SECTION 07840 FIRESTOPPING Display hidden notes to specifie !

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Fi estoppin- syste.s incl/din- the follo%in-0 *! Fi e esisti1e 2oint fi e contain.ent! 3! Fi e contain.ent fo sin-le .e.4 ane penet ations! 5! Penet ations th o/-h fi e6 ated 1e tical and ho i7ontal asse.4lies! 4! Fi estop sealants! 8! Fi estop pillo%s! 9! Fi estop co.posite sheets! 7! Fi estop tapes! 8! Fi estop % ap st ips! :! Fi estop p/tty! *0! Fi estop .o ta ! **! Fi estop sp ays! *3! Th o/-h penet ation fi estoppin-!



)! ;! C! D! E! F! G! '! *!5

Section 05500 6 Cast6In6Place Conc ete! Section 043*0 6 Conc ete <ason y ,nits! Section 07:00 6 =oint Seale s! Section 0:300 6 Plaste and Gyps/. ;oa d! Section *8400 6 Pl/.4in-! Section *8700 6 '>)C! Section *9080 6 Elect ical! Section *9700 6 Co../nications!



).e ican National Standa ds Instit/te ")NSI(0


4lies! 7! )ST< E *738 6 Standa d Test <ethods fo Fi e Tests of Fi e6Resisti1e .<ate ials! 3! )ST< E **: 6 Standa d Test <ethods fo Fi e Tests of .ediate ScaleB </lti6Sto y Test )ppa at/s! F< Glo4al "F<( 6 F<4::* 6 Standa d fo )pp o1al of Fi estop Cont acto s! C! D! *! 3! E! Inte national Code Con.<ate ials! )NSI?.nde % ite s +a4o ato ies Inc! ".ete Fi e .a ie Syste.IRE<ENTS )! P o1ide syste.s . and <a@i.+ *70: 6 Rapid Rise Fi e Tests of P otection <ate ials fo St /ct/ al Steel! )NSI?.s that a e listed 4y at least one the follo%in-0 .s "D'.Se 1ice "Fo .and inspection a-ency that cond/cts pe iodic follo%6/p inspections and is accepta4le to a/tho ities ha1in2/ isdiction! *! 3! .nde % ite s +a4o ato ies ".+ ./ildin.Const /ction and <ate ials! )NSI?.in.N(B Fi estop De1ices "D'=I(B Fo .ess "ICC(0 Inte national .*! 3! 5! 4! 8! .Code "I.+ 395 6 Fi e Tests of .Const /ction and <ate ials! 5! )ST< E 8*4 6 Standa d Test <ethod fo Fi e Tests of Th o/-h6Penet ation Fi e Stops! 4! )ST< E *5:: 6 Standa d Test <ethod fo Cyclic <o1e.! *! )NSI?./ildin./ildin./.<ate ials "D'F.! P o1ide fi estop p od/cts that a e fle@i4le eno/-h to allo% fo pipe 1i4 ation in a th o/-h penet ation application! 0784063 .ent and <eas/ inthe <ini./ildin.s fo Elect ical Syste./ildin./ nin.s! 9! )ST< E *83: 6 Standa d Test <ethods fo Dete ./ nin.inin.s! )ST< Inte national ")ST<(0 )ST< E 84 6 Standa d Test <ethod fo S/ face .+(B in HFi e Resistance Di ecto yH! Inte te$ Testin.+ *47: 6 Standa d fo Fi e Tests of Th o/-h6Penet ation Fi estops! )NSI?.(B Aall Openin.s! 8! )ST< E *:99 6 Standa d Test <ethod fo Fi e Resisti1e =oint Syste.a ie Syste./ildin.<ate ials Di ecto yC Th o/-h6 Penet ation Fi estops Syste.e ly $no%n as O.sinInte . =oint Aidths of ) chitect/ al =oint Syste.Effects of +a -e 'yd oca 4on Pool Fi es on St /ct/ al <e.4e s and )sse./ildin.+( 6 .s "D'EE(B =oint Syste.+ 735 6 S/ face . Co.e-a Point +a4o ato ies(B in HDi ecto y of +isted P od/cts!H 5! )ny othe I/alified independent testin.Cha acte istics of .+ 307: 6 Tests fo Fi e Resistance of .ponents! 8! )ST< E 3507 6 Fi e Tests of Pe i./.C(! Inte national Residential Code "IRC(! National Fi e P otection )ssociation "NFP)(0 *! NFP) 70 6 National Elect ical Code! 3! NFP) *0* 6 +ife Safety Code! .Cha acte istics of .P otecti1e <ate ials "C+I>(B and FillB >oid o Ca1ity <ate ials "D''A(! F! *!4 PERFOR<)NCE REG.=oint Syste.

