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Lesson Plan: For or Against Imperialism?

Around the World Activity Class/Subject: 11th Grade US istory Date: Wednesday Fe!ruary 1"# $%1& Student Objectives/Student Outcomes: Students 'ill !e a!le to: ( )ead and vie' multiple primary sources regarding the controversy o* Imperialism ( +ecide 'hether or not US should have !een *or or against Imperialism ( Understand the gro'th and po'er o* the United States during this time period and no' Content Standards: ,,SS-./A(/iteracy-) -11(1$-1 ,ite speci*ic te0tual evidence to support analysis o* primary and secondary sources# connecting insights gained *rom speci*ic details to an understanding o* the te0t as a 'hole,,SS-./A(/iteracy-) -11(1$-$ +etermine the central ideas or in*ormation o* a primary or secondary source1 provide an accurate summary that ma2es clear the relationships among the 2ey details and ideas,,SS-./A(/iteracy-) -11(1$-" Integrate in*ormation *rom diverse sources# !oth primary and secondary# into a coherent understanding o* an idea or event# noting discrepancies among sourcesMaterials/Resources/Technology: Anti Imperialist /eague 3lat*orm Speech USA Imperialism# 14"4 political cartoon What the United States has Fought *or political cartoon In Support o* an American .mpire !y Al!ert 5- 6everidge Intervie' 'ith 3resident William 7c8inley 9he 3latt Amendment# 1"%$ :!servation /og Timing: ;(< minutes Start of class: ( )evie' Imperialism and shi*t to'ards gro'th=dealing 'ith *oreign countries>?uic2'rite as2ng 'hat they 2no' *or sure a!out yesterday@s lesson and 'hat they are *uAAy a!outo Acts as *ormative assessment to address certain topics they need more time on and 'hat I can do !etter( Since it 'as a very hot topic o* the time# not everyone agreed 'ith this- Are *or or against Imperialism? ntroduction of Lesson: 9he teacher 'ill post each document around the room on the 'alls o* the classroom- Bor set multiple copies *or each groupC D .ach group also has a colored sheet o* paper to 'rite out their original

; minutes

comments on.ach group 'ill have a chance to add to this class list o* comments *or every documentLesson nstruction: D Students 'ill go around the room in groups and 'rite do'n their o!servations a!out each document# recording their initials ne0t to their comments- 9heir o!servations should aim to'ard ans'ering the essential Euestion: 'hat 'ere some o* the arguments *or and against American imperialism? What supports or goes against US e0pansion? ;%(;< minutes D .ach group 'ill !e given appro0imately eight minutes at each document *or o!servations- 9hey 'ill s'itch 'hen prompted !y the teacher# rotating around the room- When students arrive at the ne0t document# they should add onto the other students@ o!servations# not repeating the same onesD When all groups have seen each o* the documents# the teacher 'ill gather the class together and 'ill read through each o* the o!servations *or the documents# and compile a master list on the 'hite !oard o* arguments *or and against American imperialism ( +iscuss ans'ers and 'hich side 'ins- Are you !iased 2no'ing US gets involved 'ith *oreign a**airs? !ssessment: I 'ill collect the o!servation sheets and grade them as a class'or2 gradeI 'ill use the initials=name ne0t to the o!servations to assess each student and their level o* thin2ingAlso# the Euic2'rite *rom the !eginning o* class serves as a *ormative assessment on ho' I can ma2e things !etter and address certain topics students need another loo2 atClosure/"ra# u#/Revie$% )evie' 'hat 'e tal2ed a!out and relate it to the United States today and our gro'th as a 'orld po'er-