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Uri Geller and Sean Carroll: two visionaries of the occult 1. Occult does not exist I believe that occult does not exist. This is simply proved: Occult means supernatural. To deny the existence of the occult simply means that nature is not supernatural. Principle:

Nature is not supernatural.

I use the denial of the occult as a principle to prove, for instance, that Newtonian force does not exist because it is occult. 2. Physicists believe occult exists For Doctors of Philosophy who call themselves physicists occult does exist. Physicists believe in the Newtonian force as their faith. Newtonian force, also known as Newton's Soul, is an occult phenomenon. Therefore, physicists believe in the occult but they deny that they do. Physicists use their doctoral sophistry to hide the fact that they believe in the occult. Here's how it's done by Doctor Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance. Sean claims that there is a regime in which Newtonian [occult] gravity is an effective approximation, good at least to a well-defined accuracy. Sean is saying that physics allows an effective approximation of the occult. Sean is lying.
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Occult does not exist. There is no regime where occult exists, effectively or not. Occult does not exist and it does not exist as an approximation.

Newton's force is instantaneous action-at-a-distance, therefore, it is occult. Newton's force is the definition of the occult. Therefore, Newton's force is occult by definition. Consequently, Newton's force is telekinesis.

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When a scholastic Doctor of Philosophy wants to prove something to you he would give the concept in question a new label and claim that his label is the true label. This is what Doctor Sean is doing here. By labeling Newtonian occult Newtonian gravity Sean attempts to hide the occult in the Newtonian occult. Then he composes a long post to enforce his label as the true and genuine label by asserting his doctoral authority. 3. Occult with any name is still occult We don't need the laws of physics to know that occult does not exist. On the contrary, the laws of physics allow the occult, as Sean himself declares it above. And of course, by laws of physics Sean means Newton's laws. What a nice doctoral sophistry! Only a Doctor of Philosophy will prove that occult does not exist because occult laws of Newton does not allow it. Sean's proof of the non-existence of the occult:

The occult does not exist because the occult laws of Newton does not allow it.

Important question:

If Newton's laws are true, does it mean therefore that occult is a natural phenomenon proved by Newton laws?


No. Because calling Newton's occult force Newtonian gravity does not change the fact that it is occult.

4. Physicists' lies are protected by laws of physics Sean's post reveals that we are up against three centuries old religious propaganda impersonating science. Almost everything Sean writes here is a lie. But all his lies are stated in the well-honed doctoral sophistry that looks like scientific statements to outsiders. Everything he says is protected by law. By laws of physics. So when Sean talks about

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the laws of physics that have been tested by an enormous number of rigorous and high-precision experiments over the course of many years you know he is lying. He is invoking the "rigorous high precision experiments" propaganda to convince you of his Newtonian faith. How can he get away with such a big lie? ((In the only unregulated professional industry in the world anything goes. Practitioners can lie freely and support their lies with their own authority. A physicist is his own judge and jury.)) 5. Academic physics experiments are Newtonian miracles Let's look at some "rigorous and high-precision" physics experiments. Coulomb's experiment is one of those "rigorous" experiments of physics that Sean is talking about. So much so that physicists based a law on this experiment and called it Coulomb's law. Coulomb's experiment is said to be an experiments that proved beyond any doubt one of the fundamental physics laws. Sean wants you to take his doctoral word for it. The reality? Coulomb made only three measurements and in all three measurements Coulomb himself was part of the experiment because he neglected to ground himself. No one ever succeeded in duplicating Coulomb's results. Physicists based a law on three measurements that cannot be duplicated. But they still want you to believe that physics is an experimental science. Coulomb's experiment is not an experiment because Coulomb used a gadget as a false witness to justify his Newtonian faith and called it an "experiment." Using gadgets as false witness to verify Newton's lies is the oldest experimental tradition in physics. Coulomb's experiment is one of many Newtonian miracles faithful physicists like Sean has been selling to you as impeccable physics experiments. 6. Cavendish experiment is also a miracle More examples? Take the Cavendish experiment which was based on only 17 measurements spread out over one year.

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Cavendish set up his pendulum in a shed in his backyard and left it there for a year. He calibrated it once when he first set it up. Anyone who ever worked with a torsion pendulum knows how sensitive an instrument that is. In one year the copper wire sagged, the beam bended, the distances between weights changed, but Cavendish merrily went on making measurements without calibration. Physicists labeled Cavendish experiment one of the most precise experiments ever conducted by the human race and defined it to be the first measurement of the sacred Newtonian constant G. If force is occult and does not exist and cannot be measured then physicists will overrule nature and define an experiment as the proof of its existence. Physicists are corrupters of experiments in the name of Newton. Observation:

Physicists overrule nature to enforce their Newtonian faith.

7. Physics of Uri Geller Now you see what kind of liars physicists are. You know what type of lies Sean's article contain. The article is Newtonian polemics written to defend Newton's sacred authority. Why does Newton's authority need to be defended? Who is impinging on Newton's authority? Uri Geller. Uri Geller is someone who claims to possess an occult force just like Newton's force. You cannot do that. Occult belongs to Newtonian physics. How can Uri Geller who is not even a physicist claim to posses the same force invented by Newton? 8. Question physicists' occult doctrines Go back and read the post again and question every statement Sean makes. Don't take his word whenever he repeats three centuries old Newtonian propaganda as if they were god given truths. When he says Newtonian force is an experimental quantity ask what experiment proved it? When he says Cavendish experiment ask how can such a sloppy experiment prove anything. When he says well it was later proved by such and such experiment then ask again: Did you repeat the experiment? Or are you repeating the physics mythology.

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Sean cites an experiment by Eot-Wash group. This is not an experiment but the opinion of the authors. The faithful measured the oscillations of an oscillator and then associated the period with a speculation. Yet another gadget witnessing Newtonian faith. This is not an experiment but an opinion because no one ever duplicated that experiment. And no one can. The published article does not include enough information to duplicate the experiment. This is fraud. 9. Uri and Sean: visionaries of the occult Why is spoon bending telekinesis but instantaneous action-at-a-distance is not? Newton's force is action-at-a-distance therefore it must be telekinesis. Sean claims Newtonian occult was proved experimentally but he chides Uri Geller for believing in the occult. Conclusion:

Telekinesis according to physicists is an experimental fact.

What does it mean to say that the occult Newtonian force works in certain situations? Or in Sean's Doctoral sophistry, what does it mean to say that the Newtonian occult works well as "an effective approximation" in certain "regimes?" Does he claim that the Gellerian occult that bends spoons also works in certain regimes? Uri sees non-existing occult forces between himself and the spoon and Sean sees non-existing occult forces between the spoon and the earth. What is the difference? The two species of occult:
• •

Uri's occult: occult acts between spoon and Uri Sean's occult: occult acts between spoon and Earth

The force in both cases is the same occult force. The only difference is that Sean is a Doctor of Philosophy. Uri Geller is not a Doctor of Philosophy. Otherwise both are selling the same snake oil. 10. Free science from Doctor's religious doctrines Sean put together a post to defeat telekinesis by Newtonian occult. Since both forces are occult Sean uses his Doctoral authority to tell you that his occult is science but Uri Geller's occult is occult.

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At least Uri Geller is honest. Sean has been actively indoctrinating American students with an 18th century British occult religion. The British had been kicked out of these shores just about the time Newton was designing his occult laws. British re-invaded the continent as the colonizers of the mind with their Newtonian religion. It is not a crime to believe in the occult. But it is a scientific crime to use Doctoral authority to enforce occult Newtonian religion as scientific truth. This is what Doctor Sean Carroll is doing.

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