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Aurora Degree College, Hyderabad, India- 500 020.

Interdisciplinary project on E ects o Cool Drin!s".

#ield $or!.

%ijaysree p&ar'a inc., (auc&pally, Hyderabad.

Introduction to analytical instru'ents and e)uip'ent*s in t&e )uality Assurance and +uality control depart'ent ,l% Dl%-.

Industrial .isit


/no$ledge o co'puter 01-2 ice and basics o c-language. 3yping 1peed 4 0ediu'.

Additional Qualification / Achievements / Certifications:

1tood #irst" or presenting poster c&e'at&on" at Aurora Degree and 56 College. 1tood 3&ird" place in Debate (ig ig&t" at Aurora Degree and 56 College. 5resented 5osters, 5o$er points or 7orld 28one day" at Aurora Degree and 56 College. 5articipated in Hepatitis ( a$areness" progra' organi8ed by 9II0s &ospital, Hyderabad. 5resented 5oster and po$er point on 7orld 5opulation" Aurora Degree and 56 College. 1tood or 1pecial Appreciation or presenting Docu'entary on Ideal India" at Aurora Degree and 56 College.

1tood 3&ird" place in cultural acti.ity spring spree :200;" at 9ational Institute o tec&nology, 7arangal.

5articipated in 9ational se'inar on (io- Industry interaction" &eld on 5t& jan-200;. 5articipated in 9ational con erence on e'erging &epatocellular diseases, 2<-2=t& 1ept. 20>2, Dept. o (ioc&e'istry ? 0olecular (iology, 5ondic&erry @ni.ersity,

5articipated in 9ational se'inar on 1cience or s&arpening t&e uture o India" &eld on 0arc& >5t& and ><t& 20>A, organi8ed by Indian 1cience Congress Association ,I1CA- at 5ondic&erry Central @ni.ersity.

Has undergone industrial training, dealt $it& introduction to analytical instru'ents and e)uip'ents in t&e )uality Assurance and +uality control depart'ent ,l% Dl%- at %ijaysree p&ar'a inc., (auc&pally, Hyderabad.

5articipated in 9ational $or!s&op on to uses o Ani'als in Bi e science" on August 25t& at (&aratidasan 6o.t. College or $o'en, 5uduc&erry.

1uccess ully co'pleted CI2D20 I9DIA 5C26CA0- 20>A on @nited 9ations con erence on sustainable de.elop'ent.

5articipated in 9ational con erence on Drug Disco.ery and Cellular Dyna'ics" on 2>st and 22nd 'arc& 20>A, at 5ondic&erry Central @ni.ersity.

7as group leader or t&e batc& during graduation.

Technical Kno led!e:" 0olecular (iology and 6enetic EngineeringE Isolation o plas'id and geno'ic D9A ro' bacterial culture, plas'id isolation, 5reparation o co'petent cells, Calciu' c&loride 'ediated trans or'ation, Bigation o D9A, 5oly'erase c&ain reaction, Cestriction rag'ent lengt& poly'orp&is', Cando' a'pli ied poly'orp&ic D9A, Cloning o 6#5 protein. 5rotein (ioc&e'istryE Co'parati.e analysis o total protein pro iles o bacterial culture by 1D1-5A6E ,coo'assie staining-, 2-D gel Electrop&oresis, Esti'ation o protein by (rad ord assay, Isolation ? assay o bacterial en8y'e ,Al!aline 5&osp&atase-.

0icrobiologyE Handling o bacterial cultures, t&eir 5olyp&asic c&aracteri8ation ,based on data ro' 'orp&ological, bioc&e'ical, p&ysiological, c&e'otaFono'ic, genotypic, 'olecular and p&ylogenetic sources-, Identi ication, 0aintenance and preser.ation. Handling o anaerobic cultures using anaerobic c&a'ber, 6ro$t& studies, E ect o .arious actors in bacterial gro$t&, Enric&'ent culture and 1creening o bacterial cultures.

2t&er (ioc&e'ical ? I''unological 3ec&ni)uesE Analyses o AntigensE I''unodi usion ,2uc&terlony- 'et&od, I''unoelectrop&oresis ,IE5-, 15EE 1eru' 5rotein Electrop&oresis, 5reparation o 'ouse spleen cells, I''unoa inity c&ro'atograp&y, puri ication o polyclonal antibodies, 7idal test ,#or detection o S. typhi in &u'an -, EBI1A, 3uberculin test, Antibody production in rabbit, Detection o &u'an pat&ogenic bacteria, Detection on urinary tract in ection,


0y Con idence. 5ositi.e approac& to$ards issues. Hard $or!ing nature. Can adopt any en.iron'ent.


I trust people easily. 1pend lot o ti'e or t&e assurance o per ectness in 'y $or!. 9ot eel co' ortable until ? unless 'y tas! co'e to inis&.


Englis& 3elugu Hindi @rdu

(E#S'NAL )ETAILS: 9a'e Date o (irt& #at&er*s 9a'e E 02HD.A(D@B.GA1EE9 E 0H-05->;=; E 02HD.A(D@B./HADEC

5er'anent Address

E H-92- 5-=->2AIJIA, 1&ant&i nagar, sangareddy, DistrictK 'eda!, 5I9E 50200>, 13A3EE And&ra 5rades&, I9DIA.

Contact 9o 1eF Celigion 9ationality )ECLA#ATI'N:

E 0;0A00J25>> E 0ale E 0usli' E Indian

I &ereby declare t&at t&e abo.e gi.en in or'ation is true to 'y !no$ledge. * +ASEEN,