1. Past simple or Present Perfect?
The village of Greyford (be) ________________ largely traffic- free since its by-pass (open)
_________________ a year ago. Yesterday on the first anniversary of the new road, villagers
(hold) _________________ a street party to celebrate the event. „We (have)
_______________________ peace and quiet here for a year now,“ said Mrs Debbie Groves,
who (organize) ___________________ the campaign for the by-pass. „Ever since the traffic
stopped coming through here, it (be) ____________________ wonderful. Before that we
(suffer) _____________________ for years, and all that time we (campaign)
____________________ for our by-pass. I'll never forget the day when the work finally
(start) __________________, or the day when it (finish) ____________________.

2. Put the verbs into the suitable tense- Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past simple, Past
Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous.
1. She (go) ______________ away every weekend.
2. He (go) _______________ abroad last week.
3. This boy (see) __________ never ____________ the sea.
4. (see) ___________ you ____________ my bag? I (lose) ____________ it.
5. I (see) ________________ you yesterday. You (sit) _____________________ outside
a café.

While I (walk) _____________________ through the park with Maisie last night. The police (not catch) __________________ him yet. 7. How much (pay) ___________ you ____________ for it? 10. „Hello. 8. and she (not know) . I (only just begin) _________________ it. When I last (see) ____________________ him. He (live) ____________________ in England since 1970. (read) „____________ you ____________ that book yet?“ „No. I (hear) __________________ he (have) _____________________ a bad cold all the week. I (see) _________________ that you (buy) _____________________ a new hat. She (eat) ___________ still _____________ in the dining room. I (can) __________________ not run after him because it (be) ________________ too dark to leave her alone. I (hope) ________________ he (get) __________________ better now. but Mary (not finish) ___________________________ yet. he (live) _________________ in London. who (bring) _________ you ____________ with you? (have) _____________ he ____________ supper yet?“ „No.“ „We usually (have) ____________________ supper at eight. He (not meet) ____________________ Mary. a man (snatch) __________________ her bag from her hand and (run) ______________________ away.6.“ 9. he (not have) ________________.

4.__________________________ him. She __________________________ fall asleep. 4. her eyes are closing. 3. I (never forget) ______________________________ what you (just tell) ________________________ me. 4. we _________________ help you if you like. introduce him and give him something to eat.“ 3. I (ride) ___________________ to the Pyramids on a camel. Would you like something to drink? I ________________ have a cola. Are you doing anything tonight? Yes. When I last (stay) ___________________ in Cairo. 2. 1. I ____________________________ work on my project. They (just decide) _____________________________ that they (undertake) ________________________ the job. I'm busy getting things ready now. Ok. We _____________________ have a party next weekend. „Going to“ future or „will“ future 1. thanks! 5. Whenever he (go) __________________ to town nowdays. Look at Sophie. he (spend) __________________ a lot of money. 3. 2. Put the verbs into the correct tense. so take him in. .

Turn the sentences in active into the passive. She (play) _____________________ the piano when our guests (arrive) ____________________ last night. After leaving school he (study) __________________ French in Paris for two years then (move) ____________________ to America. _____________________________________________________________________ . He (visit) ____________________ England once or twice and (know) ______________________ English well.5. They will send Cyril to prison. She (just come) ___________________ in and (see) _____________________ you in five minutes. 7. 1. 8. 6. _____________________________________________________________________ 2. We (not live) _________________________ in England for the last two years. where he (now live) _______________. I (lose) ____________________ my keys. Somebody left the light on all night. but (not yet have) ____________________________ the opportunity of visiting European countries. 5. I cannot remember where I last (see) ______________ them. I (not leave) _________________________Paris since we (visit) ___________________ Dieppe three years ago. 9.

_____________________________________________________________________ 5. Transform the direct speech into the indirect speech. The fire destroyed many valuable paintings. People were carrying the chairs out into the garden. ___________________________________________________________________ “I cannot take them home. ____________________________________________________________________ 6." he says." she says." he says. _____________________________________________________________________ 4.3. "I am very thirsty. ____________________________________________________________________ "Will we see each other again?" she asks me. ___________________________________________________________________ "What's the time?" he asks. ___________________________________________________________________ "Be careful. ." ___________________________________________________________________ "Are you shopping for food?" he asks us. _____________________________________________________________________ 6. A huge wave overturned the little boat. ___________________________________________________________________ He says: "Don't go to the beach alone. They will give you the answer next week.

I’m going to watch television” Carol says. ___________________________________________________________________ “Be careful when you are driving!” his parents warn him. don’t make so much noise!” the teacher asks the students. _______________________________________________________________________ . ____________________________________________________________________ "Do you see that great car?" he asks me. _______________________________________________________________________ “Please. ____________________________________________________________________ “What are you doing now?” Peter asks me. ____________________________________________________________________ “Did you see that documentary on TV last night?” he wants to know. ____________________________________________________________________ “When I finish the book.___________________________________________________________________ "Will you be at Tom's party?" he asks her.

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