sense the remains of long-dead warriors and awaken them to bolster his unholy ranks. 3he Vampire may cast the spell *e-%nimation once per turn in addition to any other spell he uses) also once per ame "instead of castin any spells$ he may summon 1F Hombies that appear ,ithin DE of him 'ust as if he cast *e-%nimation. 3he Hombies are lost after the ame and do not count to,ard the ma-imum number on the ,arband. #aster of the Blac) Arts &o ancient is this Vampire that he is a dark master of the necromantic arts. 3he Vampire adds DE to the ran e of spells that he casts. 3his /o,er only ,orks on spells that have ran e. Lahmia Bloodline Po ers= Beg"ile The +ahmian is such an enchanting beauty that her foes find it difficult to raise a weapon against her. .nce each turn one enemy in base contact must make a 0eadership test a ainst his base 0eadership "cannot use the 0eaders$. If he fails he cannot attack the Vampire "but anyone else is fair ame$. 1oes not affect those immune to psycholo y) the 8ndead or 1aemons. Transfi! The Vampire is so beautiful that a mortal(s will to fight immediately disappears before her. .nce each turn one enemy in base contact must make a 0eadership test a ainst his base 0eadership "cannot use the 0eaders$. If he fails he cannot attack and all attacks directed a ainst

him automatically hit this turn. 1oes not affect those immune to psycholo y) the 8ndead or 1aemons. Sed"ction How can a mortal resist the lure of a creature that has preyed on the warm blood of men for countless centuries, .n each of the Vampires turns one male enemy in base contact must make a 0eadership test a ainst his base 0eadership "cannot use the 0eaders$. If he fails) he immediately becomes controlled by the Vampire "may move and attack etc.$. +ny attacks by the Vampires ,arband hit automatically but control immediately returns to the ori inal player. !ake a 0eadership test at the be innin of each turn to see if the ,arrior re ains control. 3he Vampire can only control one ,arrior at a time. 1oes not affect those immune to psycholo y) the 8ndead) 1aemons or ,arriors sufferin form &tupidity. Innocence Lost These deceptive creatures look so innocent and vulnerable that enemies will lower their defences. 3he Vampire al,ays attacks first in close combat "even if standin up from a knocked down result or attackin enemy armed ,ith spears$. Strigoi Bloodline Po ers= C"rse of the &e-enant &o strong is the creature(s desire for eternal life that it can survive even the most appalling wounds. 3he Vampire has *egeneration ability. 7or any ,ound that is not saved the Vampire rolls 51D) on a I> the ,ound is re enerated "ne ated$. 3his po,er is i nored if the attack ,as caused by fire dama e or Blessed Water "or anythin else applicable$. #assi-e #onstrosity The Vampire is simply gigantic3he Vampire has >5 Wound "this does not count to,ard his ma-imum$. Iron Sine s The Vampire is a beast of pure muscular power. 3he Vampire has >5 Stren th "this does not count to,ard his ma-imum$. Infinite (atred The &trigoi know no love! shunned by all! they brood in their solitude vowing death upon all they meet. 3he Vampire re:rolls all missed attacks "remember that you cannot re:roll a re:roll$. 'ell Bats +lso kno,n as Vampire bats) the blood drinkin bats of Sylvania ro, to monstrous proportions. 3hey are ni htmarish predators of the dark) silent and deadly. 3hey e-ist solely on the blood of the livin ) that of men bein their favourite. Scholars of the .ld World speculate that perhaps the ancestors of these beasts drank the blood of a Vampire and thus became cursed. 3hese can only be obtained throu h the Bloodline /o,er &ummon .ats. Profile 7ell Bat # ? %S F BS C S F T F % ? I F A ? Ld B

7ell Bats are 8ndead so all rules that apply to the 8ndead apply to 7ell Bats.

