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Welcome to the knowledge that will be conferred by this means to Students of the World. In this Era of Aquarius consciences long for a true connection with the Divinity. ORO*MU represents one of the most serious options that exists on Earth: the motivation of human beings into higher evolution, by means of illuminated life through spiritual philosophy and service to the Planet. Welcome to this group of Students of the World. Certainly, your inner being will guide you in the achievement of your goals, dissipation of any doubts and assimilation of ancient and modern knowledge in the right way.

On our behalf, we count on a lot of information received from Master Franolu, founder of ORO*MU, and the support of the lessons from the Ascended Masters of Shamballa. These lessons will come weekly.

The Path of the Initiate

Welcome brothers, the White Brotherhood salutes you. This is Saint Germain. On behalf of the Masters of Hierarchy, the Directors of the Rays, of all the members of the great organization that makes possible the connection between Humanity and the Solar Logos, we dedicate these words to you, harbored by the sweet effluvium that originates from the high spheres of spirituality.

You have initiated a great path today; your steps which have been previously lost back and forth in life, now are being headed in the right direction. Your eyes, long before lost in human labyrinths, are now focused in the Divine Light of Spirit; your ears, long before confused by the roars of humanity, now tuned into the sweet notes of spiritual knowledge and this flame that duels in your heart and that seemed to extinguish at moments, revives now and grows, illuminated by a force that comes from inner being. There is no other glory than that of knowing one-self.

Many years have gone by since that first moment when you opened your eyes to the physical world, with the mission of being happy, and in this search, you left behind pieces of your wearing apparel, drops of your blood and sweat, a lot of times you left pieces of your heart, left sample of pain and happiness and the print left as time goes by, has now become the rosary of the deeds, sometimes sad and happy at others. You have lived a life of an unconscious society, but every cycle has an end, and every end is the open door to a new beginning.

Your eyes have been closed to unconsciousness, but opened to the clearness of the spirit; your ears have been opened to confusing voices, to open them to celestial music, and your paths have acquired the strength and direction that take you without hesitation to the hidden treasure of the heavens of spirit. Your hands that work so hard to glorify the idols on Earth, now will be anxiously extended to help your neighbor and strengthen your way, lifting them from the darkness and find themselves in, and driving them obediently through a narrow door that conveys to the realms of heaven.

For this reason Initiation is glorious, and when a human being initiates, heavens sing with happiness. Because of this, when we hear the human desires and aspirations in a Ceremony of



Initiation, Shamballa comes closer to Earth and we see closer the day when we can reunite on his own physical plane. Each Initiated is a pillar of this Great Temple, that is built so that someday, the Hierarchy descends and becomes a reality to human beings.

Every human being that initiates is a seed that blooms, is the symbol of the word that was heard, is an act of love that is multiplied, an awarded effort to all those who walked and passed with the seed of the spirit spreading it, on those fields that seemed sterile, but harbor a treasure that could not be perceived at that time. It is not possible to inadvertently pass such an important date, not for us, not to dedicate a word to those who came up with the decision of being part of the lines of the conscientious humanity. For this reason, these words have been dedicated to them all.

And now allow me to announce: the path in which you have been initiated this day, is not well protected by the energy of love. We are builders in a world that needs to be built, we are sowers of soils that still needs to be purified, we are instructors of a world that does not wish to hear, servers of people who do not want to be served, and yet the force of love that flows out of the hearts of the initiated, represents the biggest shield a human can grip in this great task. This force opens the path between obstacles that interpose with the Divine Will. This is a force that drags and burns in perfection, all the disharmony an initiated could find in his way. The force of love comes before your feet are conducted to the place where they are needed; the force of love prepares the soil before the seeds are placed.

Remember, love goes before you preparing the grounds for those who will come, removing all the obstacles that must be taken away so that your work is more effective. It is necessary that each disciple and each Initiate be connected to that energy that flows from the inside to the outside. Every action, every word, every decision that you take must be motivated, inspired in this universal love, the impersonal love which inspires the great Initiated. Harmonize interiorly, and then translate in deeds that sweeping force which is love, and then you will understand the true meaning of the word “service”. Until then you will have lived a little piece of God’s kingdom amid the human beings.