an/fact/ e #s p od/ct data sheet sho/ld incl/de0 *! P od/ct cha acte istics incl/ and NFP) codes cited in this section! D! E! F! G! '! I! =! *!8 S.ent of s.ate ials .inopenin-sB and %ith the ite.+B Inte te$ o any othe I/alified independent testin.R)NCE )! Gene al0 )ll th o/-h6penet ation fi estop syste.openin-B penet atin.pati4le %ith each othe B %ith the s/4st ates fo .+ 307: fo const /ction 2oints! P o1ide p od/cts identical to those tested and listed fo classification 4y .ance listina-ency#s d a%in.a-ency#s na.+ 307:! P o1ide p od/cts that .the fi estoppin-B /nde the conditions ep esented 4y this p o2ectB 4ased on testin. .sB if anyB penet e #s installation inst /ctions! C! D! E! *!9 G.ents and a s/4stit/tion p oposal %ith e1idence specified! .classification fo the .ation on .a-ency! P o1ide p od/cts that 4ea classification .ite.eet and 4e accepta4le fo /se 4y all 4/ildin.ents! P od/ct Data0 F/ nish .+?)NSI test standa ds! 3! Sto a-e and handlin.and field pe fo .s! P o1ide p od/cts that a e co.a $ed to sho% .4e o desi-nation and fi e atin.that .an/fact/ e ce tifyin.syste.e and n/.eI/i e.s that do not confo .C! P o1ide fi estop sealants and sp ays fo const /ction 2oint applications that a e fle@i4le eno/-h to satisfy the .se only p od/cts specifically listed fo /se in listed syste.a $in.ate ials f/ nished co.+ *47: fo th o/-h penet ations and )NSI?.of I/alified independent testina-ency! Ahe e fi estop syste.achie1ed! ! 3! Fo p oposed ce tificates of confo .! S/4.<ITT)+S )! .s shall 4e installed %ith app o1ed 0784065 .eet the intent of the + atin.B p o1ide the follo%in-0 *! +istin..)+ITJ )SS./st .odifications and app o1ed 4y fi estop syste..ply %ith eI/i e.o$e pe )NSI?.an/fact/ e ! P od/ct Ce tificates0 S/4.. .pliance %ith app op iate )ST<?. st ictly to the listin-B s/ e #s p od/ct data sheets on each .onst ated 4y .ate ial to 4e /sed in fi estop e ! Fi estoppin.s! Info ."s(B and fi estoppin.ate ialsB identified %ith listin.s not listed 4y any listin..ance si-ned 4y fi estop syste.ent c ite ia pe the test standa ds )ST< E *5::B )ST< E *:99 o )NSI? /nde p o1isions of Section 0*500! Shop D a%in-s0 Fo each fi estoppin.endations! Installation Inst /ction0 F/ nish .a-ency#s detailed d a%in.a-ency a e eI/i ed d/e to p o2ect conditionsB s/4.

