Interesting & Fun Facts About Great Britain • • • • The official name of Great Britain is the United Kingdom of Great

Britain and Northern Ireland. England, Scotland, and Wales, together make up Great Britain. It is the largest island in the European continent and the ninth largest in the orld. The capital and the largest cit! of Britain is "ondon, hile the capitals of the three countries forming Britain are "ondon, Edin#urgh, and $ardiff, of England, Scotland, and Wales, respecti%el!. $hristianit! is the ma&or religion practiced in Great Britain ith o%er ' million #elie%ers across the entire island, di%ided into (.' million in England and Wales, and )'*,*** in Scotland. The official language of Britain is English. The currenc! used in Great Britain is pound sterling. Ben Na%is, at +,,(( m -(,(*. ft/, is the highest point in Great Britain in Scotland, hile the lo est point is the 0enlands hich is ( m #elo sea le%el. Interestingl!, ith a population of 1* million people, Great Britain is the third most populous island in the orld, after 2a%a and 3onsh4. Though the island has #een named 5United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland6, it includes onl! England, Wales, Scotland, and man! other small outl!ing islands, namel!, Isle of Wight, 7nglese!, the Isles of Scill!, the 3e#rides, and the island groups of 8rkne! and Shetland. 3o e%er, it does not include Northern Ireland. The ord British is used to refer the people #elonging to the entire Great Britain, Britain for short. 3o e%er, the! are referred to as Welsh, Scottish, and English in their respecti%e nations. The longest ri%er is The Se%ern, measuring ,99 km long, that rises in central Wales and flo s through Shre s#ur!, Worcester, and Gloucester in England into the Bristol $hannel. The official name for the British flag is Union 2ack, hile the English flag is called the 0lag of St. George, the Scottish is called the 0lag of St. 7ndre , and the Welsh flag is called the 0lag of St. :a%id. :id !ou kno that the orld;famous pop music #and 5The Beatles6 that changed the music scene across the glo#e are from England< Britain is the onl! countr! in the its postage stamps. orld that does not ha%e the countr!6s name on

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Surprisingl!, there are more chickens than humans in England. 8f all the mammal species found in Great Britain, rodents constitute (*= hich include s>uirrels, mice, %oles, rats, and the European #ea%er. 8thers comprise of

The largest species is the red deer. moles.#ased ild animal found in Great Britain. and se%eral #ats species. shre s. hedgehogs. hares. . • The deer is the largest land. follo ed #! roe deer and fallo deer.ra##its.

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