Mission Statement To enhance the educational and developmental experience for all Torrey Pines High School students

. Torrey Pines High School Foundation P.O. Box 2489, Del Mar, CA 92014-1789 phone 858.793.3551 | fax 858.793.3405 www.torreypinesfoundation.org TPHS Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. All contributions are deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Federal Tax ID: 33-0580018
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Congratulations on your choice of nationally ranked Torrey Pines High School.
As a community member and parent, you may not be aware that TPHS receives $2,400 per student LESS than the national average. TPHS comes in LAST in funding in San Diego County. Torrey Pines High School has more than

This is where you come in. We invite you to join the TPHS Foundation’s Shared Vision for Excellence. Join the dedicated parents who choose to make significant educational and enrichment programs possible for all students at Torrey Pines. Your child and you are an essential part of Torrey Pines High School.

2,600 students to prepare
for the future. Your involvement and support will

How does TPHS continue to excel? Simply stated, it begins with a commitment from you. Our school cannot provide the quality of opportunities for students without committed support from our parents. The TPHS Foundation’s Shared Vision for Excellence targets priority projects in need of funding as identified by teachers, staff, parents, and students.

help ensure an excellent education
for our children.

Become a part of the TPHS Foundation, committed to providing help when federal, state, and district funding falls short.
The Shared Vision for Excellence includes a Challenge Grant of $105,000 pledged by a group of dedicated parents. With this matching grant, your contribution up to $105,000 will be matched dollar for dollar, making your donation twice as valuable. Your generosity is an investment that will influence each and every student to reach for and develop their potential. As a parent of the Torrey Pines High School Foundation, you will help create a significant impact on our children’s educational experience today and in the future. Many employers offer “matching gifts” for charitable contributions. Please check the enclosed list to see if your company sponsors this type of program to help increase your gift.

TPHS Foundation’s Shared Vision for Excellence targets for 2007–2008
• The Shared Vision will continue to support the superior quality of TPHS resources by providing LCDs, tablet PCs, and Smart Boards to expand our students’ classroom and media center educational access along with instructional development to prepare our students for today and beyond. • Raise the bar on our students’ academic achievement through enhanced instruction for student learning and study skills while building upon our strong student-teacher mentor program. • Our students’ future potential will continue to strengthen with support for our thriving College & Career Center. • Parents, too, will continue to realize the benefits of the improved web and wireless capabilities. Enhancing development of this innovative system is essential for quality communications between teachers, students, and you. • An exciting program will be introduced to our students this year. The creation of a Campus Pride Team will re-invigorate students with a deepening tradition of pride, care, and concern for their campus and each other. This will culminate in the Challenge Days program, bringing to our campus national mentor-leaders to provide staff and students with the training to further develop respect and pride in one another.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Q. Why are donations needed? Aren’t tax dollars supposed to pay for public education? A. The fact is that the funds our district receives from the State are insufficient. San Dieguito Union High School District is LAST in funding per student among the Union High School Districts in San Diego County and 89th of 93 districts in the state. Sadly, California ranks 29th in the nation in spending per pupil. The Trustees in our district have wisely focused their funds on classroom instruction. Therefore, to continue to provide a well-rounded environment, the funds to support TPHS extracurricular activities and programs as well as capital equipment and improvements must be raised privately through donations. Q. My child doesn’t participate in clubs or sports. Why should I contribute? A. Even though your child may not participate directly, TPHS would be a completely different setting without clubs—without sports—without student support services—without a state-of-the-art media center—without a monthly newsletter to parents—or, without cutting-edge technology and communication tools from which we all benefit. Your contributions help maintain the existence of a high-quality educational, cultural, and athletic environment, the availability of choices, and the safety net for all our students. Q. Is a parent required to contribute? A. Required? No. Encouraged? Yes. Most parents want to support their own child’s efforts whenever possible. The programs at Torrey Pines are outstanding. We want to uphold and improve those standards. However, no student is ever turned away because of money. Scholarships are available for sports and other activities. Q. How much am I expected to contribute? A. Every single dollar helps underwrite the programs at TPHS, so every donation is significant. Parents who consider their child’s educational environment to be a priority will do their best to make a donation to underwrite their student’s participation, and help underwrite the programs which benefit every student. We strive to have 100% parent participation. Please refer to the pledge card for suggested levels. Q. Will I be asked to contribute again? A. Yes, throughout the year you will have opportunities to give. The Foundation sponsors special events— Sammy’s Nite, the Spring Auction Event, and the Annual Rummage Sale bring families together socially as well as raise money to benefit our students. The Foundation offers other fundraising programs— Falcon Card sales, Buick Invitational golf ticket sales—and Camps, Clinics, and Tournaments. These all help to raise needed additional funds in support of your student’s interests and activities.

Building on past commitments, the 2007–2008 Shared Vision for Excellence will continue to enrich the school experience of each and every student and parent.
In previous years, donations from parents to the Shared Vision for Excellence have provided laptops and new monitors, technology training, workbooks, media center expansions, math tutors, music and art program improvements, real-time web communications between parents, teachers, and students as well as the implementation of the College & Career Center.