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Chemistry Gas Laws Name _________________________________________ Period _________ Date _____________________ Charless Law Computer Activity Follow instructions

s from your teacher to access and open the Gas Properties Simulation !r you can "o to http#$$phet colorado edu$simulations$ and find the simulation link in the Chemistry simulations.
Open the simulation. Click on the Measurement Tools button. Click on the Ruler. This will cause a ruler to appear. The rulers units are in nanometers (nm) but we are going to use the ruler to gi e us an estimated measurement of olume. !ou will use the ruler to measure the width of the bo". #e will then change the units of measurement to liters. $or e"ample% initially the bo" should ha e a width of &.& nm which will be recorded in your data table as 6.6 L (liters). When you are asked to change/measure the volume of the box, use the ruler to do so. #hat are the graduations on the ruler' ((ow much is each notch worth') ))))))))))))))) $irst* you need to add a gas to your container. Click on the handle of the pump* and add O+, -.M-$./ of gas to your container. /ocate the 0as in Chamber data on the right. (ow many gas particles did you add to your container' )))))))))))) #hat type of gas did you add' )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) 1escribe the motion of the particles% ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) !ou can manually set the number of particles in the chamber by typing in a number in the 0as in Chamber bo"es. Change your gas from heavy s ecies to 100 light species. !o" does the motion of the light gas com are to heavy gas# $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ %hange the gas to &'' molecules of the !()*+ s ecies. %harles,s La" looks at the relationshi bet"een tem erature and volume at a constant ressure. +ou must set your container to constant ressure. %lick on the -ressure button in the Constant -erameters on the upper right corner. This should lock your pressure at a constant alue (it might fluctuate a ery small amount). #hat is the pressure of your container' )))))))) 2s soon as you set the pressure to constant* what happens to the little man ne"t to the bo"' )))))))))))) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) This little robot is responsible for changing the olume of the container. (is position will fluctuate. #hen you are trying to measure the olume of the container* you must estimate the best a erage position and record this alue.

%ou are "oin" to ad&ust the temperature of the container 'y addin" or removin" heat usin" the Heat Control under the 'o( )he temperature is found a'ove the 'o( *hat units is temperature in+ _________________

,sin" your 'oo- or the internet. determine the relationship 'etween /elvin and Celsius __________________________________________________ Fill in the followin" chart 'y selectin" various temperatures 0For e(ample 123 /. 433 /. 533 /. etc 6 7easure the volume of the container usin" the ruler Calculate the values as indicated in the other columns )rials )rial 1 9 4 : 2 5 )emperature 0)6 433 / 8olume 086 Calculate k1 = 0VxT6 Calculate k2 = V T

*hich varia'le did you control 0independent6+ ____________________________ *hich varia'le is the dependent varia'le+ ____________________________ Graph 8olume vs )emperature in the followin" "raph ,se proper scalin" La'el the "raph appropriately Graph the line of 'est fit

Loo-in" at your data and "raph. descri'e the relationship 'etween temperature and volume ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ As the temperature "ets colder and approaches 3 /elvin. what happens to the volume of the "as+ ________________________________________________________________________________ _______ *hich value remains consistent in the data ta'le+ -1 or -9

)his -;value is constant< the ratio 'etween volume and temperature of any point on the "raph will 'e the same Pic- any two points from the "raph or ta'le# Point =1 81 > )1 > Do the calculation#
V1 T1

Point =9 89 > )9 >

V2 T2

V1 T1


?ince 'oth fractions e@ual A-B. then we can conclude that#

V2 T2

This is Charless Law. *e can use this formula to predict the volume 08 96 or temperature 0)96 of any "as ,se this formula to complete the followin" calculations 1 Cf a "as has a volume of 1 92 L at a temperature of 433 /. what will the volume chan"e to if the container is cooled to 933 /+

Cf a "as has a volume of 4 5D L at the temperature of 233 /. what will the volume chan"e to if the container is heated to E33 /+

A 'alloon 'ou"ht in a store where the temperature is 99F C has a volume of a'out 4 19 L )he person ta-es the 'alloon outside on a hot day of a temperature is 4DF C *hat is the new volume of the 'alloon+ Becareful of the Temp Units!!!

: Cf you did 'uy a 9 D2 L 'alloon that had a temperature of 9E2 /. what temperature would you have to heat the 'alloon to in order to increase the volume to 2 33 L+ *hat is this in Celsius+