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January 2011

our year of
Brainline Head Ofce: Pretoria
Tel: +27 (12) 543 5000
Fax: +27 866 55 44 33
215 Veronica Street, Montana,
Pretoria, 0182
Brainline Irene Village Mall
Tel: +27 (12) 662 2438
Shop 141, Irene
Village Mall Irene, Pretoria
Monday-Sunday 9h00 - 16h00
Brainline Cape Town Ofce
Tel: +27 (21) 680 5344
or +27 (21) 680 5153
Regus Southern Suburbs, Ground Floor,
Liesbeek House, River Park,
River Lane, Mowbray.
fully accredited Matric Senior Certificate
unique curriculum
easy online assessment
world-class online campus
distance education
friendly call centre
Gr 0 - 12
A warm welcome
Basic PC Training
Gr 1 - 9 Open Day
Gr 12 Open Day
Gr 10 & 11 Open Day
Adult Matric Open Day
* Open Days take place in
Pretoria and Cape Town
* Open Days in Cape Town
are for any grade, every time
* Study Method Seminars only
in Pretoria on the same dates.
(Other cities will be announced later).
Welcome to every parent, student and
tutor! We are so happy that you made
the important choice to join Brainline
Learning World as your institution for
distance education. We know that you
will enjoy 2011 with us and are also
looking forward to a year of excellence.
This year, in addition to the benefts you
receive as a member of Brainline, there
are several activities in which you may be
interested. Our events include open
days, countrywide study method
seminars, camps, golf days, and much

Kindly remember to visit brainONLINE
regularly to not miss out on all this and
much other useful information.
We know that its not always easy to work with
computers. Especially if you grew up without
them in your life. Thats why we have a Tutorial
section on the left-hand menu at brainONLINE,
where you can download our four basic
computer skills modules for free!
Download it today to see how a few basic but
important skills can help you to succeed with
your online learning with Brainline Learning
World. As easy as One, Two, Click!
It is also a very special year for us as we
are celebrating our 21st year of
existence. We are proud to announce
that our new shop at the Irene Village
Mall in Pretoria is a huge success, just as
our branch in Cape Town. We are
currently working to open shops in
Bloemfontein and Johannesburg too!
As we believe that 2011 is our year of
excellence, our commitment to provide
quality distance education remains.
If you have any questions, comments, or
need more information, please dont
hesitate to contact us. We would love to
* (012) 543 5000
We would like to know how Brainline helps you
through distance education. Why did you choose
Brainline, and how does it help you to work
towards a brighter future? Send your story to:
One lucky student will win a brand new
Apple iPod Shufe.
Tell us your story!
our year of
Printed Lessons
Assignments on brainONLINE
An overview of Brainline
Our world-class online campus!
This is not only where you get
all the important information
you need to know, but also
where you download and
submit all your tasks and tests.
You need to login at least once
a week to see whats new. All
the tasks and tests are
We are there for you. Whenever
you need help, you can submit
a ticket on our highly efective
support system. Just click on
the link on the website and
complete your query. We
would love to assist you with
any query.
We know that working on your
own is not always easy.
Therefore we have a database
of tutors around the country
that can help you. Although we
train these tutors to assist you
with your Brainline work, they
are not a part of Brainline
directly and may ofer their
services for an additional fee.
On our brand-new online
management console, you can
register new students, manage
how you will pay outstanding
fees, or add more students. No
need to fll in papers or visit any
ofce. Thats easy registration,
just for you.
We supply you with all the lesson material
you need. Every grade has a CD, while
some of the higher grades subjects require
additional handbooks.
The student does all the lessons for
revision purposes. None of the lessons
from the CD need to be sent to Brainline.
It works best when answers for the
assignments are written on the printed
lessons or in a notebook. Please note that
they cannot be typed onto the assign-
ments directly.
Brainline Irene Village
Mall, Pretoria
Brainline Cape Ofce
Mowbray, Cape Town
Brainline Head Ofce
Montana, Pretoria
Only Grades 9 - 12 need to download, complete and upload
tasks on brainONLINE. There will, however, be term tests for
Grades 1 - 12. Please note that the assignment process is
diferent from previous years: Brainline marks all the tasks and
tests found on brainONLINE, under each separate subject.
The student just needs to download, complete and upload
the task successfully. After all the tasks have been marked
and moderated, you will be able to download your marked
task to review your work with feedback from the subject
As voted by most of our families, this
process will make it a lot easier for our
parents and tutors. Not only will they
have more time to spend educating
the student, but the results will also be
more accurate and the subject advisors
feedback will show you where to
improve. Doesnt this sound like a
win-win solution for everyone?
Discover the treasure in
every student!
See how a few basic
learning skills
can help your child to
unleash the potential
within him or her!
was R200
Now only R130!
(excludes postage)
Do you want us to print all
your lessons on your
Brainline CD?
Just send your name, grade,
and contact details to for a
quotation. We will print and
bind it all for you!
our year of
Need stationery?
We have it all!
But only for a limited time! We have three diferent kits:
1. Grade 0 - 3 (with beanbag, whiteboard)
2. Gr 4 - 9 (everything you need)
3. Gr 10 - 12 (includes scientifc calculator)
The leaders in Distance Education
Whether its for our fun-flled, brand new Grade 0
curriculum, our complete, fully accredited
homeschooling solution, or our famous Adult
Matric option, Brainline Learning World stays far
ahead when it comes to distance education. And
it keeps getting better every day.
(012) 543 5000 |
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Staying healthy and living a balanced lifestyle is very important.
Not only does it help you to give your
best whilst studying, but also makes you a super cool healthy hero!
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: ~.. .r r-
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6 }.. . r . .
z <-. . . . ..--
c }r -.- r
7 + .-.- .-- .r.
ic }r -.- - .. .- . .r.
(excluding postage)