/st 4e I/alified 4y ha1in.4e B shelf lifeB listin.a $ed %ith .an/fact/ e #s inst /ctions! Sto e and dispose of ha7a do/s .an/fact/ e fo opti.eets the follo%in..inantsB and othe ca/sesC follo% .ite.ental conditions o/tside .o e st ict -/idelines %ill p e1ail! P e6installation <eetin-s0 <eetin-s to a../st p o1ide a list of co.ethods / e #s a4sol/te li.si7in-B slee1esB and penet atin.ents of local a/tho ities ha1in2/ isdiction! .an/fact/ e B incl/din.c ite ia0 *! Cont acto is a 5< <aste Cont acto ! 3! Cont acto is a Ce tified 5< T ained cont acto ! 5! Cont acto is accepta4le to .! C! 0784064 .an/fact/ e #s ce tified p od/ct installation t ainin-! 9! Cont acto .a-ency#s classification . .e and phone n/.pe at/ e chan-esB conta.ti.inated 4y ha7a do/s .of openin-s so that each pa tic/la fi estop syste. of t%enty fi1e "38( yea s e@pe ience! Installe G/alifications0 Fi .4ly! .idityB and 1entilation( %ithin li.oist/ eB te./.ay 4e installed in acco dance %ith its listin-B incl/din.eB and .an/fact/ e #s inst /ctions! C! D! E! *!7 DE+I>ERJB STOR)GEB )ND ')ND+ING )! Deli1e and sto e p od/cts /ntil eady fo installation in .entsB conditionsB .anne as to p e1ent dete io ation o e #s na.a-e d/e to .ate ials that ha1e 4een tested and classified to p od/ce an app o1ed e ! 4! Cont acto is accepta4le to a/tho ity ha1in.! C! *!8 PRO=ECT CONDITIONS )! Coo dinate const /ction and c/ttin. es/lts! Do not install fi estoppin/nde en1i eB lot n/.e@pe ienceB staffB and 4e p ope ly t ained to install the specified p od/ctsB and .ental conditions "te.ate ialsB and .an/fact/ e #s o i-inal /nopened pac$a-in-B le-i4ly .i@in...2/ isdiction! 8! Cont acto has co.4e ! 7! Ce tificate0 Cont acto sho/ld p o1ide ce tificate of I/alification! Codes0 Ahe e .pleted the .pe at/ eB h/.an/fact/ e %ith a .ate ialsB in acco dance %ith eI/i e.inst /ctions if applica4le! Sto e and handle in s/ch a .s! <aintain en1i on./.ee on fi estop eI/i e.a y p od/cts specified in this section %ill 4e s/pplied 4y a sin-le .ini.echanical 1entilation if eI/i ed! .! <an/fact/ e G/alifications0 )ll p i.e and add essB o%ne #s na.ended 4y .an/fact/ e #s application p oced/ es a e in conflict %ith those of the code a/tho ity ha1in.its eco.2/ isdictionB the . .a $in-B c/ in.e and add essB and a chitect#s na.pleted p o2ects as e1idence of e@pe ienceC incl/de p o2ect na.its! P o1ide 1entilation as eI/i ed 4y fi estoppin.ate ials conta..e and p od/ct identificationB date of .

CTS P)RT 3 3!* <)N.syste.+ *47:! P o1ide fi estoppin.4ination of fi e ated const /ctionB type of penet icalB %ith the sa./st eI/al its F6 atin-! 5! +6Ratin-0 +6 atin.?fi estop ReI/ests fo s/4stit/tions %ill 4e conside ed in acco dance %ith p o1isions of Section 0*900! Sin-le So/ ce0 To .o1e.4ly in %hich it is to 4e installed! 3! <o1e.( .a@i.eate than that of the asse.ity of the fi e ated const /ction to its o i-inal fi e atin-! P o1ide fi estop syste.?h?.ensionsB and fi e atin-B and the follo%in.*!: A)RR)NTJ )! )t p o2ect closeo/tB p o1ide to O%ne o O%ne s Rep esentati1e an e@ec/ted copy of the .its te .in/te! 5! +6Ratin-0 +6 atin.of * cf.F)CT.s listed fo the specific co.+ 307:! ..C Ae40 %%%!5.RERS )! )ccepta4le <an/fact/ e 0 5< Fi e P otection P od/ctsB %hich is located at0 5< Cente .an/fact/ e #s standa d li.a@i.ent capa4ility .ail0 acco dance %ith )ST< E *5:: fo .ine atin-s in acco dance %ith )ST< E 8*4 o . at a.+ o app o1ed listin./st 4e app op iate to the potential .4lyB T6 at/ es! 4! Aall Penet ations0 Syste.ine atin-s in acco dance %ith .ate ials on fi e side"s( of ated asse.s listed fo const /ction -aps pe the specific co.4ly in %hich the fi estoppin./.eate than the fi e6 esistance atin..4ination of fi e6 ated const /ction typeB confi-/ ationB -ap di.B ann/la space eI/i e..ity of the fi estop applications a sin-le .o$eB and -asses th o/-h othe %ise /np otected openin-s in ated asse.ld-! 33563N63* C St! Pa/lB <N 88*446*000C Toll F ee Tel0 80065386*987C Fa@0 98*675760959C E.aintain cont ol and inte.ite.( .s .4ient te.s a e e@posed to potential contact %ith .an/fact/ e ! the sp ead of fi eB heatB s./st 4e eI/al to o .?h?.ited %a anty a-ainst .c ite ia0 *! Fi e esistance atin.!co.ini.of * cf.the inte.4liesB incl/din%allsB pa titionsB floo sB oof?ceilin-sB and si./. of 800 cycles at *0 cycles pe .ent of the -apB e sho/ld 4e /sed! Specific ./. pe linea foot "8!8 c/ .ila locations! esto in. 4oth sides of the %all! 8! Testin-0 Dete .entsB and fi e atin-B and the follo%in.%ill 4e installed! 3! T6Ratin-0 In ha4ita4le a eas %he e penet atin.! 4! Dete .anni@K.c ite ia0 *! F6Ratin-0 EI/al to o .sB conditionsB and e@cl/sions f o.s applica4le to each type of fi estop condition sho/ld 4e s/pplied 4y one .! C! 3!3 SCOPE?)PP+IC)TION )! P o1ide installed fi estop p otects that li.defectB o/tlinin.a-encies syste. pe linea foot "8!8 c/ ..!co.onst ated 4y testin.e atin.f o. co1e a-e! PROD.of the asse..! C! 0784068 ./st 4e sy.