I leave my words here, but I want to let you know with all my heart, that if you feel weakened, and your flame decreases, threatening to be extinguished, read these words and remember that in this glorious hour, the Hierarchy has established a commitment with each one of you. We will be together no matter where you are, or what you are doing, the Hierarch will remain by your side and by just saying the sacred mantram to Father Eli repeating it three times


This will be the call that each one of you will make to your own Solar Logos and we, the Servers of the Solar Logos and yours will be there, eager to help you. May the light of Shamballa keep you. Let it be forever.

(1) Mantram Blessed Father Eli, blessed be your presence within me. Blessed Father Eli, blessed be your presence within me. Blessed Father Eli, blessed be your presence within me.


The word “disciple” must be understood as the state of consciousness, that is, disciple is everyone who follows the teaching, not the one who follows a guide. The way in which Spiritual Masters want to work is by emphasizing the teachings, not the personalities.



Disciple is the one following the light, not one following a human being, even following an Ascended Master. He can always be seen following his teaching, never men or Gods.

The disciple is measured by his will to serve, rather than by his capacity to perform. Will is the product of an interior evolution; capacity is the product of training.

It is a thousand times simpler to train a person than trying to make him wake to a need he does not feel. In this way, it is the desire to serve what distinguishes one disciple from the other.

If a disciple is still between good and evil, good or bad, right or wrong, it means that there is still a long way to run.

The disciple learns that everything is good and simply the forms in which the energy of good varies, affect everything existing. If the disciple enjoys observing life, and his teaching does not exist but by pleasure, his acts and his thinking are an instant passage between his intuition and a concrete action, then we say the disciple is very advanced on his way, but even then there is a long way to get there.

The superiority of a disciple to somebody else should not be based exclusively on material or intellectual positions, it must be based on the quality of the human being, on his evolution, on the way he approaches problems, on how he faces the challenges that life brings.

The spiritual maturity of a disciple is measured by internal judgments established by each one of his experiences.

It is not the goal what matters, but the path. We are not looking for the attainment but for the constant service. The peak of the mountain is not what attracts the traveller, but the adventure of walking, scaling to the top, the adventure of knowing himself as a citizen of the Universe, heir of God, receptor of all his blessings.

When the disciple, who is guided into the world by his higher conscience, then his hands and his works are one hundred percent creators, his vision is complete without shadows. His life trespasses the masks behind which human personalities hide, because the heart and mind are perfectly clear to their spiritual guide. He can read the wills of men, women and governments. He can perfectly understand how the Divine will demonstrate in all things. In this case, the disciple finds himself in the peak of spiritual knowledge and his path on Earth is not other than the Divine Will put into action for blessing of human beings. The disciple may be in Shamballa in the future looking down as Spiritual Masters do and will have groups similar to the ones formed by the disciples. In the inside his most secret thoughts will tell him that there is still a long way to run over. This is the history of the Disciples, of all those who one day will decide to embrace the path to spiritual knowledge.

When the disciple has accomplished his tasks, he will be helping his brothers, counseling them, making easier their work without pointing out with authority where they should go. He will advise them finding answers without obstructing his brother’s way.

The disciple must succeed in this spiritual world and might control every opposing force. Cycles of life come, bloom and go by. Physiological stages, chronological ages, ups and downs, gaining and losing friends, are things the disciple must control so that his interior world begins to bloom and grow. This other world is where the disciple lives internally, he feels that the world of forms is hostile and dangerous. Then he learns to recognize his interior house as an internal world which only he can access, there is no place for hate, disharmony, inconveniences, mistreatments, etc, that the physical world brings him.



He must understand that the spiritual philosophy, the chosen path, is a glorious one. This path conveys to the light but goes over dark valleys, allowing the pursuit of peace and happiness without separating from the conditions of the world he lives in. The disciple lives in two worlds:

the physical one where he suffers sickness, scarceness, the world of human relations, the world of disappointments and earthly affections, the world of money, the world of comfort as well as of pain and suffering, world of illnesses, world of sensual pleasures.

