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DALMIA MAGNESITE CORPORATION C-67 Salem 636012 Tamil Nadu India

Phone:+91-427-2346701 / 710 Fax: +91-427-2345616 E-mail:

This unit was established in 1958 in the Magnesite belt of India Salem, Tamil Nadu, to manufacture Dead Burned Magnesite, with a capacity of 36000 MT per year. Capacity was enhanced to 72000 MT per year in 1973. In 1992, New Mill House with capacity up to 50000 MT per year of Monolith mixes was established and in 1996, an 8000 (MT/year) capacity brick plant was established. The unit is accredited with ISO : 9001 : 2008 by UL and through in-house product development, developed several products for Steel, Cement and Glass industries . High Thermal Shock Resistant Mag-Spinal bricks is one of them. This development has been Patented by the Company. In Cement industry our bricks have been used in the Burning Zone with comparable life in various kiln sizes and with different kind of raw-meal and fuel. After extensive evaluation, these bricks are now offered to Indian Cement industry as single variety to take care of different operating conditions -- OPC and Sulfate Resistant clinkers, high and low ash fuels, unconventional fuels (like waste materials), gas and liquid fuels, raw meals requiring normal burning (1400oC) or high temperature burning (1500oC), low and high alkali raw meals, coating or no coating-- our bricks perform equally well for all above, due to its patented formulation and in-situ spinal formation.