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Top BI Trends for 2014

Introducing the Presenter

Tomer Paz, is a key leader at Panorama. He and his team continue to define the future of BI in the social enterprise framework. Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Engineering and an B! from Tel !"i" #ni"ersity.

!$out this we$inar

Similar to pre"ious years% BI is at the top of e"eryone&s agenda Is it the same Business Intelligence as in '()*+ ,et ready for Panorama&s top )( BI trends to watch for

Business !nalytics


Social - .onte/tual


emory costs

Big data

BIG Data is:

Data sets of extreme volume and variety The 0 123s 2olume 4 E/ceed the regular physical restrictions 2elocity 5 6ecision window small compared to data change rate 2ariety 4 any uncleansed formats makes the integration difficult 2eracity 4 6ifferent data types that speak in different languages

The priorities countdown

)(. The death of the report

Too much data Static 5 re7uires an acti"e analysis $y the user, to turn this data into information and insight Becoming less practical as a decision making tool

8. The internet of things

E"erything is a source of data Increases the producti"ity and intelligence of BI 9ill foster new $usiness opportunities

:. BI for de"ices
The good old days with one type of de"ice;

This di"ersity is here to stay

<. #sers with !6H6

=ead the manual+ >we are not in the :(s? #se a help file+ >we are not in the 8(s? 9atch a training "ideo+ >wrong decade? #sers e/pect to $e a$le to work with software% on their own, immediately, with no training. Software must $e intuiti"e enough to know what they need.


odeling and data cleansing 1on the

6ealing with Big 6ata&s 2eracity and 2elocity IT is no longer responsi$le for data&s "alidity 5users will do it as they use it Too much new data Too 7uickly Aack of understanding 9ill re7uire Bew processes 6ifferent C!


D. 2elocity is Eing

Four market is in 1!ccelerate3 mode Business analysis needs to go faster and inno"ate more 4 not lag $ehind with historic data =eal time $ecome critical

0. Scientists Vs. Business People is resolved

Business people win

9e are dealing with $usinesses not uni"ersities

BI will $ecome more $usiness user oriented than e"er

Simple to use Suggesti"e >Intelligence in the S9 analysis rather than the !nalyst?

*. The power of many gets results

Bo man is an island 5 knowledge and analysis are an accumulati"e process Studies show that colla$orati"e process get $etter results ake way for the Social Enterprise

'. Suggesti"e BI
9e li"e in a suggesti"e world% facilitating 1Personal Big 6ata3

!mazon suggests $ooks to us =otten Tomatoes suggests mo"ies Pandora suggests music Gace$ook suggest con"ersations

Businesses need to operate in a suggesti"e mode too Suggesti"e BI allows users to focus on what is important to them

=eal time See the needle in the hay stack Aearns your needs

). ! new Aanguage is needed

9e are seeing a tectonic change in BI Suggesti"e .olla$orati"e Business user focused 2elocity >and "olume, "ariety and "eracity? 6o you really think that ta$les and simple charts will still do the Ho$+

). ! new Aanguage is needed

Gocused 2isual !ctiona$le Suggesti"e .olla$orati"e 2aried

TOP 10
). '. *. 0. D. @. <. :. 8. )(.

Bew language for BI Suggesti"e BI The power of many gets results >democratization of knowledge? The war of scientists "s. $usiness people gets resol"ed 2elocity is king odeling and data cleansing 1on the go3 #sers get !6H6 BI for de"ices The internet of things The death of the report

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