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-ob *nalysis 6uestionnaire

PURPOSE AND INSTRUCTIONS The purpose of the study is to obtain current information on your job based on a review of job duties and responsibilities. Because you know your duties and responsibilities better than anyone else, we need your help to get an accurate description of your job. We are asking you to complete this questionnaire that asks for information about your job duties. The questionnaire does not ask about your job performance; only what your job requires you to do. lease complete this questionnaire as honestly, completely and accurately as you can. Base your answers on what is normal to your current job, not special projects or temporary assignment duties, unless these tasks are a regular part of your job. This questionnaire needs to cover many jobs, so the questions are not specifically about your job. !owever, you should be able to compare your job duties to the e"amples given. #f two answers seem to fit your situation, just check the one that works best. When answering the questions, imagine you are describing what you do to a neighbor, friend or to someone just hired for your position. $our supervisor and manager will also be asked about your job, but they will not be allowed to change your answers. We appreciate your active participation in this important study. #f you have questions, please feel free to ask your supervisor or division administrator. Please return this questionnaire to your supervisor.


$our %ame& ++,& %* customer representative / year 'haled (abbous (ivision or )ollege& *lfa Telecom (epartment& call center -ob )ode & ). 0 months

$our -ob Title&

!ow long have you been in your current position& Work Telephone %umber& +upervisor1s %ame& .oony .i2k ///

+upervisor1s Title&-unior call representative supervisor


#ndicate in one or two sentences the general purpose of the position 3or why this job e"ists4. This statement should be a general summary of the responsibilities listed in the ne"t section. Telecommunication companies )ustomer relationship management main actors are )ustomers and customer representatives where by any customer to could call /// and a customer representative would answer to serve the customer5s needs which include poor network coverage, internet settings on devices, information about services that are provided, claims with regards to any dysfunction of a service and many more.



(escribe specific job responsibilities7duties, listing the most important first. 8se a separate statement for each responsibility. 9ost positions can be described in ()* +a,or responsi-ility areas. )ombine minor or occasional duties in one last statement. :ive a best estimate of average percentage of time each responsibility takes; however, do not include a duty which occupies ;< or less of your time unless it is an essential part of the job. =ach statement should be brief and concise, beginning with an action verb. A list o. a/tion ver-s is atta/he0 .or re.eren/e -ut .eel .ree to use other a/tion ver-s i. they are +ore appropriate. The bo" below shows an e"ample.

ercent 3<4 of Time

Se/retary /. >. ?. 0. ;.

erforms a variety of typing duties including standard letters, reports and forms. Takes and transcribes dictation. )omposes letters and memos as directed. 9aintains departmental files; ensures that all records are updated and modified as necessary. *nswers the telephone and greets visitors. 9akes travel arrangements.

234 234 254 254 654 6554


/. erform phone calls to clients who have a follow up call filled up by another representative claiming manual mobile settings on the specific device used bycustormer *nswer on questions that have been posted by the public users on facebook and twitter 0@< ?. .eceive calls from customers who need any information with regards to services that are provided /@< 0. Train new call representatives in the form of A-( training /@< /@<

ercent 3<4 of Time



#9#= registration for authori2ed cellphones in Bebanon

>@< /@<


*ssist other representatives who are newly positioned




erform other jobGrelated duties as assigned. 6554

Hor the remainder of the questionnaire, most of the questions require that you check the bo" or list information. :uidelines for completing these sections are as follows& /4 read each definition carefully before answering, >4 consider the job, not yourself, ?4 answer based on the job as it currently e"ists, 04 select the most appropriate answer3s4 for each question.

General Education & Experience D. EDUCATION# )heck the bo" that best indicates the minimum training7education requirements of this job. 3%ot
necessarily your education, but the requirements for the job4.
9inimum .equirement

8p to E years of education F to // years of education

+ome )ollege7*ssociate1s (egree Bachelor1s (egree 9aster1s (egree (octorate (egree

!igh +chool (iploma or :=( Iocational7Technical7Business +chool



T PE O& E1PERIENCE NEEDED# lease indicate the specific job e"perience needed. Hor e"ample, Jaccounting e"perience in an education environmentJ vs. Jaccounting e"perienceJ. Be sure that the e"perience stated is what is actually required by the job, not what is preferred. Telemarketing7)ustomer service7 )all agent representative

)heck the bo" which best indicates the minimum amount of e"perience described above. 3%ot necessarily your years of e"perience, but the requirements for the job.4 Bess than C months C months but less than / year / year but less than ? years ? but less than ; years ; but less than D years D years plus


lease indicate all specific skills and7or licensing7certification required 3not preferred4 to do this job. Hor e"ample, spreadsheet software proficiency may be a requirement for a secretarial job; journey license may be required for an electrician. Fluency in Arabic and English languages. Fast and efficient typing skills Excellent communication skills

SUPER9ISOR NATURE# What is the nature of the direct supervisory responsibility your job hasK )heck one answer.