There is another teaching that reveals the disciple that this internal house where he shelters every time the physical world hurts or offends him, is in reality infinitely richer. His interior house has windows and doors. It is necessary to grow in order to stop rocking in an exterior cradle. It is necessary to come out and know that the interior world is inhabited by masters, instructors, by schools, groups of brothers that have conquered and controlled the vicissitudes of physical life. It is essential that the learns to move and educate himself in the internal world. He must enter in contact with his interior Master and, why not, learn likewise about the existence of risks and difficulties.

The spiritual disciple must contribute to the stabilization and harmonization of the psychic atmosphere in the planet. Each disciple must emanate spiritual life for the planet. Taking notice of this task he must make conscientious to all those linked to this movement.

Liberty and the respect for human rights are fundamental beliefs that all individuals must have. Within the program of world instruction, the SPIRITUAL MASTERS include an effort to complement these human values and incorporate them into the basic principles that regulate the behaviour of individuals. The respect for the liberties of his brothers must be of fundamental importance for every individual.

The instruction requires of a special emphasis on social aspects. The disciple must keep a conscious positive and active social life within the limits where he develops. The congruence of these social activities with its personal convictions will be the clue to determine who will become the next disciples that will enrich the Internal Group.

The disciple must learn to work with his etheric and astral energies. He must understand that the great Cosmic forces that circle the atmosphere of the planet affect his etheric and astral bodies as well as storms and cyclones affect his physical body. He must also learn to find an internal shelter when those waves of astral energy trigger, forming storms and cyclones in the subtle worlds. It is necessary to understand that this other interior world is infinitely richer than the world of forms. The physical bodies of the Students of the World must be harmonic and surrendered to the purposes that enliven the spirit.

Tempering the spirit is a task that should not be delayed by the disciples of the light. The spirit cannot be tempered by loving words, but with the fire of teaching. It is molded by the beating of the battering ram that strengthen little by little a will that has not be trained because the human being is too much consequent with himself. Human life is a continuous change of objectives, it moves like the waters of the river, going around obstacles. The big difference is that the river knows its goal, while human beings do not. For this reason they see that at the end of their lives they have reached nowhere and they need to fortify their will. The spiritual truth cannot be reached by influencing the body, it must be conquered every second of existence, struggling for the effect of the will against those disordered voices of a body that does not know of control. It is only the will that allows to go across the abyss firmly and courageously.

Why extend the agonies through useless indecisions? Let’s make use of the will and be flexible.




Brothers and sisters, your belong now to a selected group of students of spirituality that marks the course of humanity. This group will receive training and instruction in different areas so that marching through life you become a model to follow.

Your responsibility consists of studying seriously and profoundly the messages you will be receiving, sending your doubts and comments which will be clarified, and, above all, by your putting in practice what you have learned.

We also want to comment about the lesson’s language. Most of them are presented in simple, direct language, as simple and direct as when we speak to God. This language supplies us with rich hidden clues inside each phrase. This means that each phrase contains a great secret in itself, each phrase is a valuable clue of knowledge.

You will understand that every time you read a lesson in ORO*MU, you will be coming in contact with high power energy inside words, and thoughts, but you must be careful and treat this studying material with solemnity and proper respect for the handling of these energies.

We also advise you that the teaching on this Basic level called ‘’THE STUDENTS OF THE WORLD’’ will last approximately a year, and you can share it in the Internet and groups of studies. You are free of starting to distribute it so that more persons take advantage of these studies and subscribe to them.

Your responsibility will be studying and meditating on them. Keep your e-mail account with enough space so that the lesson can be sent to you, otherwise, the server will erase it automatically in the event of oversaturation in your account.

We will go over through the lessons in harmony on this beautiful chapter in your life, the spiritual teaching, and will all write a new page in the history of ORO*MU full of material realizations and spiritual growth.

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Infinite blessings to all of you.

Fraternally, the team of instructors of ORO*MU INTERNACIONAL.

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