a ie *005 S+ Silicone Sealant0 Self6le1elin.a ie Aate ti-ht Silicone 5000 AT Sealant0 Aate 6ti-ht int/.( in dia.this p od/ct! See HGH o HRH 4elo%! 5< Fi e .s! 5< Fi eDa.of plastic pipes f at/ e ")ST< C *3::(0 690 6 500 de.ent to %alls and ad2acent de1ices! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.ees C(! 5! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.escent de1ice fo fi estoppin. 4 inches "*03 .G' PENETR)TION FIRESTOP SJSTE<S )! 5< Fi e .escent %ate 64ased late@ ca/l$! No6sa-B fast d yin-B painta4leB ed in colo ! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste.s! Specify eithe FS *:8L A ap St ip o 5< Inte a.sealant fo floo openin-s! *! 'a dness ")ST< C 99*(0 *005 S+0 *0 6 *8! .s! 5< Fi e .de1ice fo /se p io to a conc ete po/ ! )d2/sta4le hei-ht %ith p/ll ta4sB st ai-ht ed-e desi-n fo close place.sealant fo floo and %all openin-s! *! 'a dness ")ST< C 99*(0 *000 NS0 30 6 38! 3! Se 1ice Te.a ie .s! 5< Fi e .B .ete ! *! <ate ial0 38 -a/-e steel! 3! Si7e0 38 foot "7!9 .s! 5< Fi e .escent late@ 4ased sealant! No6sa-B fast d yin-B painta4le! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.etal colla asse.4ly encasinint/.a ie *000 NS Silicone Sealant0 Non6sl/.( oll! 5< Fi e .! C! D! E! F! G! '! I! =! 0784069 .a ie IC *8A.L Sealant0 Int/.of pipes and ca4les th o/-h ated %alls and floo s! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in * o 3 ho/ fi e ated syste.of plastic pipe and ca4les th o/-h ated %alls and floo s! *! Confi-/ ation0 One6piece .latch and 4enda4le ta4s to sec/ eC eI/ipped also fo con1entional ancho in-! 3! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated a RC Pac$0 One piece .s!! 5< Fi e .s! 5< Fi e .ees F "68* 6 *4: de.L Sealant0 Int/. *80L )c ylic +ate@ Sealant0 Sin-le pa tB %ate 4asedB ac ylic late@ sealant! No6sa-B lo%6sh in$a-eB lo% >OC! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste..etalB plasticB %ood and ins/lation! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste.p fi estoppin.3!5 T'RO..( to *0 inches "384.escent silicone sealant fo fillin.etal colla B %ith loc$in.a ie .ate ial fo fi a GS A ap St ip %hen specifyin.s! 5< Fi e .a ie CP38A.a ie RC6* Rest ictinColla 0 Fo fi a Plastic Pipe De1ice0 Int/.escent .a ie Cast6in6Place De1ices0 Fi estoppin. .1oids in conc ete -yps/.

