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DESCRIPTION OF BUSINESS Type of business Natu e of business Ob!e"ti#es


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State $o"ation of business Out$ine t% ee easons to !ustify $o"ation

SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE LABOUR Type of $abou ne"essa y Nu'be of pe sons to be e'p$oye( an( t%ei (uties an( fun"tions Out$ine one eason )%y t%is type of $abou is ne"essa y SOURCES OF FIXED AND WORKING CAPITAL I(entify sou "es of fi+e( "apita$ an( ,i#e e+a'p$es I(entify sou "es of )o -in, "apita$ an( ,i#e e+a'p$es ROLE OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Define t%e o$e of t%e ent ep eneu Out$ine t% ee fun"tions of t%e ent ep eneu TYPE OF PRODUCTION I(entify t%e type of p o(u"tion Des" ibe t%e type of p o(u"tion LEVEL OF PRODUCTION I(entify t%e $e#e$ of p o(u"tion Des" ibe t%e $e#e$ of p o(u"tion QUALITY CONTROL MEASURES Des" ibe T2O 3ua$ity "ont o$ 'easu es USE OF TECHNOLOGY I(entify t)o types of te"%no$o,y use( Out$ine %o) t%e te"%no$o,y use( is use( to en%an"e t%e effi"ien"y of t%e business LINKAGE State t%e type of $in-a,e to be (e i#e( f o' t%e business Out$ine one benefit of t%at type of $in-a,e POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH E+p$ain t%e potentia$ fo , o)t% inte na$$y an( e+te na$$y GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS


I(entify ,o#e n'ent e,u$ation t%at i'pa"t on t%e business E+p$ain %o) it i'pa"ts t%e business ETHICAL ISSUES Dis"uss one et%i"a$ issue e$atin, to p o(u"tion S%o) %o) it i'pa"ts on t%e business


PRESENTATION Tit$e pa,e7 tab$e of "ontents7bib$io, ap%y