Cause 7ear) Immune to /sycholo y) !ay not Run) Immune to /oison. 7urthermore the follo,in rules apply to 7ell Bats= Animal= 7ell Bats are treated as animals and therefore cannot use) hold) or pick up any Items) 9&uipment) Wyrdstone Counters etc. 'ly= 7ell Bats fly) ,hich means that they may move ?CE in any direction i norin terrain. 3hey can fly into or out of buildin s and may only char e models they can see) ho,ever 7ell Bats do not have to check for I ,hen movin up or do,n Buildin s "ho,ever they cannot make a diving charge$. 7urthermore if the 7ell Bats lose their last ,ound it plummets to the round and is easily finished off. 1o not roll for in'ury) they are automatically taken out of action) ,hen they lose their last ,ound. Bo"nd Creat"re= 7ell Bats are bound to the Vampire that called them. 3his means that if the 7ell Bats end any turn more than DE a,ay from the Vampire) and are not in close combat) they ,ill leave play "this ran e is e-tended to 5?E if the Vampire has the A"ra of #a$esty Bloodline /o,er$. 3his also means that if close combat ends and the 7ell Bats are outside this ran e they immediately leave. 7urthermore if the Vampire is taken out of action then the 7ell Bats also leave play. An extract from the journal of Karl Van Kulmner, the year of Sigmar 2001. /hat 0 banished to the underworld today was no Von arstein. 0 should have known the other families would take an interest in 1ordheim. 0 was escorted in easy enough. $ne of the creature(s dregs! a vile mockery of a man! named +othar had betrayed its master to me. 0t seems that he was looking to be free. 0 was informed that the other dregs had gone with the vile wi2ard to search for items of worth at the trading post so they would be no threat. He brought me to the crypt where his master slept. 0 was not surprised at the location! ever since the meteor hit this place has been used to collect the bodies of the dead. %s 0 walked in 0 could smell the rotting corpses. % lesser man would not have been able to keep from vomiting! but it was an odour! 0(m sorry to say! to which 0 have grown accustomed. 0 could hear some of them eating! the sound of raw flesh ripping and bones cracking on their sharp teeth. 0n the shadows 0 could make out bright eyes staring at me! but 0 knew from experience that these vile creatures! 3houls! were essentially cowardly and would not attack without their master. 0 cautiously eased open the door to its tomb and the dry! musty air hit me. 0nside! lying upon one of the altars! not even inside a coffin! was an impossibly large creature. 1ore beast than man! it was a monstrosity. 0t slept in a perverse parody of a bear in hibernation! most unlike any of the vampires 0 was used to dealing with. 0 knew immediately that it was of an ancient bloodline known as &trigoi. 0 moved as 4uietly as 0 could toward the great beast. /ith stake and hammer in hand 0 climbed the few steps to the altar. 0 positioned myself for the strike! but the door flew open with a resonating crash as the necromancer! Visserah! burst in. He had returned early and +othar was nowhere to be seen. %nd now the master was awake. 1y opportunity gone 0 4uickly went for my pistol! but was slammed to the ground! the stake and hammer flying from my grasp. The creature dove for me in a flash. 0 barely dodged out of the way in time as the stone altar 0 was leaning on was shattered to rubble. 0 rolled onto my feet and pulled out my sabre! which 0 had specially edged with silver and blessed by the priests of &igmar. 0t would cut deep! even into this monster. The necromancer finished an incantation and 0 felt as though 0 was in #eath(s grip! but then 0 felt a burning sensation on my chest! the symbol of &igmar was glowing brightly and 0 was saved. The vampire-creature let out a roar! 0 do not know if it was pure rage but the ghouls immediately responded! charging in. 0 sei2ed this opportunity to pull out my pistol! which was loaded with silver shot. 0 took aim at the vampire but was immediately charged by one of the dregs. 0 barely avoided its blows and my pistol rang out! ending the attack. The shot echoed throughout the small chamber. %s 0 pushed the corpse off of me the monster and its minions surrounded me moving in slowly so that their master could savour this moment. .ut this was not the end! my pistol shot had alerted the band of mercenaries that 0 had employed as backup and they soon came charging in. 0t was over 4uickly after that. $nce my sabre had struck home 0 was able

to stake the beast! crumbling it to dust. The necromancer was no match for the trained mercenaries at such close 4uarters so he too was overrun! but not before ending the life of their captain with his foul magick. %fter that the 2ombies crumbled to dust and the ghouls fled. This was one vampire that would not be seen again. 0 have seen other evidence that leads me to believe that the other families are here as well. 0t seems that 0 have my work cut out for me.

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