al E@pansion0 8 6 *0 ti.ains plia4leB fle@i4le and easily e6ente a4le! Non6to@ic synthetic fo .s! 5< Fi e .(! 3! The .s in place %hen .Pillo%0 Self6containedB int/.s!! 5< Inte a.of ca4le penet ations th o/-h ated %alls and floo s! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste. *80L )c ylic +ate@ Sealant0 Sin-le pa tB %ate 4asedB ac ylic late@ 0784067 .a o/nd non6.%itho/t the /se of %i e .openin-s in conc ete and .a ie FS6*:8L A ap?St ip0 One6pa tB o -anic?ino -anic int/.s! 5< Fi e .escent a GS A ap St ip0 G aphite 4asedB fle@i4leB la -ely ino -anicB int/.%itho/t the /se of %i e .s!! 5< Fi e .s! 5< Fi e .esh! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.a ie Self6+oc$in.posite Sheet0 O -anic?ino -anic int/.s! 5< Fi e .pe at/ e ")ST< C *3::(0 690 6 500 de.a ie <o ta 0 Fo sealin./la! *! Type0 Stic$ o Pad 3! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.e B foa.esh! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste..esh and co1e ed %ith al/.CTION G)PS )! 5< Fi eDa.escent .0 T%o6pa tB liI/id6silicone -e o co.ees F "68* 6 *4: de.a ie Pass Th o/-h De1ices0 One6Piece de1ice fo fi estoppin.escent st ip %ith foil on one side! <ay 4e c/t to fit i e-/la shapes! *! +en-th0 34 inch "9*0 .s! +! <! N! O! P! G! R! S! 3!4 FIRESTOPPING FOR CONSTR.escent fi estop! Re.a ie CS6*:8L Co.i@ed! Fo /se sealin.escent fi estop p od/ct! <eets fi e! Fo /se fi estoppin.(! 3! Aidth0 * o 3 inches! 5! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste.3! 5! F! Se 1ice Te.ason y %alls and floo s! Self +e1elin-B non6sa-B lo% >OC! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.e ic sheetB 4onded on one side to a laye of 38 -a/-e -al1ani7ed steel! Othe side einfo ced %ith steel6%i e . ..a ie <olda4le P/ttyL0 One6pa tB *00 pe cent solids int/.s!! 5< Fi e . foil! Re6 ente a4le! *! Thic$ness0! 5< Fi e .ees C(! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.ple@ openin-s s/ch as ca4le 4/ndlesB ca4le t ays and cond/it 4an$s! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated o i-inal si7e! 5! Tensile St en-th ")ST< D4*3(0 :5!9 psi "948 $Pa(?48: pe cent! 4! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste.escent fi estop pillo% %ith inte loc$in.a ie 300* Silicone RT> Foa.s!! 5< Fi e .inal 0!5 inch "7!9 .etallic pipin-!! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated ips! <eets fi e atin.a ie Pillo%0 Self6containedB int/.

fi e ated asse.! 5< Fi e .an/fact/ e #s % itten eco.ete 2oints! Painta4leB lo% >OC! *! Co.s!! C! *! 3! D! 5< Fi e .odate 1i4 ation f o.s! 5< Fi eDa.d/ctsB pipin-B eI/ip. no .ent! 3! Pipe Si7e Capa4ility0 <a@i.p sealant fo %all 2oints! *! Se 1ice Fle@i4ility0 )cco.s! 5< Endothe .to . Sp ay 3000 Aate 4asedB sp ay applied fi estoppin.! P)RT 5 5!* ED)<IN)TION )! .entB and othe s/spended const /ction! >e ify that en1i on...sealant! Co...endations to 1e ify that s/4st ates a e f ee of oilB .co.ic <at E68)640 Endothe .s penet atin.s! 3!8 FIRESTOPPING FOR SING+E <E<.TION .p ession?E@tension Reco1e y0 L?6 *8 pe cent of o i-inal 2oint %idth! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated 4/ildin.s! EDEC.4ond of fi estoppin-! >e ify that ite.ill scaleB di t and othe fo ei-n s/4stances capa4le of! *! Type0 <at! 3! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in * o 3 ho/ fi e ated syste.p ession?E@tension Reco1e y0 L?6 5* pe cent of o i-inal 2oint %idth! 4! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste.po/ndsB inco.sealant! Endothe .! Do not 4e-in installation /ntil s/4st ates ha1e 4een p ope ly p epa ed! Cond/ct tests acco din.icB no6sa-B lo%6sh in$a-eB lo% >OC! *! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.4lies a e sec/ ely attachedB incl/dinslee1esB s/ppo tsB han-e sB and clips! >e ify that openin-s and ad2acent a eas a e not o4st /cted 4y const /ction that %o/ld inte fe e %ith installation of fi estoppin-B incl/din.ic heat a4so 4in.easeB ollin.e sB loose .e icB fi estoppin.pati4le p i.ental conditions a e safe and s/ita4le fo installation of fi estoppin-! If s/4st ate p epa ation is the esponsi4ility of anothe installe B notify ) chitect of /nsatisfacto y p epa ation 4efo e p oceedin-! C! D! E! F! 0784068 .fo /se at head6of6 %allB %all6to6%allB floo 6to6floo and pe i..R)NE PENETR)TIONS )! 5< Fi e .pai in.escent fi estop! Re.(! 5! Co.a ie <olda4le P/ttyL0 One6pa tB *00 pe cent solids int/.ains plia4leB fle@i4le and easily e6ente a4le! Non6to@ic synthetic fo .a ie 3000 NS Silicone Sealant0 Non6sl/./la! *! Type0 Pad! 3! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3 o 5 ho/ fi e ated syste.a ie 3000L Silicone Sealant0 Elasto. pipe si7e of 34 inches "9*0 .s! .o1e.p ession?E@tension Reco1e y0 L?6 38 pe cent of 2oint %idth! 3! Fi e Resistance0 Fo /se in *B 3B 5 o 4 ho/ fi e ated syste./.