%o supervisory responsibility.
Work leadership of one or more employees. +upervisor over a section of a department. *ssistant 9anager over supervisors or a small department. 9anager of one department. 9anager of more than one department. (irector, through managers, of a single department. (irector, through managers, of multiple departments. !ow many positions report directly to youK




< or +ore

Bist the title3s4 of employee3s4 whom you directly supervise& Title %ra0e'Level Nu+-er o. Positions

#ndicate the total number of employees you indirectly supervise throu=h supervisors or +ana=ers& %one /@@ L (oes this position require functional supervision of positions that do not report directly to youK $es %o /G; CG/@ //G>@ >/G;@ ;/G/@@

Please /o+plete or=ani>ation /hart -elo?#

Title of $our #mmediate +upervisor -unior )ustomer representative +upervisor

Ather jobs which report to your immediate supervisor

)ustomer representatives

Ather jobs which report to your immediate supervisor

Titles of $our (irect .eports


#ndicate how often the following physical demands are required to perform the =ssential -ob .esponsibilities. CM)onstantly 3;GE hrs.7shift4 Physi/al De+an0s +tanding Walking +itting Bifting )arrying ushing ulling )limbing Balancing +tooping 'neeling )rouching )rawling .eaching !andling :rasping Heeling Talking !earing .epetitive 9otions =ye7!and7Hoot )oordination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ) ) ) ) Physi/al Stren=th Bittle hysical =ffort Bight Work 9edium Work !eavy Work Iery !eavy Work ) . ) . . &MHrequently 3>G; hrs.7shift4 OMAccasionally 38p to > hrs.7shift4 RM.arely 3(oes not e"ist as regular part of job4

Environ+ental Con0itions ="treme )old ="treme !eat Temperature )hanges Wet !umid %oise Iibration !a2ards *tmospheric )onditions Ather 3define4& . . . . . . . . .


Because no single questionnaire can cover every part of a job, can you think of any other information that would be important in understanding your jobK #f so, please give us your comments below. The job as a representative is basically being an actor in the customer service relationship management whereby we are the link between what the customers demand as we take suggestions that they request of the senior management, they provide us with the problems they are facing whereby we fill up trouble tickets regarding the problems they are facing and incase many of the same trouble ticket is being filled up, the technical team gets informed to work on the issue to resolve it in the minimum time required. =mployee1s +ignature& (ate& />7/>7>@/? 'haled(abbous


Based on your understanding of the job as it currently e"ists, please review the employee1s response and provide your own comments in the space provided below. Please 0o not /han=e the e+ployeeCs responses. The questionnaire is intended to analy2e the job as it is currently being done and not how it might be done in the future. The e+ployeeCs level o. per.or+an/e in the ,o- is not part o. this revie? an0 is not to -e /onsi0ere0. Section Remarks What 'haled (abbous mentioned is perfectly accurate and sums up everything related to a customer representative but an important policy was not mentioned which is no personal use of cellphones in the )all center regardless of the e"cuse and importance of personal phone calls and te"ting conversations.

+upervisor1s %ame& .ony .i2ik +upervisor1s +ignature& Telephone %umber& .. @?G0?00@0

Title& )all representative supervising manager (ate& //7/C7>@/?


Based on your understanding of the job as it currently e"ists, please review the employee1s response and provide your own comments in the space provided below. Please 0o not /han=e the e+ployeeCs or supervisorCs responses. The questionnaire is intended to analy2e the job as it is currently being done and not how it might be done in the future. The e+ployeeCs level o. per.or+an/e in the ,o- is not part o. this revie? an0 is not to -e /onsi0ere0 . Section Remarks

.eviewing Afficial1s %ame& .eviewing Afficial1s +ignature&

Title& (ate&

Telephone %umber& This questionnaire is to be forwarded ne"t to your division administrator. (ivision administrator, please initial to indicate review NNNNNNNNNNNN. 3*ttach additional page3s4 for clarifying comments, as necessary.4