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Donaldson Company, Inc. is a leading filtration systems and solutions in the world. Since 1915, we have perfected and leveraged our innovative technology, strong customer relationships and broad geographic presence to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers. These filtration solutions span the entire life cycle of a customer's application, from initial system design through replacement products. Founded in 1915, Donaldson began with three-man shop, manufacturing air cleaners for farm tractors. Today, we have expanded our presence in 44 countries. Having pioneered Engine Air, Lube, Fuel & Hydraulic filtrations systems, Donaldson in early 1970 embarked into industrial filtration systems with acquisition of ToritCompany that propelled dust collection business in US and Europe. With the acquisition of the Day Division of Carter-Day in 1987, another leader in the dust collection market, our industrial air filtration technology is now applied to a variety of industries and environments, including: welding, pharmaceutical, woodworking, chemical, metal fabrication, foundries, food processing and composites. With more than 1000 scientists and 12600 employees Donaldson business expanded all over world with one after the other innovative products being launched ensured a consistent and tremendous growth. Smaller, Smarter Dust Collectors Torit PowerCore dust collection Technology from Donaldson Torit outperforms traditional bag house collectors and does so in less space. With emmissions less than 5mg per meter cube, in same capacity it occupies 70% less space than a conventional bag type dust collector. It handles high airflow, high particle loading, challanging particulate and less energy consumptions. The filter changeout is in minutes and works superbly well in cement industry and vast applications therein. Innovative Torit PowerCore dust collectors combine award-winning PowerCore filter packs with a new proprietary compact pulse cleaning system. This Proprietary combination delivers high filteration efficiencies not usually found in bag house filtration WHAT IS TETRATEX? Tetratex is a proprietary expanded microporous PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane, manufactured solely by Donaldson Membranes. It is laminated to a variety of base substrates to provide a complete range of media including woven and felted textile media for conversion into filter bags as well as pleatable media for cartridges style elements.

Filter media can enhance the performance of your fabric filter by utilizing surface filtration technology as opposed to traditional depth filtration methods. Donaldson Membranes has been solving challenging problems in the industrial filtration market since 1981. FILTRATION CHALLENGES Reducing energy consumption and environmental emissions are two of the greatest challenges facing the minerals industry today. Donaldson Membranes Tetratex ePTFE filter media can help overcome these challenges. The benefits: Reduced Emission Reduced Production Cost Reduced Downtime Reduced Energy Consumption