and te.! Re.pletion! 078406: .cleaned! Notify a/tho ity$in.pletely filled and .ate ials and accesso ies that a e not pa t of the listed syste.eans to p otect fil.s o fi estoppin-! Clean fi estop ..ination o deface.ent of ad2acent s/ faces d/e to fi estoppin.installation! INST)++)TION )! .essesB /sin.. .ate ial is sec/ ely adhe ed! Ahe e fi estoppin.)+ITJ CONTRO+ )! O%ne %ill en-a-e an independent the s/ faces 4ein.o1e penet atin.5!3 PREP)R)TION )! .ply %ith eI/i e.%ith othe const /ction /ntil app o1al of a/tho ity ha1in2/ isdiction has 4een ecei1ed! G! '! I! 5!4 FIE+D e #s inst /ctions and eco.ethods and cleanin.! C! D! E! F! Install in st ict acco dance %ith .installation %ill 4e eady fo inspectionC o4tain ad1ance app o1al of -ene al sched/le and phasin-B if anyB eI/i ed to allo% s/4seI/ent const /ction to p oceed! .ate ials off s/ faces ad2acent to openin-s as %o $ p o.oothB /nifo .4/sti4le fo .plies %ith the cont act doc/.a-ed p od/cts 4efo e S/4stantial Co.po a y co1e in-s as eI/i ed to p e1ent conta.ents! )t each th o/-h penet ationB attach identification la4els on 4oth sides in location %he e la4el %ill 4e 1isi4le to anyone see$in.a-ency at least 7 days p io to date %hen fi estoppin.s/ face %ill 4e e@posed to 1ie%B finish to a s.! Repai o eplace defecti1e installations to co..o1e left o1e .endations! Install .! 5!5 P epa e s/4st ates in acco dance %ith . s/ face fl/sh %ith ad2acent s/ faces! )fte installation is co.a-ency to inspect installed fi estoppinand to p epa e epo ts indicatin.o1e co.4y fi estop e and %hich %ill not da.ate ial and de4 is f o. 4efo eB d/ in-B and afte installation! To/ch6/pB epai o eplace da. Ao $ a ea! .pleteB e.! 5!8 C+E)NING )ND PROTECTION )! .%hethe the installed %o $ co.ents! Notify necessa y .installation is eady fo inspectionC o4tain ad1ance app o1al of anticipated inspection dates and phasin-B if anyB eI/i ed to allo% s/4seI/ent const /ction to p oceed! Do not co1e fi estoppin.ite.ate ials app o1ed in % e #s detailed installation inst /ctions and p oced/ es! Install so that openin-s a e co.2/ isdiction %hen fi estoppin.

4e "if applica4le(! 9! Date of installation! END OFSECTION 078406*0 .ent of )ny Da.<ana-e.C! Install identification +a4els fo Th o/-h Penet ation and Const /ction =oint Syste.4e ! 8! Gene al cont acto #s na.4e ! 4! Installe #s na.ation0 *! The %o ds HAa nin. .an/fact/ e #s na.eB add essB and phone n/. 6 Do not Dist/ 4! Notify .s0 P ess/ e sensiti1e self6adhesi1e 1inyl la4elsB p ep inted %ith the follo%ininfo . n/.eB add essB and phone n/.6 Th o/-h Penet ation Fi estop Syste./ildin.a-e!H 3! +istin.4e o desi-nation! 5! Syste.eB add essB and phone n/.a-ency#s syste.

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